Norwegian Rain

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A poem about Norway.

Submitted: November 11, 2017

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Submitted: November 11, 2017



Norwegian Rain


The grass was the wettest wet

from the Norwegian Rain.


The blades all pointed

south like well manicured hair,

their fine points being attacked

by an onslaught of slugs.


They ate and ate while

their bodies left a slimy residue.

Only to be washed away.


Tear after tear coming down

From the crying heavens.

Cold like the ice of the

Mountains in the North.


The sky let the water fall

And soak the stony ground.

Almost to slick for soles.


A boy stepped down the hillside

on the rigid concrete stairs

that split the slope in half

like an ancient glacial rock.


Step after step after tedious step

he descended towards the harbor.


A slight swell let the boats

happily wave to the people

who lived on the hill.


The mast pierced the grey sky.

The ocean dark and cold

stabbing the idea of summer

For it only enjoyed the Norwegian Rain.


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