imma shine like a diamond

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parody of diamond remix by rihanna (kanye west verse only)

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



(verse 1)

Im the cause of my own explosion

I keep running,but where am I going?

Why are you joking,man? it aint in potent

Why are you talking,man? it aint important

Demi lovatie,Got me high aniexty

She had a party and she didnt even invited me

Im going crazy cuz I always use my best sense

But it dont matter cuz I swag on my fresh prince

Maxin em,relaxin em, coolin up the pool and

Doing this remix outside after school and

Girls take they top off outside of the pool and

Pussy whip drop them off outside by louie

Im just too different to ingnorin

Ms lorean parked in front of Armani s emporium

And party at whitney bringing more whisky

 And Victoria Justice keep tellin me that she miss me

Voices in my head,bout bad choices in my head

AHHHHH,get out my fuckin head

Its just me and my bad shit

So you can call me Mr brad pitt

Now back to the Goon Squad, Top City where I aligned with

Because we work together at tetris

In the Top its just us, my people

Cuz i dont really trust people

And im fightin every hurricane

Calm it down with some mary jane

Im going to make it ,thats on everythang

Watchin girls get  half naked on that Jerry sprang

They say hey Will Gray

We need u to post memes like taylor Gray

Cuz my memes give pain,like chocolate rain

So many Solange photographs make my arm break

I need to be on the radio just to test myself

I need to man up and kiss myself

Demi, just step up and touch the championship belt

A little lower..... thats whats up

Some pour me another cup

You just askin me to keep this remix up

I swear til my time is up

My swag is fresher than the shower, so freshin up




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