Madness or Sanity

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Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



Madness or Sanity



Each time the sun drops beyond the distant horizon and darkness

falls she is confronted with whispers from the past.Each voice tells

her to stand tall and fight against the demons that invade her mind

taunting her with illusion of life she has longed to live.

When her strength fails she is quickly pulled into the abyss of

madness desperately reaching out for help from anyone that would

lend a helping hand pulling her back into the reality she hangs onto

by a single thread.


Deep inside a battle rages her faith faces the face of evil and her mind

Is pulled to breaking point.when it looks like all is lost she must reach

deep down and use what humanity remains to fight back against this

Invading force. She must think of the good times she has shared with

those she loves hoping it is enough to pull her back into the morning

light where life is safe and calm.


As she sits staring out her window she cant help but think of the invading

night, some time soon she will have to chose the life she lives or

permanently retreat into madness forever living with the whispers of the

dammed. Will what's left of her rise like the phoenix rising from the ashes

to stand and face the demons within the darkness will she find the strength

of the phoenix to rise up and fight back to fight for her sanity or will evil win

over good and pull her into the depths of darkness forever more.



By Bunzy 12/11/17

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