Sleeping Nightmare

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017




Let me tell you a story how my life turned into a living Hell. It all started when I was driving from work in my 1984 Toyota 4Runner. It was past midnight and the stars were twinkling like they were fireflies.

"I hate my job," I said, and that wasn't the late night talking, I really do hate my job. I work as a pizzaiolo ( a person who makes pizza) at The Pizza Palace and I know how childish that sounds but my boss actually hates children. It is a small joint so it's pretty much me and this guy named Joe Smith doing all the work, while the boss sits on his ass and occasionally checks in on us just so he can have the honor of yelling at us for no reason. As you probably can tell by now my boss is a dick and he gets mad at almost anything. For example, you can drop a pizza cutter while washing it, and then you have an angry one-sided conversation with the boss, while you could have already been getting your things and gone home. But, I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. At least when I go home, I get to be with my fiancée Emma Jones. It's because of her I can have a nice house and a car. I think I would be living in a shitty apartment and still be working in that dead-end job if it wasn't for her. You're probably wondering by now why I even bother with that job. Well, the answer is I don't know, it's like something is keeping me at that hellhole. Ah, I can remember like it was yesterday the first time we met. It was November 10, 1979, and I remember the first thing I said when I woke up.


"I'M LATE FOR SCHOOL!" I said while looking at my alarm clock and then falling out of bed in only my striped boxers. (I soon found out later after that day my alarm clock was set to 6:00 p.m. instead of a.m.). I didn't even get in the shower or brush my teeth I just put on the first things I saw and rush down the stairs almost tripping myself in the process. Thank God my mom was there to take me to school. If she wasn't there that would have been my 9th unexcused absent and I wouldn't even get a grade for that semester. Aside from missing the first period, nothing new was happening until after school.

I was walking to the bus stop when I saw from the corner of my eye a girl I once knew. She was being dragged by the arm by a douchebag and asshole, Todd Brown. I knew it wasn't my business, but if it's with Todd it wasn't good. Todd is a crazy son of a bitch. So, I followed Todd quietly to the junkyard next to the school and I wouldn't be surprised if the staff went there to gather free parts for the school. Todd looked both ways checking his surroundings to make sure it was clear to do whatever he was planning to do. But, what he didn't know, was that I was hiding in a rusty broken down red 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV. I didn't remember what he said, I think it's something along the lines,"You messed up big time now!" and "Now you're gonna really get it!" and before I even knew what was going on Todd punched the girl square in the face giving her a black eye the next day.

"Fucken ay," I whisper under my breath. I had to find a weapon and quick. I checked everywhere in the car except for the glove compartment, and Aha! I found a tire wrench and got out of the car slowly. When I got to him, he still didn't notice me while he was trying to get his zipper unstuck for reasons I didn't want to imagine and whack in the head as hard as I could. I heard a crack as he fell down like the story David and Goliath. Then I noticed she was trying to get up. I went to her and stuck my hand out and I said, "Here take my hand you're safe now." She mumbled something and it sounded like a thank you. And when she grabbed my hand and I pulled her up, she hugs me tight not wanting to ever let go. But, she did and then I looked into those eyes. I got lost in those eyes, they were blue like the ocean and even though her face was bloody I could see up close how beautiful she really was.

"Want to hang out at the park tomorrow?" I asked not even knowing where that came from and was surprised by her answer too.

"Sure, it would be nice to get away from some drama, don't you think?" she said.

"Yes, it would be," I said.

Then we heard footsteps and quickly turned around to see where it was coming from. It was one of the cool staff members probably came out here to have a smoke. His named was Ace Johnson and when he saw us he speeds walk towards us and he said, "What happened?" He wasn't surprised by this because our high school was not the nicest, and a lot of bad things happen here.

"Todd Brown was sexually harassing um what is your name?" I said.

"My name is Emma Jones," she said.

"I told Todd if he does something like this again I'm sending him away." Ace said.
"This happened before?" I said angrily.

"Forget I said anything," Ace said, "Why don't you two run along before your parents start worrying."

"Ok." Emma and I said simultaneously. We walked away from the junkyard hoping something bad happens to Todd Brown.

"Shit, I don't have a ride to go my house I usually take the bus," I said.

"I can drive to your house," Emma said.

"You have a car," I said, "What are you a sophomore?"

"Matter of fact I am," She said, "What are you, freshmen?"

"Shut up," I said in a jokingly way.

"No, you." She said.

"Oh, I totally forgot to introduce myself. My name is Noah Ross, nice to meet you." I said

"Indeed it is a pleasure." She said.

After we walked a while, she soon points at one of the only parked cars in the student parking space aside from unconscious Todd's 1973 Ford F350 Super Camper Special that looks like he stole from the junkyard. Emma had a blue Ford Cortina Mk IV. And after that drive home, we started hanging out more and more. We knew we had things in common.Like, our favorite color is blue and we both are dog people. We became boyfriend and girlfriend for those three years. Then, she graduated high school and had to fly away to go to law school, I forgot what the school was called. That's when we had to have a three-year-long relationship and I don't how people could do that. Now, that was a summary of hell after she graduated she went to see me and brought some friends along so we can have a graduation party. And that's when I kneeled down on one knee and gave her an engagement ring. It was a 18K WHITE GOLD SAPPHIRE CIRCA DIAMOND RING and I worked my ass off to get that ring, but it was worth it because I would do anything for her. After that, we got a house and a car together. She keeps her car from high school and things were running smoothly.


I drove into our driveway and took off my seatbelt, turned off the ignition, got my keys, got out, closed the doors, and locked the car twice just to make sure. As I was walking to the front, I heard a rustle and it sounded like it was in the backyard. Probably the old woman's cat from next door Mister Puss. Her name is Agatha White. I hate that cat always thinking the sand around my horseshoe game is his litterbox. When I come to complain she always uses the same excuse "Mister Puss is a special cat, so I let him do whatever he wants and if you have a problem with animals with specials needs then you need to seek some help!" She says. Anyway, I had enough drama for today, so walked up to the door, got my keys, unlocked the door, stepped inside, closed the door, and switched the lock. I was walking toward the kitchen to see what chores I had to do before I went to bed. I glance at the mirror before going into the kitchen and I swear I saw Todd's smiling face when I walked past. Nevermind that I was in the kitchen, grabbed the paper and start reading it. First, do the dishes, Second, take out the trash and push down the road for garbage day, Then, put all your dirty clothes in the washing I'm doing your load in the morning. And at the last thing I lost my breath, it said, "Oh yeah, Todd is was released today." My heart just dropped. Now, that's a coincidence right there. Welp, I guess I should start the dishes, so I put on my favorite yellow washing gloves because I like how they feel and began washing. Then I heard a down open it was probably Emma getting out of bed to get something to drink or ready to use the bathroom, but the door sounded like it was right behin-...And before I could finish that thought there was a cloth on my face. All I could smell what could only be chloroform and then the room was spinning so fast I thought I was going to fall and then the room turned black and the last thing I heard before falling asleep was the THUMP of my body as I fell down and hit the floor not knowing what would happen next.


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