Sleeping Nightmare

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Murder

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017




I woke in a dark room. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my hands in front of my face. If my hands weren’t strapped into a wooden chair how I know it was wooden I could feel the splinters in my hands and arms. I could feel my blood leaving my body, but probably I wasn't feeling the best. Then BANG the lights turn instantly almost blinding me. After I got my version back I saw another thing it was a man in a black robe and holding a bucket full use some type of liquid.

 “Hello, Noah.” The mysterious man said.

 “How do you my name and where am I?” I said.

 “Noah do you not recognize my voice?” The mysterious man said.

 “Todd, is that you?” I said.

 “That right!” Todd said excitedly while taking off the hood of his robe.

 “And you did something wrong, Noah,” Todd said.

 “No, I haven’t now let me go you bastard!’ I said angrily.

 “Oh, but you have,” Todd said still with a wide grin on his stupid face.

“NO, I HAVEN’T!” I said screaming this time.

“Look all around you,” Todd said while pulling a rope revealing four mirrors, “look at your sinful face.

And what I saw shocked me it was my strapped in the wooden chair, but blood covers me. And before I could react in time Todd threw the bucket at me splashing me with whatever liquid it had inside. When I look up again it wasn’t Todd standing anymore it was-

 “Emma?” I said surprised

 “Why have you done this to me?” She said.

 “Done what?” I said now crying.

 “WHY HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?” She said again now screaming so loud it price my ears

What was the smell and it finally hit me it was GASOLINE.

“Emma NO!” I said pleading for her mercy.

But, It was too late she was already had the matches ready to throw at me.

 “BURN IN HELL NOAH!” She said.

And at that, she threw the whole pack of matches at me setting me on fire and the only thing I could do is scream.




 “AHHHHH,” I said screaming.

I was back into my house, but I wasn’t in the kitchen anymore I was in the hallway that leads towards the bathroom. I was wet, but it wasn’t gasoline but it was water. Then, I felt a slap across my face.

 “Shut up.” The man said.

 “What?” I said confused.

I now realize that there was two officer standing side by side with me. One of them was the one who slapped me he was a big fat white man with brown hair and a bread.And on his nametag his name was Rick, but I think it more like Dick. The other was a skinny and a no hair man opposite from his partner who looks like one of those silent, but deadly kind of guys. And his nametag said Charles sounds fancy.

 “Don’t act all innocent, Murder,” Rick said.

 “Murder?’ I said.

Then, I finally felt something in my hand it was a bloody glass shard. I follow the blood trail with my eyes than I saw it my soon to be wife dead on the bathroom floor. She was cut up from every angle and what almost made me puke was her intestines were hanging out of her body. As I looked at her I said in my head, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO THIS HAS TO BE A DREAM!" But I know that in reality, it wasn't.

 “How did this happened?” I asked tears start flowing out of my eyes like waterfalls.

 “Don’t play dumb the lady next down her you murder victim scream, she called us, we came down, and found you asleep with the murder weapon in your hand,” Rick said.

 “NO NO NO, it wasn’t me I love that woman with all my heart. I bet it was Todd Brown who did this!” I said

 “Todd Brown HA. That funny because killed himself the day of his release.” Rick said.

 “No, it was him I swear I saw him in my dream he was the one who chloroformed me,” I said.

 “Kid, you’re crazier than I thought,” Rick said.

 “NO, I AM NOT CRAZY IT WAS TODD,!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

After that when Rick was about to get his handcuffs I punched him and made my way towards the front. I made to the front yard before Charles tackle me restrained my hands while Rick restrained my legs.

 “That's it off to the looney bin for you we need to see what wrong with your mind to punched an officer of the law and saying a dead man murder your fiancée even though you clearly did it,” Rick said,


 “Enough talking from you,” Rick said.

And before I knew Rick punched me in the face so hard I was knocked out not knowing if I’m going to the insane asylum or a prison cell where I watch myself watch rot. No, I can't think like that I will find Todd Brown and I make sure he wishes he was never born!  




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