Sleeping Nightmare

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Fight

Submitted: November 21, 2017

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Submitted: November 21, 2017



I woke up with a massive headache like one of those feeling like something was wrong. It was probably nothing. It maybe butterflies in the stomach from the strut we’re pulling off today. Anyway, I was about to go to the shower room to get washed up, but when I was going to my door. Somebody started banging on it like whoever was behind that door wanted to break through. I hesitated for a second, but what if one of my friends were in trouble. Now, that would be a nightmare, so I went and opened the door and it pushes opened really hard I had no time to move out of the way and the door hit me right in the nose causing a nosebleed.

“Oh, I’m so sorry are you alright?” A woman voice only knows as the Succubus and Ben were right behind her.

“It’s alright. Now, what the hell is going on?” I replied.

“Have you seen Stitches anywhere? Is he with you? Please tell me he’s with you?” Sarah said as I now see the worried face of both of them as Sarah begins to cry a little.

And that when I realized that my nightmare has come true.

“I sorry to say I haven’t. What happen is he missing?” I asked.

“I don’t know he wasn’t at the table when we arrived and that not like him, not at all to miss breakfast he might be a quiet kid, but he sure likes to eat. Sarah said.

“Where have you seen him last?” I asked.

“I live two doors down from him and he went to his room,” Ben said.

“Did you hear anything suspensions?” I asked now beginning to become worried myself.

“No, and the walls aren't thick, so if something like a break in did happen I would have heard it,” Ben said.

“Did you look anywhere else?” I asked.

“No, we went right to your room hoping he was with you,” Sarah said.

“Well, let’s split up and search in different spots of the asylum. I’ll check the play yard.” I said.

“I’ll check to see if he with the other crazies,” Sarah said.

“I guess I wait back at the cafeteria to see if he comes back,” Ben said.

“Ok, we’ll meet back at the table if we find him or not because I don’t want any more people disappearing on me,” I said

“Ok let’s split gang,” Sarah said.

“What are the Scooby-Doo and The Mystery Gang?” Ben replied.

“Oh shut up you,” Sarah said back.

So, we went our separate ways again, but this time we were in Operation: Stitches. That the name I just thought well walking to the play yard. The play yard was bigger than I thought. Well, I never actually went outside these past days in the asylum. The play yard has a basketball court in one corner and a weight room on the other side. I don’t trust crazy people with weights and either should them, but whatever. I feel good to get some fresh air, but I have to stay on task. Then, out of nowhere a basketball hits me right in the chest so hard I couldn’t breathe for a whole minute. Some of the boys said sorry and went back to their game. My day keeps getting better and better every minute. I’m highly doubting it, but Stitches might be over in the weight room. So, I went there and the first thing I noticed aside from the massive looking weights I saw Bruce staring right at me like a hawk stalking on its prey.

“What are you looking for fucker?” Bruce said.

“Nothing,” I said trying not to make trouble.

“Hey everyone, I think this little fuck is trying to start trouble,” Bruce said.

“Oh shit,” I said to myself.

Then, Bruce got up from the bench press and cracked his neck from side-to-side. Looking taller than he was sitting and he was packed with muscle. He was scary as Hell and the worse part about it he was a crazy son of a bitch. And before I knew it Bruce was now charging out me. I manage to dodge his first attack accidentally sticking my foot out when I dodge. Making him trip and fall over face first on the hard concrete. Sliding as if Bruce was on a Slip n’ Slide and it looked like it hurt real bad.

“You did it now you little shit,” Bruce said.

As he was saying that and charge again this time hitting hit in the gut it hurt like a motherfucker. Well, escaping wasn’t going to work. I guess I’ll have to fight back and I jump up while he was saying some petty insult and hit him right in the nose. He put his hand on his now bloody nose and the funny thing that his hand covered his whole face. I could see the fury and rage on his face, and his face was so red that it looked like his head was Mars. After that, he slams my head first making me fall on the hard ground and I heard a crack in my back probably breaking it without me knowing it. Then, he did what he did best he pick me up and started strangling me. I knew there was no way out this is the end. This is the part where I die from a serial killer. Then, everything went black.


I woke up in my room with another headache. I was surprised that I wasn't dying or hospitalize. I was perfectly fine until I looked in the mirror above the work desk I had in my room. I had a bruise all around my neck and on my stomach.

“I look like shit,” I said to myself,”Oh shit, I forgot about the others they're probably worried sick.”

So, I ran to the door and try to open it, but it was locked. There not even a lock on the door I try pushing harder. Nothing then a little slot open I didn’t even notice it on the door and a face appeared.

“Hey, Noah I sorry to inform you that you are in Tier Three, so you can’t come out at this moment.” The masked man said.

“What, why,” I replied, “Was it because of that stupid fight?”

“Yes and no. You were in a fight not saying you cause it, but that would have only brought you down to Tier Two. The reason you're in Tier Three is that you murder Bruce while you were sleeping with one of the heaviest weights.” The masked man said.

“I what?” I said.

“You murder Bruce and that a major no-no in this asylum.” The masked man said.

I stood there in silence after that. There no way I murder that huge motherfucker and in my sleep he said. And I asked myself a question I never would and if did would deny right away.

“Did I kill Emma Jones?” I asked myself multiple times.

After that, the room felt empty like I was in an abyss and I was my only existent thing in that world living in my despair, but I had to be strong and I will escape no matter what. Then the masked man started talking again.

“So, I’ll be your company 24/7 and we’ll have so much fun until boss says you’re good to go.” The masked man.

“Great,” I said sarcastically.

“Oh yeah never told you my name it’s John and the person I not talking to now is named Bill,” John said.

“Why are you mad at Bill?” I asked.

“It’s because he cheated in Monopoly and he won’t admit it,” John said.

I am getting off task again I need to somehow meet the others and find stitches and escape this goddamn asylum and kill Todd Brown and I think I may know a way out.

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