A Bright Future We Share!

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Hi everyone! So this piece deals with the orthodox mind our society still carries where a girl is always cursed. Please do not mind the rhyming scheme because you wont find it everywhere as I feel
that rhyming restricts the real expression of feelings and thoughts. May my words provoke the thoughts in your mind where you will be bound to think where are we actually leading. So go ahead and
please get back!

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



I am locked in place

where the sun never shines

nor does the stars appear

my soul, this darkness confines.


There was a time when

I lived a wonderful life

happiness surrounded me

my family supported me

in every endeavour I initiated

in every step I took.

But now there is no one around

not even a single soul is found.


I committed a sin

I committed a mistake

I took a life and

placed my career on stake.

I killed that boy

whom I loved but

such a trickster he turned

promised to marry

but never returned.


I was cursed and

so was my family

dozens of tongues

wagged shamelessly.


Enough I had.

Gathered my courage

and located that lad.

Next, I knew

he was lying dead.


So, I am here

in a place so dark

I am here

behind the bars.


The tongues wagged

more loudly now.


She is shameless, over-independent

She is stupid and she is gullible

She had chosen a wrong guy

She had contrasted her parents’ will

and hence, she is punished.

Just look the way she speaks

Just look the way she conducts herself

Destiny is always fair!


Everytime, everytime

This happens.


No, no, no,

I am not cursing you

rather I am all praise for you

coz you guys are doing a

Fantastic job!

Carry on with your orthodox

thinkings and beliefs.

Do not teach your boys to

respect women around.


Ah! What a glorious future

Our country has.

I am so happy and glad

that our children will have

awonderful society where

the people are so cool and open

where they are so responsible

so very helpful and caring.


I wish ye

and your lineages

a wonderful life

and a bright future.




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