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hello, once again i've been inactive due to soccer and school, but alas i'm back and will be writing my review over stranger things 2

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm back but this time I won't be doing an update, today I'll be reviewing Stranger Things 2. Here I will be comparing it to its predecessor and telling you what I personally enjoyed and what I did not enjoy (not much). Hope you enjoy! Anyways, last season we were left with quite the cliffhanger, thoughts and questions raced through our minds and we were left only to ponder in thought. It's going to be split into categories; characters, story, setting, compared to season 1, episodes, final thoughts, and my final verdict. Characters; overall I enjoyed the characters just like in season 1, it was kinda boring to see the kids be split up most of the time but I still thought it was a great season. All the adults and teenagers remained the same, although, in the end, I found myself rooting for Steve instead of Jonathan, oh well. The introduction of Max and Billy was great. Max played the role very well and it was fun to see Dustin and Lucas fight for her attention. Dacre Montgomery did an amazing job playing the role of Billy, he served as a human antagonist this season. Story; the story was awesome, the introduction of the Mind Flayer was cool and brings many questions to the table. The overall story arc was great, Eleven trying to figure out herself, and Mike and Will trying to help with his PTSD and the Mind Flayer was fun, the arc with Dustin, Max, and Lucas was alright, it was probably my least favorite arc out of all of them. Setting; nothing much to say here, the setting remained the same. The intro to season 2, and when Eleven went to find her sister was the only change of scenery throughout the whole season. Compared to season 1; If i were to give season 1 a rating I would give it a 9.5 without a doubt, this season though I'll give it a solid 8.5. I truly believe this season was not as strong as its predecessor but it was still freaking awesome. Stranger Things still remains one of my favorite shows of all time. Episodes; I enjoyed all episodes, actually no. I did not enjoy watching episode 7. I thought it was a waste of time but the Duffers probably did it because Eleven's sister will play a bigger role in the next season. I still did not enjoy it but what can you do. Final thoughts; overall I enjoyed this season even though in my opinion it did not surpass its predecessor. The Duffer brothers set it up perfectly for another season, in which I will be excited to watch. My final verdict is a solid 8.5, awesome season with a great plot, characters, villains, and etc.

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