The Angels' Reaper

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The Magician's Flag

Book / Fantasy

FUTURE FANTASY CHRONICLES Cover By: Teresa Morgan Light shall overcome all, but only after it stands side by side with the dark... Nearly a thousand years have passed since the war. Nearly a thousand years since the birth of a new sport. Magician's Flag. A competition of ability, intellect, athleticism, and magic. This is a future of magic, where magician's took an old war game and once again gave it life. Elaina, a young woman from a branch family of a well off clan, longs for nothing more than to compete. This is the story of a woman with little expectation from others, who rises and comes face to face with the most powerful competitors the world has ever seen. This is the story of her rise to greatness... - I owe thanks to TERESA MORGAN for this amazing cover! You can find their page here: / I am grateful for the interest they have taken in this story! ROUGH DRAFT STAGE COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED

Sentenced to the Hunt

Book / Action and Adventure

They were sentenced for their past crimes against humanity. Actually, it was the crimes of their ancestors. A curse that they are unable to escape and unable to disobey. Wolf kin hunt to survive and vampires hunt to survive. Now, their feud has entered the stars as humanity stretches across the universe. This is their story... NOTE: Prologue prior to Chapter One STORY IN ROUGH DRAFT STAGE

The Witch and the Summoner

Book / Fantasy

When a woman shrouded in darkness is prophesied to destroy the world, who may stop her? They say that the world has been destroyed twice before. They say it was devoured by a beautiful monster. A man travels north seeking something more. Is he truly the only one that can get in the way of her madness? What kinds of adventures will he and his companions undergo across this world of fantasy as they battle darkness itself? STORY POSSESSES A NUMBER OF DARK SCENES ROUGH DRAFT STAGE ALL COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED