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Your body...

Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



If I had it my way. I would take you down. I would let my finger tips slowly wander down your body. Let my lips kiss you in places that would make your body twitch and arch. Feel my hand grip your thigh. Gripping your hips to bring our bodies closer. Touch, taste and please you.

Baby I dont mind if you touch me with slow hands. If you kiss me there. If you kiss slowly down my body. If you scratch and bite and grip, I dont mind as long as its rough.

I'll speed it up, make you sweat. Slow it down and make your body want more. Make your legs shake. Make you crave more.

If i had it my way. Id show you just what I want to do. How I want to touch you, taste you and love you. Whisper dirty things in your ear. Bite your lip. Kiss on your neck and down your body. Give it to you deep, hard and fast, then slow it down to hear you moan more. To see your sex face. Hold you down. Tie you up. Flip you over and step up a gear. Bring your body closer.

Let you do anything you want to.

Baby come here my bodies yours and all it wants is you against it. Skin to skin.

Girl you always give me temptations and I dont mind loving you all night....

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