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Submitted: November 12, 2017

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Submitted: November 12, 2017



Racism, Racism, AND RACISM! The dumbest things ever.

Today, we are going to talk about a problem, that already got a solution, but people are still fighting over it. For well... No valid reasons  actually.
Let's get down to business, shall we? 
So could anyone guess what we are going to talk about today?
Yes! You in the back.
"Black Supremacist!?"
Oh! You are burning my friend, but that is not the correct answer.
Yes! You wearing the red cap
"White Supremacist!?"
Oh! You are also burning, but no... Well, if you did not guess it. Today we will talk about..
Fun subject right?
You want to know something?
"Yes, sir!"
I love Racism, especially racism based on skin color!
"But sir, Racism, is bad, no worst ! It is awful!"
Yes! You are right! Racism is awful, but once you analyse it thoroughly, you realize that Racism is the dumbest problem ever.
"What are you talking about, sir?"
Well, well, well... First of, give me the definition of racism.
"Racism is the act of discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of different race or ethnicity, based on the belief that one's own race is superior."
Oh! Yes, you are right, and what form of racism is the most well-known  in our world? 
"Racism based on race, in other words skin color."
Yes! Yes! you are doubly right my dear.
"So, Why do you love racism so much?"
It is elementary my dear students. Racism is the strongest but also the dumbest problem present in our society.
First of all, let me ask you three questions.
Why are you white or black? 
"Well.. I think, I herited my parent's skin color."
Question number two!How do you get a tan?
"Well, Because of the sun."
Question number Three! Does a specific type of skin color make you genetically superior? 
"Well, of course not."
Bam! Bam! bam! bam,  your score is 1.25 points out of 3.
You forgot, a really important thing.
"An important thing?"
Yes! Melanin is what gives your skin color. Melanin is the reason why some people  are black and other white.
The more melanin your skin makes, the darker your skin becomes.
Yes, just open a science book you will see. It is true that  the amount of melanin your body produce, depends of the genes you herited from your parents ,but melanin is what gives you your skin color.
Take this simple example, The more melanin your body produce the darker you become. White people possess less melanin than black people, but that doesn mean anything.The amount of melanin in your body doesn't make you genetically superior or inferior to another person.
"Oh! I see,"
For example, When white people stay too long under a burning sun, their skin become darker, because they start producing more melanin. Melanin has only one function. It protect your body against sunburn.
Black people, ancestry evolved in a zone under the equator that is well-known for its extremely hot temperature. So with natural evolution, their skin became darker(produce more melanin) to protect them and able them to survive in hotter condition than the people of the from above the Equator, white people, etc..
"Wow really! I did not know."
That is all! Skin color, is just a matter of melanin. Melanin doesn't make someone genetically or intellectually superior or inferior. It just protect people from the sun END OF THE PROBLEM.
"So, that is why you say, racism is really dumb?"
Yes! Science already proven that the color of the skin doesn't make you superior or inferior, and already showed multiple facts, that racism is not even a real problem, but we make it so.
It's 2017 and people like the KKK , Black panther,white supremacist,black supremacist are out there screaming and chanting, that their race is superior based on their color, even after science already proven the opposite. White, black, yellow, it doesn t matter. What matter is the  person you are on the inside. Not your color, if you don t believe me, Let's take a famous person as an example.
"A famous person?"
Yes! Let's take Michael Jackson!
"Michael Jackson?"
Yes! Michael Jackson! He was born black but his skin turned white, Do you know why? 
"He had some sort of disease ... I think,"
Yes! That disease is name Vitiligo, Vitiligo in simple words, is when your body cells produce less and less melanin, that turn your skin whiter. Don't forget, Less melanin the whiter you become, the more melanin the darker you become.
"Oh! I see!"
I say it once again. The amount of melanin in your body doesn't make you superior or inferior to another race.
So when you look at it, Racism is actually pretty dumb, you see groups of people in 2017 still fighting over, something soo  meaningless.
That is why I love Racism based on skin color! Because, Science already proven that your skin color means nothing but people are still fighting and hating each other over it. A meaningless waste of time. 
"Yeah! You are right sir, people are really dumb,"
Oh, and one last thing.
When it comes to what happened in the past, events such as slavery, I think you shall not consider them in  what we talked about, because back then, they did not know anything about this scientific fact, but  if we talk about what is happening right now. 
Yes! Racism is really dumb, a dumb problem, that already got an answer but people are still fighting over which race is superior.Thinking that their skin color genetically matter, being proud of something meaningless such as  the color of their skin 

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