Chaos Flame

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This is a prequel to Daybreak Dreamer.

Far off into the future, this appeared to be the golden age of humanity at first glance. Many years before this future, humanity lost to demons in a war, and a group of humans escaped to an
archipelago of islands that floated in the sky, hid there, and continued to live in peace. This archipelago was referred to as the Babylon Skylands. With a combination of magic and technology, they
rebuilt their sky cities in the image of how their civilizations appeared before the war began.

In the late 21st century when more men and women stopped marrying and procreating for economic reasons or careers and also simply because they could not find someone who was good enough for their
demands and fantasies, or due to an imbalance in gender ratio in certain countries where male population is overwhelmingly high due to cultural issues, superior beings called ‘angels’ infiltrated
humanity by taking human form and fulfilling the needs of every one who lacked a mate, giving rise to a race of superior beings with special powers that eventually took over the world: The

A war ensued between the humans and the Nephilim, leaving many major cities in ruin. However, they rebuilt the civilizations that the defeated humans left behind while appearing in human form,
taking the form of humans with superior powers and intellect. Some of these demons were originally human many years in the past but led sinful lives during their human lives and went to hell, and
they reincarnated as “Nephilim” after being born of either human fathers and angel mothers or angel fathers with human mothers. They oppressed the remaining human beings on Earth who failed to
escape to the sky and went into hiding in islands and mountains on terra firma and formed resistance groups. However, the resistance from most of these resistance groups was futile. Some integrated
into the Nephilim society and remained undetected. Some were eventually infected by their aura and became affiliated with the Nephilim or even became physically transformed into Nephilim

All records of the war on the “Demonic War” on Earth were totally removed and subsequent generations only remembered that the Earth prospered after they had developed technology and magic to
resurrect people from the dead and conquer diseases. However, there was still no immortality and resurrection was only a luxury that could be afforded only by those with great wealth and power.
Death by aging still existed but some of their souls could still be brought back into the world of the living through reincarnation.

However, everyone was taught that 218 years ago, a saviour came down to Earth with blue flames that vanquished death and restored life to many of the departed, including those condemned to the pits
of hell, giving them another chance to redeem themselves. The name “Nephilim” was erased and they called themselves “Manusaiyans (singular, ‘manusaiyan’)”. That saviour, was called Abaddon, the
master of the “Flame of Chaos”.

The year now is AA 218 (AA=After Abaddon), which was 218 years after the coming of Abaddon. And all memories of the previous human civilization were wiped out, demonized, and condemned. However,
the wheel of fate was turning to set things in motion. This was the beginning of the golden age of the manusaiyans.

It was the age of miracles and also a lot of misery.

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