Half life

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this is a story i hade a dream about i hope you injoy

Submitted: November 13, 2017

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Submitted: November 13, 2017



Chapter 1

I am divided there is more to me that meets the eye for there is another side to me, I'm Starla and this is my half life.


 My story begins with a couple, at first glance you would think that they were a perfect pair. But only when you search within do you find a woman who is no longer in control of her feelings almost as if she has been cursed, Cursed to love a man who doesn't love her back. As years go by they had a child and once that child was old enough he killed her for he had no longer needed her, all he wanted was to carry on his rule with his own flesh and blood for he could not do it forever.  I will never forget that day for the child you see was me.


My father was not an ordinary man my father is a demon and they called him Venom. He wasn't much of a father to me his minions were usually the ones to take care of me, and the only times I ever spend time with him are when he's trying to prepare me to help him rule over all mankind. I didn't’t want to live this way father knew this and tried to convince me otherwise but I didn't’t listen, I refused to believe that world domination was the only option I had left.

So one day I decided to let him teach me some spells and learn to control my power what I had planned to do with them he did not know but one my training was complete I knew I was ready, ready to finally escape.


That night while father was asleep I ran away from the his castle careful not to let his minions catch me. I finally reached the edge of kingdom and I was alone, getting here was the easy part now I had to summon my power and create a portal in which to teleport to the outside world the only thing I was unsure of was where I would end up, but wherever it was it was bound to be better than where I was now, so I took a deep breath and stepped into the portal and disappeared and that is where my story truly begins.


Chapter 2 

One I arrived I noticed right away everything was completely different, the sky was blue the ground had soft green strands coming out of it and large sticks with a bundle of green sprouting out of the top. I also saw creatures i've never seen before they didn't breath fire or had any special powers like the monsters back home. Then I noticed a nearby pond of water when I looked into it I gasped, I looked different my horns, wings and fangs where missing and my hair turned a shade of brown unlike my usual black hair and my eyes and turned a deep shade of blue instead of my blood shot red eyes, and I wasn't pail at all. I looked around "This is my life now" I sighed as I wandered off into the great unknown. 

Next part coming soon


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