His Viking Son

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Aros was born into a Viking clan destined to grow up in the way of his forefathers he grew from boy to man raping and pillaging rival villages

always proving he and his clan were the strongest. He came from Norway

a place of deep fjords high mountains and good hunting.In 889AD the leader of his clan decided half the men would travel across the sea to expand their territory Aros would lead his ship and Borg a man Aros grew up with would lead the other together they would invade and conquer the land they would call their new home.Unknown to Aros his woman Alva was with child although she was very early in the pregnancy she knew her child would be born to an unknown land. She knew Aros longed for a son but for as long as she remembered Aros had always spoken of taking his son hunting in the mountains of Norway a place where his father had taken him to hunt but now Aros would have to forgo those traditions and start fresh in unknown lands.Alva was a strong Viking woman she knew if they were to be successful in their travels she would have to face up to many hardships. She knew Aros would give his life to protect her and their unborn child but she had been taught to use a sword herself since she was strong enough to hold a blade so hopefully she could kill anyone that threatened her without the need of help from Aros.With just days away from their departure Aros and Borg set off into the mountains to hunt for deer and boar they would need a good supply of meat if both crews were going to have plenty to eat. Alva and Ragna another female from the village were taking care of anything else they would need to eat on there long voyage. Ragna was a young female that hasn’t yet had her first bleed until she had non of the men in the village would show her any attention. But Alva told her once her bleed had come she would be faced with a choice there was a shortage of young fertile women in the village and the men would be looking to her for breeding opportunities to further their blood line. Although she was young Ragna hoped Borg showed interest in her he was a fine Viking man unlike some of the men in the village she had never seen Borg hit or mistreat any of the women she had seen him take in the past.



Aros and Borg returned from their hunt with plenty of deer and boar for both crews to live on they dealt with the beasts and packed the meat in salt to keep it fresh. Ragna asked Borg if he could help her collect fresh water from the local stream they would need as much as each ships hold could carry Borg looked at her and told her to get one of the other women to help he had more important things to deal with. Seeing the disappointment on Ragna’s face Borg grunted to himself come on woman he said I know a good place to collect it instantly Ragna smiled and Borg felt a strange feeling inside a feeling he had never felt before. Soon the day they were to leave was upon them both ships were well stocked with food and supplies everyone that was leaving said their goodbyes and on the morning tide they set off to start a new life. When ever Vikings travelled to another land their first chore was to cleanse the land of any people that already lived there. Their first couple of days and nights at sea were calm but on the third night a big storm blew in, both ships lost some of their cargo over board and Borg even lost one crewman. Both ships took a real battering but luckily by morning the storm blew itself out and both crews took stock of what was left on board. Being Vikings they were all used to rough sea’s and took everything that came in their stride. Although Alva was finding the voyage hard her morning sickness was getting the best of her she didn’t tell Aros about the pregnancy until two days before leaving, apart from being shocked he felt an extra heavy load upon his shoulders he knew once they arrived he could not go off cleansing the land knowing Alva was vulnerable to attack. After sailing for several weeks and experiencing more bad weather both crews were running out of fresh drinking water and edible food luckily as dawn broke one of Borg’s men spotted land Alva was especially ready to set foot on solid ground again the pregnancy was taking its toll and with there being a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables on board she feared her baby wasn’t getting the nourishment it required. Soon they were sailing the coastline of what they knew as Iceland they found an inlet they could take their ships up, either side of the ships were tall cliffs but eventually the narrow water way opened up revealing a large body of water once they had gone as far as they could they set anchor but waited for the next morning to leave their ships. Once they had all rested and they were sure none of the natives were laying in wait they used the small skip they brought with them to get from the ship to land. Once everyone was off the ships two men made camp on the shore line to keep an eye on their ships, the rest made their way up an established pathway to the top of the cliffs. By the time they arrived at the top Alva was ready to collapse Aros picked her up and walked to the edge of the tree line. They decided to set camp before sending scouts out to check the area, by this time it was well into the afternoon so some of the men set some fires burning and they hunkered down telling each others stories of their voyage. When the scouts returned they told the others they found a settlement it was way on the other side of the forest they were sure they hadn't been seen so while one of the men sat up next to the fire keeping watch the rest got their heads down for some rest. Next morning they woke up to see thick black smoke rising from where they had anchored the ships each man grabbed their swords and set off leaving the women to keep an eye on their belongings. By the time they got down to the ships each one was burnt and sinking, the two men that stayed by the ships were both dead it was obvious they went down fighting as each had deep cuts in their bodies and one had even lost his hand. Seeing what had happened they rushed back up the cliff path in fear their women were in danger, by the time they got back the women were safe waiting for them to return.



Both Aros and Borg knew they had to get everyone to a safe place somewhere they had the advantage to see the natives coming from all directions the obvious place was up high on the mountain side, they could see a flat area half way up the hill, they made their way up there before they came under attack again. They knew they couldn’t stay there long it was more open to the weather but it would have to do until they had time to look around for a more secure place to set their camp. That night they sat around a camp fire discussing how they would move forward from where they were they could see up the valley in the opposite direction to where they knew the natives were. There was a large open paddock with a river not too far away it looked  perfect to set up their camp. Before settling down around the fire for the night a few of the men climbed a tree each making sure they could see anyone coming from all directions it was a long cold night and Aros could see Alva was suffering more than the rest, her pregnancy was really taking its toll on her.As morning broke and they all began to wake they were surrounded in thick mist it was a damp wet morning and everyone was grumpy and hungry. Ragna could see Alva was feeling week she was usually a strong woman that took it upon herself to do what ever was needed in any situation but Ragna could see Alva was struggling with everything she tried. Ragna knew it was time for her to step up she might have been young but if she wanted to be noticed by Borg and taken seriously by the other women she knew she would have to step up and take control. With her new attitude she decided get two of the men to put together a basic sled they could cover so Alva could lay on when she got tired from walking, two of the men would take turns pulling the sled when ever needed. A couple of hours after waking the mist began to lift and they began to make their way down the hillside making sure to keep an eye out for anyone that would do them harm. It would take them several hours to walk to where they would set their new camp, on the way several of the men went on ahead hunting luckily they were successful they caught a couple of deer they gutted them so the meat wouldn't spoil and rejoined the others. Finally they arrived at the clearing it looked like good fertile land and everyone had a good feeling about the spot they had chosen. Wasting no time the men took their axes and began cutting trees down they would need a good supply of timber cut and stacked before starting to build any structures. As the men worked the women set fires and cut and quartered the deer ready for cooking Ragna walked to the river to collect fresh water as she knelt down she saw fresh river trout swimming in front of her the river was full of them before returning she decided to get into the river close to the bank once the water settled she stood very still, soon a trout swam between her legs she slowly reached down scooping her hands beneath the fish and gently stroked its belly once the fish was still she quickly raised her arms and flipped it onto the bank she did this several times until she had a dozen fish then returned to the camp once the men returned from work they were greeted with the smells of cooked meat and fish. When Borg realised Ragna had caught the fish by hand herself he looked impressed he had finally stopped seeing her as a child and more as a woman he could see a future with. For the first time in weeks the Vikings sat eating, drinking, laughing and conversing like they had done many times before in their home lands another week of cutting and stacking timber and they would have enough to start building a central lodge while some were building the lodge others would be building and erecting a log wall each log would have a spike on top making it difficult for the natives to climb over, once the wall is done a heavy set of log gates would be fitted once the wall is completed every Viking would feel safer knowing they are less vulnerable to attack.



After months of building their camp the lodge and wall was completed they built individual buildings for each to sleep in and over the previous months they also trapped and captured several wild boar they kept in pens inside the walls they also tracked and caught a herd of wild horses, some of the men spend time breaking in the horses once ridable they could travel further a field to see what else this land had to offer. Winter would soon be upon them and Alva was approaching her due date fast Aros was growing impatient to see what he was sure to be a son, one night while sleeping Alva went into labour the women gathered to help her through the birth after hours of hearing Alva cry out in pain the baby was born Aros was right he was blessed with a son after the baby appeared Alva started bleeding it took some time for the women to stop it, by the time it was under control Alva had lost a fair amount of blood and had no strength to care for the new born. Luckily one of the other women had a baby just a week earlier she took the baby and nursed it until Alva was strong enough to do so herself. To celebrate the birth of his son Aros and Borg went on a hunt for reindeer one large male would be enough to feed everyone they set out early and by noon they had their quarry that night they feasted like kings and for once life felt good. Since they had finished building their enclosure Borg realised they had not seen or heard from the natives in some time it wasn’t normal for a people to just give up and allow an invading tribe to take over their land. He decided to take two others and ride close to their village when they were in walking distance they tied up the horses and quietly made their way to a small ridge over looking the village. Borg and the others were confused there was no one in sight  they lay still for a while in case someone came out of one of the buildings but the place seemed deserted they decided to take the risk and slowly make there way into the village as they did they came across a large burnt out fire they could see in the ashes there were skeleton remains not just one or two but many the first thing that came to mind was some kind of disease had wiped them out. If they had been attacked by another village the structures would be burnt down and all animals would be missing, his first thought of a disease remained and he told the others to retreat and make their way back to the horses. One of the men spoke out and asked Borg if he thought it was okay to return to their enclosure if the natives had been wiped out by disease he was worried they would now be infected. Borg had seen a similar situation back in their home land and was sure the natives died some time ago and any disease had already passed. His words put the others at ease and they continued home after arriving Borg felt like some female company he wasn’t one for talking seeing Ragna he walked over to her took her hand and made his way back to his dwelling although Ragna seemed happy he had finally given her some attention she did not like being treated like one of his horses.



The next morning Ragna woke with a big smile on her face Borg had already left with Aros to hunt. Ragna made her way over to see Alva and the baby it was decided to call their son Finn it was the name of Aros grandfather and they were proud to use it. As the following months turned into years life continued, there was ample game to hunt and for most life was good. Finn was growing fast he was almost seventeen and strong like his father Finn had been on many hunts with Aros but would soon go on a hunt alone. It was a right of passage all young Vikings went through Finn was excited to prove to the community his father taught him well. If he returned with the prey he was expected to kill he would no longer be seen as a boy. Over night he would become a man and if war ever came he would be expected to fight and if necessary die like any strong Viking man. Soon it was the morning of Finns seventeenth birthday he woke feeling excited not only because he got to go off hunting alone but he knew at seventeen he would receive a custom made sword made for him by his father.Borg and Ragna saw Finn as family and also gave him a gift it was a stag horn handled dagger both the sword he would receive and the dagger would see him through his life well and he could not wait to use both on his hunt. Ragna got her wish years before and managed to hook Borg, over the years she tamed her Viking man and they were both happy together. Just before noon everyone in the community gathered to wish Finn well on his hunt, he set off on his right of passage. There was no set time on how long the hunt would run for it all came down to how experienced the hunter was by the time Finn reached the hunting ground it was almost dark he knew he needed a place to hunker down for the night and get a small fire going. The temperature dropped drastically at night and the last thing he needed was to freeze before morning. He woke early and  went off in search for animal tracks once he found them he set snares in several different area’s hoping he would get lucky. Apart from the snares he also set some spring traps each was set with several sharpened stakes attached that would impel the animal if set off. Over the day he set many traps where he saw animals had travelled by night fall he was tired out he made his way back to where he slept the night before and ate some of the jerky he brought with him. As he sat staring into the flames of the fire thought's of his family came to mind with a big yawn he closed his eyes and slept sound through the night.The next day Finn checked his traps but was so far unlucky as he had nothing to do he decided to explore the area more as he had never been so far on his own before. Before leaving he was told he had to hunt and kill a Stag deer and a wild Boar both animals could badly hurt him if he didn’t handle the situations correctly.



As he started back to check his traps again it wasn’t long before he heard some commotion a head he slowly approached, as he pushed through the bushes he was faced with a large boar its back leg was snagged as it saw Finn it ran at him swinging its neck Finn was almost caught by its tusks. Knowing it could break free at any moment he took his new sword and lunged it deep into the boars neck with a loud squeal the boar dropped to the floor dead. Finn felt proud of himself but he knew now the work started it wasn’t easy quartering such a large beast by yourself it took him a couple of hours but finally he covered all the surfaces with salt and rolled the meat in cloth before binding it all together. He knew if he was going to be successful killing a stag he would have to wake up very early he also realised he wasn’t going to have much luck trapping a stag with his traps so before it got dark he collected some straight branches and made himself the best bow and arrow he could from what he had at hand.He used sinew from the boar for the chord to bind things together and also the bow string he fire hardened the tips of the arrows making the wood much harder when it was finished he tested it out it seemed to have enough power to impel a stag but only time would tell if he was correct. He woke up extra early the next morning very quietly he made his way into the forest he tried not to walk too far as it would be difficult bringing all the meat back himself he reached a section of forest with a small clearing  found a spot sat and waited for hours. About three hours in he saw movement in the tree’s up a head he froze making no sound eventually a large stag walked out from the tree’s into the clearing Finn waited until the stag was side facing and fired his arrow it struck the stag right next to its heart wasting no time he loaded his bow and shot another again it struck its mark the stag staggered and dropped to the floor as Finn approached he could see the stag rolling its eyes in pain not wanting it to suffer he took out his dagger and slit the stags throat it. When it was dead Finn set about cutting the beast up and like he did with the boar he prepared it packed it in salt and packed it all together.It took Finn some time to drag all the stag meat back to his small camp. As Finn had no horse he spent the rest of the day putting together a frame that would take the weight of the meat he would the drag the frame behind himself he knew it would be hard work but it was either that or make several trips back and forth to get the meat home. Finn decided to go to sleep early he knew the next day would be hard work so he settled down and was soon sleeping sound. He woke up the next morning with the sun he picked up the sled and started pulling it wasn’t as heavy as he thought it would be but the uneven terrain didn’t make things any easier. Every hour he stopped to rest and drink some fresh water six hours later he was almost home he was very tired but wanted to walk through the gates of the enclosure looking strong so he took one last rest then started walking again. Thirty minutes later he dragged the sled through the gates expecting to see his mother and father along with anyone else around but to his dismay there was no one he dropped his sled and looked around he didn’t notice at first but as he looked closer he saw dead animal stock and across the other side of the camp he saw some people lying dead. Instantly he feared for his parents he ran toward their house running through the opening he called for his mother but their was no reply as he stood wondering what could have happened he heard a noise coming from one of the other houses he pulled his sword and went to investigate as he approached he recognised the voices he could hear walking through the door he saw some of the villagers some were tied up some were injured he quickly untied them and asked what had happened they told him they were attacked by natives they must have been from far away that came to claim the land for themselves. As Vikings they could understand why the natives attacked in the way they did because there were no attacks for so long no one had any reason to think they would be now so the village was taken unaware.



As most of the men were taken prisoner there were very few left to help Finn rescue his parents and anyone left alive. When Finn turned seventeen he thought the hunt he went on was going to be the biggest challenge of his young life but now he could see the adventure he was about to go on would either set his place in Viking history or he would not return and never be heard from again.


By Bunzy 13/11/17 Part 2 to follow

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