The Twins Light

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Submitted: November 13, 2017



The Twin’s Light

  Leap Clan’s Characters:
Rooki: Black body kangaroo with a grey underbelly has blue orbs on its elbows and knees. Has Blue stripes on
tail and waist and rings on his cheeks. Smaller than Wave. Can read the stars. (Male) (training to be a warrior)
Wave: Black kangaroo with a grey underbelly has lime green on her knees and elbows. Also has lime green stripes on her tail and waist and rings on her cheeks. Taller than Rooki(Female) (training to be a warrior) 
Winter: Rooki’s and Wave’s mother. Has grey all around and has black rings on her cheeks and knees only. (Female) (Caretaker)
Shedderleaf: Alpha of the Leap clan, is the father of Rooki and Wave. His mate is Winter. Is brown all over with red rings on his elbows and stripes on his tail. (Male) (Alpha, also was trained to be a warrior)
Dark purple with a cyan rim around his face and tummy. Is the father of Heather.  (Male) (Gatherer)
Heather: Cyan kangaroo with purple around her tail tip and eyes. Her mother died in a war between the hyenas. (Female) (in training to be a border patrol)
Fleece: Grey young kangaroo with silver eyes. (In training to be a chef)
Cori: Brown kangaroo with bright blue stripes on her neck and waist. Is
Peddle’s new mate. (Female) (Doctor)
Bii: Yellow honeycomb color kangaroo with patterns on her strips. (Male) (Gatherer)
  Fiza: A light brown kangaroo with a bubbly personality. (Female) (Border patrol)
  Boomi: A dark brown kangaroo with a friendly attitude. (Male) (Warrior) 
  Buddy: Shy light blue kangaroo with yellow lining on his shoulders (Male) (In training to be a messenger)
  Oreo: Black with a white belly, has a taste for juicy foods (Male) (Farmer)
  Winter: a light blue creature with hazel on the tips of his ears, on his mane, underbelly and tail tip. A gather/guard, a pet to Rooki and Wave.

Bone Clan Characters:
Fracture: A hyena with a thirst for blood, dark brown with black lining on his hair and eyes. (Alpha) (Male) (Warrior)
Jasper: A hyena that is grey with reds
spots along his back and paws. (Male) (Hunter)
Spike: Black
her paws and tail. (Female) (Beta) (Caretaker)
Thor: Brown hyena with a dark brown line from snout to tail tip (Male) (Hunter) 

Savana Clan Characters
Peanut: a light brown with a slim face. (Male) (Alpha) (Warrior)
Peep: a yellow kangaroo that is very fluffy and friendly (Female) (Caretaker) (Beta)
Jack: a grey kangaroo that has a black lining on his back and face (Male) (Warrior)
Gizmo: a sandy colored kangaroo with speckles of dark tan spots (Male) (Gatherer)
Penny: A bronze kangaroo with a round tail tip. (Female) (Gatherer)
Simba: A lion colored kangaroo with fur on his neck. (Male) (Warrior)
Smokey: a smoke colored kangaroo with black splatters on her tail and elbows (Female) (Scout)
Rusty: a dark orange with grey rings around his eyes and belly (Male) (Blacksmith)
Cody: Dark blue kangaroo with the need to spy (Male) (Spymaster)
Rex: A buff black kangaroo that does not like jokes. (Male) (Assassin) 
Talon: Dark green kangaroo, very strong (Female) (Warrior)


In the neon forest, a mother kangaroo and her mate had two children.  They both had a mysterious glow to them. But once the alpha saw the glow, the little growing family was banned due to having such strange joes.  The family roared with anger and saying they were special and that they were chosen ones too. The elders spoke about. They were going to get banned no matter what the did.  The alpha raised his paw to the dark forest and yelled to the family to leave and don’t come back.
Guards pulled them deep into the forest as they fought back.  Once the guards thought it was far enough, they threw down into the mud.  The family was left there to die. 


The leader was mistaken by the family, the children were in fact special.  They had the power to make things grow and had the power to make light in the dark.  They, in fact, were special.
The dad was thriving with anger and revenge. The mom wanted peace while the young twin joe's wanted food and water.  The family was falling apart every single day. Until they abandoned the two babies with nothing.  They were left to die for sure.







Chapter One
The Lost compass


Rooki bounced along the sand looking for water while Wave sat behind caring for her neon rose.  While Wave was caring for her rose, Rooki stopped in his tracks to find a huge watering hole never touched by any kangaroo. Rooki’s eyes opened and his mouth started to water.

“WAVE!!! COME QUICK!!! WATER!!!” Rooki yelled.
Wave quickly looked up and carried her plant in her pouch in the blue vase she made. She went to her brother and hugged him so tight she could have killed him when she saw the watering hole.


“Thank goodness,” Wave said happily, “Now our thirst problem is no more.” Rooki squirmed from her grip and slid down to the watering hole. Wave watched the water dance in the sun and reflect the clouds. She looked down at her potted plant, it looked dried and needed water. picked up the pot and carried it in her hands. 

Rooki dipped his head in the cool water. He felt his ears filled up and he gulped water. They have been thirsty for days, and the plant too. Rooki lifted his head out from the water. Drops trickled down his nose and face.

“Refreshing,” Rooki said, wiping his face to get the water off. Wave sat next to Rooki, holding the plant above the water.

“Want some?” Wave asked the little rose. The petals glowed a bit and faded soon after. Wave let out a giggle as she splashed water in the pot.

"Isn’t it time to plant …  plant?” Rooki said, concerned about all the pit stops because of the plant. Wave turned her head at Rooki, and a frown imprinted on her face.

“Ditch the plant? No way! That’s like our mom and dad ditching us, leaving us for the dead.” Wave snapped. Rooki gasped, they promised never to speak about their parents because Rooki was emotional. Rooki’s lip quivered, and his eyes got small. Wave looked at the plant, feeling bad making Rooki cry. Wave opened her arms and wrapped then around Rooki. 

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it…” Wave said quietly, feeling a stab of guilt hit her heart. Wave felt tears roll on her back down to her heels. Wave hugged him tighter, “Please stop, you’ll make me cr-”But then Wave was interrupted by another voice.

“Who are you two? And what are you doing with a neon rose!” A kangaroo yelled from the other side of the lake. Wave let go of Rooki and looked over at the kangaroo. He was fully armed with armor and had a golden spear. Wave looked down at her plant that she placed in her pouch. Its pedals stood up out of her pouch, thanking her for the lovely drink. 

“Um… What now?” Rooki said, wiping tears from off his cheek. His eyes landed on the armored kangaroo. “Oh.” The kangaroo shifted around and yelled something, but Rooki and Wave couldn’t hear. 

“You wanna run?” Wave suggested. Rooki looked at Wave. His eyes said maybe. Wave looked at her plant. It hid in her pouch, knowing what was happening. 

“Come here,” The kangaroo ordered Wave and Rooki. Wave wrinkled her snout and shook her head. The armored kangaroo lets a low growl and started hopping to them, holding the spear up, Rooki and Wave immediately knew what to do.


Rooki and Wave bolted the opposite way from the kangaroo. Panic rushed through their hearts all the way to their feet as they stomped the ground. Rooki and Wave felt her heart beat in their neck. They could hear the faint sound of the ground being clapped behind them. Rooki turned his head to Wave. Her face was full of fear. Rooki’s feet started getting sore by all the rocks he landed on. 

“Wave!” Rooki pleaded, “My feet, they hurt!” Rooki yelled loud enough for Wave to hear him. Wave looked at him and the warrior. He was hopping at them faster and faster. 

“Hop closer to me,” Wave said in a rush. Rooki heard her and did as he was told. He hopped closer, “Give me your hand,” Wave instructed as she held her hand out for him. Rooki reached out and grasped her hand. Wave flinched by grip, but hauled him into her pouch. Rooki grabbed the flower pot and sat in her pouch. Wave controlled her balance and pushed herself to go hop faster and farther.

“GET BACK HERE!” The warrior's words drifted in the wind right at Wave. The trees around her were naked, and the ground was cracked. They were in hyena territory. 

“Sis, aren't we in hyena territory?” Rooki hinted. Wave looked at the dead trees and hairless bones. Wave gulped her worries and looked back in front of her.

“It’s the only way to get the warrior away from us. He will quit eventually.” Wave answered, letting breaths slip through her words. Sweat slid down her face.

“Yeah, but once he stops chasing us, what will we do? We are in the middle of hyena territory.” Rooki pointed out. Wave slowed a bit, thinking about his answer. He was right, if they did stop, what would they do?

“Should we see what he wants?” Wave wondered, looking back at the warrior, who was two and a half elephants away. Rooki looked back also. 

“It might be anything.” Rooki paused, “He never threatened us. So is he here to kill us?” Rooki asked. Wave sped up to talk with her brother a bit longer before they choose.

“Might not, maybe we should go to him,” Wave decided, slowing down. Wave then turned her eyes to the spear. It glistened in the beaming sun, “Wait.” Wave said, picking up speed, “He has a weapon, what about that?” Wave informed.

“But what if he has that for defense? What if a dingo or a cheetah comes along?” Rooki said, looking up at Wave. Wave looked at Rooki. She thought for a couple of seconds, then sighed. She halted, dropping her feet on the ground. Dust rose up like angles going to heaven. The sun shone through the windows in the dusty angles. 

“STAY THERE!” The kangaroo yelled not too far away. Wave looked back at the warrior. His armor clanged together like the sound of elephant tusks hitting together. The spear was sharp, as if it was recently sharpened on iron.

“I’m scared,” Rooki whispered, changing his mind. Wave glared at Rooki.

“This was your idea!” Wave whispered back. Rooki lowered into the pouch as the warrior approached. Wave turned her head to him. He was a lot bigger than Wave thought. His eyes beamed at her. 

“You’re coming with me.” He said at Wave. He glanced at Rooki in Wave’s pouch, “You too.” He said sternly, pointing at him with his spear. 

“Watch it!” Wave scowled. The warrior flashed his eyes at Wave, “Keep your spear far from him.” She threatened. The warrior hissed under his breath.

“Watch your mouth before you lose it.” He spat, gripping her arm. Wave looked at his hand that was gripping her arm.

“Hey! Le-” Wave started, but the warrior interrupted.

“Shut your trap,” He seethed as he pulled on her arm, bringing her and her brother back to his clan, “We’re leaving, move it,” He said, narrowing his eyes at Wave. 

“We have no choice.” Rooki quietly said to Wave. Wave sighed and followed the warrior’s orders.

The sun beat down on them. It was like a fish out of water, needing that little drink to make it alright. The warrior continued walking in the same direction for ten minutes. Rooki was curled in Wave’s pouch, sound asleep. The plant was in Rooki’s arms. Wave wished her mom never left her. Wave wondered how it felt to be in a little apartment for your own, shutting your worries out. 

“Where did you get the flower.” The warrior asked, not even looking at her. Wave looked at the shiny armored warrior, thinking on how to respond.

“My mom left it for me. She had dirt around the plant. I had to make the pot myself.” Wave muttered. The warrior heard and looked at Wave.

“Where is your mom.” 

Wave looked away, “Somewhere.” She squeaked out, making sure her voice level was low so she didn’t wake up Rooki.

“Answer my question, where is your mother!”

Wave looked at the ground and said loud enough for the armored kangaroo to hear her, “She left us when we were young, near the age of two.” 

The armored kangaroo looked away and the continued on their way.  The kangaroos met the watering hole and let them drink, then they continued.  The stranger didn’t talk to them for the rest of the walk. They entered a forest’s mouth and walked in. The shade ate the sun, cooling Wave and Rooki.

When they reached the gate to the new clan, two sand-colored kangaroos stared at Wave and Rooki with narrowed eyes.

“Please open the gates Gizmo. I want to talk to the alpha, found these two at the watering hole.” Said the armored kangaroo. Wave jumped at the sound of his voice.
The gates opened and the three walked in.  Wave looked around and saw at least a dozen of kangaroos, but they looked at her in disgust.  Wave lowered her head and wished she would just disappear.


She heard murmurs, “Why does she have rings on her.”

“She looks weird. She doesn’t belong here.”

“She would look better, dead.”

Wave looked at her pouch at Rooki and found him awake in tears.  She quickly looked away as she felt tears come to her eyes. It burned the back of her eyes and made her throat get tight.  Wave heard the sniffles of Rooki crying. She couldn’t fight back the tears, they rolled down her cheeks.

Kangaroos gasped and murmured, “when does such an unnatural kangaroo have feelings.” 

Then, the guard stopped and looked at Wave, “Are you… crying?”

Wave looked at him and whimpered, “No...”

The guard looked away and went into a tent in the middle of the little clan. The guard stepped out and grabbed Wave’s arm and yanked her inside. In the middle of the room stood an alpha with handsome face while holding a stone spear.  He stared at Wave until she shifted back a bit to avoid the range of his spear.

“What do you want." The alpha said deeply. He looked right at Wave, but then his eyes wandered to the neon rose that was slightly poking out from her pouch,  "More importantly what are you doing here with a neon rose?”

Opened her mouth but Rooki chimed in, “The neon rose was a gift from our mother  and we didn’t know that the watering hole was your territory.” Rooki looked up at Wave. She was looking at the alpha with terror in her eyes.

“Your mother gave that to you?“ The alpha questioned, slowly, “Why a neon rose?” Wave and Rookie didn’t know how to respond. They stood still, thinking of what to say.

“I believe it is a clue on what kind of kangaroo we are, since we belong nowhere near here..” croaked Wave.

“I could believe you, but I don’t.” said the alpha through squinted eyes. Wave felt worry flow through her body. What were they going to do with Rooki and Wave? Her heart rate slowed at the thought.

Chapter 2
The prison made of charcoal 


The king waved his paw towards the door of the tent. The guards in the tent nodded and escorted Wave and Rooki out of the room. As soon as they were out the door, the guard on Wave’s left yanked Rooki out of her pouch and the guard on the right fished the neon rose out. Rooki squirmed in the guard’s arms, and Wave grabbed the rose from the guard's hand.

“DON’T TAKE MY ROSE!” roared Wave and hissed at the guard.
The guard jumped back in surprise and Rooki jumped out of the guard’s arm and bit his leg. Both guards tackled Wave and Rooki. The guard took Wave’s rose again.  Both guards held them by their arms. Wave and Rooki were escorted to a big black hole in the ground with metal bars in it. The guards opened the cage.  Both Wave and Rooki were thrown into the little den. Wave leaped up and the cage closed, they were prisoners of a clan they didn’t even know existed. 


Wave put her head in her hands and cried when the guards left. Rooki came to her side and put his head on her side.  Both sat on the coal with no more hope and nothing left of their parents to hold onto.  Dusk fell upon them in a matter of minutes and both lay on the floor when a young kangaroo came to the outside cell and put his hands on the cell bars. The kangaroo was around Wave’s age, maybe a little bit older.

“What are you in there for, little girl? Stealing again?” Asked the boy. Wave immediately looked in his direction. The boy stared at her with wide eyes and let his mouth fall to the floor.

“What?” Wave snapped at him. The rings on her started to glow in anger

“What kind of kangaroo are you? Your g-g-glowing….”  The kangaroo stepped back and started to shake.

Wave looked at her green rings which are now, in fact, glowing! She stared in disbelief, this is what the neon rose meant, the pedals glowed in the dark, Wave glowed in the dark too! She is the rare type kangaroo.

She was a glowing kangaroo.

“G-guards!” The boy kangaroo yelled. Wave looked at her glowing body and ordered them to stop. They didn’t listen, and instead, glowed brighter. Wave barked with surprise. She wanted them to stop!

  Shuffles came from the entrance of the prison. Wave knew it was the guards. Wave’s heart skipped a beat when they ran in. Wave was scared, and Rooki was holding on to Wave’s arm. The warriors looked right at Wave. Their eyes wide. One warrior Wave recognized, and that was the one who brought them here. Rooki looked at them and hissed, warning them.

“Simba, get her out.” The familiar kangaroo said urgently, then added soon after,“Grab her brother too.” Simba and another kangaroo hauled them out. Simba grasped Wave and forcefully trudged her out the prison. The boy followed her out, staring at her glow.

  “Let me go!” Wave sneered at Simba. The warrior growled at her, flicking her with his tail.

  “Shut it!” He shot back, spitting all over her face. Wave shook her head in disgust. The dawn soon grew black. Her rings were the brightest thing against the stars.

  “Wave!” Rooki screamed behind her. Wave looked back at him, her eyes full of fear. She had no idea what to do, she mouthed, There is nothing we can do. Rooki’s hope fell into a hole. Her heart felt crushed. Simba halted to a stop at the Alpha tent entrance. 

“Stay here, or your neon flower dies,” Simba told Wave and Rooki. Simba ordered Jack to hold Wave. Jack ripped Wave away from Simba and held her by Rooki. Simba walked in the alpha tent, leaving the warriors and the two kids.
Wave felt fear and embarrassment as she stood in the middle of the clan glowing. Everyone was staring at her. They were speechless. Wave could hear talking in the tent. 


“I wonder what they are talking about?” Jack whispered to Wave and Rooki. Wave didn’t care what they were talking about, all she wanted was her flower. Jack looked at Rooki and Wave. Wave looked at her feet, avoiding eye contact with Jack.

“Wave, what are we going to?” Rooki whispered to Wave. Wave looked at Rooki.

“Do everything we are told,” Wave whispered back so only Rooki could hear. Rooki looked at her faithfully. He didn’t want to stay, but at least he was with Wave, so he dealt with it.

Simba burst from the tent, his eyes fixed on Wave and Rooki, “He would like to talk to you.” He said calmer. His voice was somewhat soothing and calming to Wave. His eyes weighed down, looking a lot friendlier. Simba looked at Jack and the other kangaroo, “Talon and Jack, let them go in.” Simba ordered, but then said very slowly, “Alone.”

Talon and Jack both hesitated, but then let go when Simba growled. Wave’s rings were still bright, but were starting to calm. Simba saw, and hurried them into the tent, “Here is the one that glows, Peanut.” Simba said, pointing his snout at Wave.Peanut looked at Wave. Her eyes hung down on the ground.

She felt tired standing up all day. “My eyes are up here, glowing one.” Peanut noted. Wave looked up, she felt bags from under her eyes.

“Yeah?” She said nervously, while her lines faded more.

“Why do you glow?” His voice softened. His face looked eager to know. Wave gulped down. She didn’t know how.

“I… I don’t know.” Wave answered. Peanut glared at her. He didn’t blink, he didn’t move or flinch.

“Not surprised,” He said darkly. He sat up straight and called out, “Talon! Palace, now.”  Wave looked at the entrance. Talon hoped in, put her paw on Waves back, leading her out gently. Wave’s stripes and rings wore off. She looked down at Rooki.

“Coming?” Talon asked. Rooki hopped over to Wave. Wave looked at Rooki, her eyes looked confused.

“What’s a palace?” She asked Rooki. Rooki looked up and thought. His mind looked lost. But then, his face changed. Confusion to hope. 

“I don’t know what a palace is, but I know these stars,” He said quietly when he turned to Wave. Wave looked at Talon, who was following them, giving them directions to the Palace.

“Okay, turn right.” Talon directed. Wave and Rooki both turned right. 
Paths turned left and right, but they continued straight. Houses lined like the trees, all made of rock, mud, and glass. They had left woven mats in front of their doors, and potted plants in their windows.
Wave looked at all the windows, staring at all the plants. She felt her mind wrap around the potted plants, reminding her of her flower. Wave looked back at Talon. Talon’s eyes were looking at the roads and wooden signs. Wave sighed, and asked,

“Will I ever get my plant back?”

Talon looked down at Wave. She opened her mouth to answer, but then closed soon after. Talon looked up, then finally answered after a couple of seconds of silence,

“Maybe…” She didn’t sound sure, or even positive, she might get it back.

“What do you mean, ‘maybe?’” Wave stammered. Talon looked at the forest, thinking about how to answer. She hummed for a little then stopped, almost making Rooki fall back.

“I mean, it depends. Our gatherer is an expert with flowers. If she looks at your plant and finds seeds, she carefully plucks them and then you can have your plant back.” Talon explained, “But if she finds no seeds, she keeps the plant.” Wave’s heart felt like it was going to stop. Rooki saw the look on Wave’s face. It was worryness. He knew she wanted the plant badly.

“What happens if she kills it,” Rooki asked from Talon’s side. Talon jumped,  she forgot she had Rooki with her.

“Then you’re flowerless.” She told him, “I can’t promise you will get it, but you might. I have high hopes it does have seeds though. We could farm our own garden of neon flowers.” Rooki tilted his head. 

“Start a farm? Haven’t you looked in the neon forest? You can get them there.” Rooki said. Talon looked at him with a blank face, then started laughing.

“Have you heard what happened there?” She laughed. But she soon stopped laughing when she realized they had no clue what happened. She fell quiet,

“Really?” Wave looked at Rooki, Rookishrugged, and looked at Talon.

“What happened?”

Talon sighed, and started walking. Rooki and Wave bounced after her, as she started telling the story, her voice dark and cold, “Two years ago, the forest was infected by a darkness that lurked down beneath the ground. It killed all the neon flowers, and half the forest itself. We were all devastated. We all hoped we could find at least one flower to repopulate them. We have sent our warriors to look near lakes and plains, looking and searching for one. We almost gave up… Until you came.” Her voice fell from coldness to relief as she looked at Wave and Rooki.

“Wha-” Wave started, but Talon interrupted purposely.

“Let’s go you two, you gotta get some sleep.” Talon sat up and sped to the end of the rocky paths. Wave and Rooki walked faster just to keep up with Talon. Talon looked at the signs.

“Rock path” and “Pebble path.” Talon looked down at Pebble path. Wave huffed at Talons side. Her feet were sore from all the running she did today.  She looked up at Talon, her eyes were wondering. It looked like she was confused.

“Everything alright?” Wave asked. Rooki was next to Wave, and seemed to notice that Talon looked confused also.

“Are we on the wrong path?” Rooki said soon after Wave. Talon looked at them, then back at the paths.  She hummed a song, but stopped. She looked back at the leader tent. The candles by the entrance showed them the shadows of the leader.

“No, we’re on the right path,” Talon said, starting to walk down Rock path. The two children followed her cautiously, they still didn’t trust her. 

“What’s the palace?” Wave said slowly. Rooki was holding her hand now, looking at all the broken houses and dens. Wave looked at Rooki. He had his tail in one hand, and the other in her paw. She looked at the houses. It had shattered windows and torn doors. It was as if a tornado washed through and destroyed everything. 
Talon didn’t speak, like her lips were glued shut. Her eyes were faced forward, down into the forest. Rooki looked at the forest. The flowers were dull, and the trees were colored like fall.


“What happened here?” Wave asked.  Talon didn’t answer and kept walking, forcing the kids along.

They walk along until they met a big worn down tent. They stopped for a moment to admire the tent. Then Talon pushed them around a tent into a dark jungle.

 “Keep going,” Talon said quietly. Wave and Rooki were being pushed through the jungle mud. It slid through their toes and made them glide right through the mud. 

“What are you doing?” Rooki grunted, the mud between his toes disgusted them. Wave started to slip here and there, but always recovered her balance. Rooki looked at Talon, her eyes were looking around in the trees as if she were an owl hunting mice. Rooki looked up, he couldn’t see the stars, the trees made the sky disappear. They gulped up any star they could touch. 

“Where are we going!” Wave screeched, losing her balance again. Talon halted to a stop, and that really did it. Wave felt her spine swing back, and make Wave fall directly in sticky mud. 

  “Do you want to get out of here or not?” Tallon said coldly, “Because I know you two shouldn’t be here.” She looked at them sharply. Rooki looked at her, surprised that she wanted to help, but one thing twisted his mind. The words, “I know you two shouldn’t be here.”

  “Shouldn’t be here?” Rooki said, with a hint of fright. Talon got annoyed real fast. She huffed and looked at Rooki. She nodded yes slowly. Rooki looked at Wave, who was trying to get the mud out of her fur. He felt his spirit rise with hope. They were going to escape.

Wave looked at Talon and snapped, “What about my neon rose?” Talon avoided her face. She closed her eyes. Rooki could tell that she was re-thinking her plan. 

  “I will say you guys ran away, the Peanut will send search parties, which will lower the security. And since I am Peanut’s most trusted warrior, he will hand me the flower,” Talon paused, “But…”

  The pause slightly lowered Rooki’s spirit. Were they gonna escape? “What do you mean but?” Rooki said quickly before Wave could. Wave felt her heart sink. 

  “But I can’t tomorrow. They didn’t check for seeds yet, so we have to wait before we strongly know we have to use it. If there are seeds, she will give it back.” Talon said with strong hopes. Wave felt her heart get taped together, but not all the way.

  “But where will we sleep?” Rooki asked, looking around the dark forest. Talon looked at Rooki, obviously never thinking the whole plan out. 

  “Ummm…” She looked back at the tent. It was barely visible, but she still saw it, “Let’s head back.” She said, lifting her feet to the paths. Rooki and wave dropped their mouths.

  “We are going to go out with this!?” Rooki said, flabbergasted. The mud on his feet weighed him down, and they would make footprints, showing evidence they went in the forest.

  Talon stopped and looked at them, “I know a shortcut, somewhere they never knew about.” Rooki and Wave both looked at each other, then back at Talon. They laughed as she ran after Talon. Talon joined them, she turned left when she reached the old tent, turning back into the forest. She hopped off rocks, and into trees. Rooki and Wave started to struggle to try to copy her, but they did it. They laughed and giggled as they told jokes in the trees. They stayed on the lower branches so they didn’t break, even though Talon was taller than them.









Chapter 3:
Living Dead


“Come on you two!” Talon said behind her, as she slowed down. Her face, smiling.  Talon gripped a small, but strong, branch. The branch under her was crooked. Rooki and Wave slowed down, their breaths hard, “Hmm. You guys need training before you guys can escape.” 

  Rooki was behind Wave, his feet weren’t ready for all this hopping. He looked at Wave, who was pushing herself to continue hopping from branch to branch. Rooki looked down. He didn’t realize how far up they were. He stared at the ground. A fall this high could break some bones… Or worse. He started to panic. His legs wobbled, and his hands started to shake. 

  Talon looked at Rooki. Talon perked her ears down, she didn’t know what he was doing. Was he dancing? Washe balancing? Then it hit her, he was panicking. She looked at Wave and pointed at Rooki with her chin. Wave understood what she meant, so she stopped, grabbed a hold a branch above her, and looked back. She stared for a couple of seconds, then gasped, she let go of the branch and headed for Rooki.

  Rooki wobbled for a couple more seconds until his left foot slipped, and then his right slipped as well.  Wave’s eyes widened and her breathing stopped.  Talon jumped to the spot Rooki was falling from, Rooki was free falling to the forest floor.  Talon quickly kneeled down to grab his foot, but instead, grabbed his tail.  Rooki squealed as if a pig’s snout was cut off.

  “ROOKI HANG ON!! TALON HELP HIM UP, PLEASE!!!” Wave screamed, now at Talon’s side, holding her shoulder.
Rooki hung silently as Talon and Wave pulled him up. As soon as he was up Wave shoved him in her pouch, now weighed down by her brother
Rooki felt his mind come back. He heard his sister’s heartbeat. It soothed his fear. He felt the warmth off her body. He knew he was going to be alright. He buried himself in her fur.


“Why didn’t you call us!?” Wave asked, her voice was shaking. Rooki looked up at Wave. Her face was in her hands. He felt guilty. He knew he could have died, but he was too scared to say anything. Rooki felt his breath get heavy, his eyes hang low. He let every limb in his body get weak, and then, closed his eyes.

Wave felt Rooki’s soft breathing in her pouch. Wave felt her tense. She felt her build up sadness and fear. She didn’t want to worry about Rooki like this. Rooki needed to tell them what was on his mind, not keep it all to himself and never tell anyone, he could get hurt!

Talon put her paw on Wave’s shoulder, “C'mon, we gotta keep going. We can’t stay.”  Talon looked at the direction to the path, then up at the sky. Talon couldn’t see the sky, but she assumed it was getting pretty late. “The guards will check on you two in a little bit now. Hurry!” Talon rushed. Wave knew how important it was for the other guards to know they were there, so she let go of the branch above her, and hopped after Talon. 

The shades reflected off her neon rings. Her rings started to illuminate her surrounding. Green made the black trees look like olives. Wave looked over at Talon, who seemed not to notice her glow, but was focusing more on her goal, Wave looked back at the trees. It seemed to please her, it made it seem like all the trees were a unique color. She looked up at the leaves. They had colors of her glow. But then, she seemed to notice a different color in the leaves. It was blue. Wave looked down at herself. She didn’t see blue on her. But then, a little bit of her pouch was open. Blue light slipped out. It was as bright as hers. She stopped moving. She slipped her hand into her pouch and opened it. Rooki was glowing a bright, cyan blue. Wave looked at him with full eyes. The blue casted on the tree leaves. 

“Talon…” Wave said, loud enough for Talon. She looked up at Talon, who was slowly turning around. Talon had her eyes closed. Talon was fully turned to Wave when she opened her eyes. 

The forest was bright, and the leaves started to dance in the wind. Talon gasped, and clasped her hands over her mouth. She knew she glows, but she noticed something else. Wave looked at her carefully, trying to see what she was surprised by.  Talon looked at the tree. The green that was smothering the bark, was now what she was looking at, it was underneath it. 

“The forest…” Talon’s voice slithered from her fingers, “It’s…. Alive….” Her voice sounded unbelievable. Talon hopped over to her, face still with amazement. She stood next to Wave. her face turned away from her. She was facing the bark. She started to slide her hand on the bark. It wasn’t crusty like the others, it was smooth, and felt alive. 

“One of you revived the tree!” Talon said with joy. She looked up at the leaves, they were more green than black, if you ignored the glow that Wavecasted. Talon looked at Wave, “Is it you that did this?” She asked, very quietly. 

“Aren’t we in a rush?” Wave rushed in. She wanted to get back to the house and test on a dead plant, when the guards know they are there, instead of being out in the forest where they aren’t in the house.












Chapter 4:
Walls made of Stone

Talon stared at her for a moment, then nodded in agreement, “You’re right, we can test it when we get back.”  Talon looked back at the direction she was supposed to be heading, “The tunnel is close by, we can get there in time if we hurry.” Talon hopped down on a big rock that was just under them. Wave followed. Talon knelt by an opening into the earth. It was pitch black, and a warm breeze flushed out. Talon looked over at Wave, “Ready? It’s a little warm.”


“Do I really have a choice?” Wave joked. Talon shook her head, laughing inside. Talon crawled into the tunnel, and Wave followed, cradling Rooki with one hand so he wouldn’t drag on the ground. Her face was being cooked by the warm air. She looked into the tunnel, its walls were illuminated with yellow from strange plants. Wave looked at Talon, who was still crawling, slightly poking the flowers. 

“What are those?” Wave asked, pointing to the flowers. Talon continued crawling through the tunnel. Wavehuffed, and crawled after her. 

She crawled for a little bit, and then she knew what Talon meant by heat. It was furious, she felt sweat drip off her nose and cheeks. The heat whipped around her neck as she crawled, as if it didn’t want her going father. Wave struggled to continue, but she had to keep up with Talon. She kept her strength up, she couldn’t let Rooki drag on the ground. Her muscles roared with pain. She felt Rooki squirm in her pouch uncomfortably. Talon was far ahead, and Wave was falling behind. The glowing flowers fuzzed her vision, like an explosion of colors at a firework show.

“Almost to the end, keep it up!” Talon’s voice echoed, making Wave’s ears ring. Wave felt like she was gonna black out.


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