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Sophia is in fantasy land. There are dragons, witches, and wizards. She's the princess, but what happens when a prince comes along?

Submitted: November 13, 2017

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Submitted: November 13, 2017



I'm kind of a princess. I have a castle (It's really a mansion). I have lots of money, and I have everything I want(except friends)! Even the name I want. Sophia Parker. That's my name. It's kind of amazing, actually. Everything goes my way! I LOVE IT! It all started when I was 3, my mom always called me her little princess. She called me that until I was 5, that's when she died. My dad kept taking care of me, I still have those princess sheets from when I was 4. I'm 13 now. I'm in 8th grade. I don't use them though. It took me awhile to get over it. I still haven't gotten over it. My nickname is princess. Cause that what I am. A princess. I tried to stop living in my fantasy world, but I can't. I don't know when exactly I started living in fantasy land, but I think, like, 5 or 6 years ago. It shattered my soul when my mom died. I've been called princess ever since. From my family (of course). One day I was in school, and I heard someone say that there was gonna be a new kid, and that it was gonna be a boy. Supposedly, he was coming tomorrow. I was super excited. A lot of people said he was cute, but I haven't seen him yet. The next day, as you might think, he came, and he was super cute. I immediately had a crush on him, and I haven't even met him. I tried walking up to him, but was immediately pushed away by other kids greeting him. It was annoying. Something else horrible happened that day though. I was SUPPOSED to be his tour guide, but little miss perfect(Ava) showed him around. What's worse? I couldn't even tell on her. She ALWAYS finds a way to blackmail someone. I was ALWAYS the outcast. Until one day, one of the popular kids came up to me and said they wanted to sit by me. I looked over to the group she was sitting at, and saw them laughing. I knew this had to be a prank, but I risked it. I said sure and soon enough, I wasn't an outcast. I was noticed by everyone. Because they all laughed at me, called me fantasy girl and princess. Turns out they knew my secret, but did they know my truth? Of course not. They probably wouldn't be making fun of me if they did. Or maybe they would. Who knows?(Right?)  It sucks being noticed in a bad way. Maybe someday I can get back at them. I'll try. One day, something awesome happened. He figured out that I was supposed to be his tour guide, and he came up to ME(ME, SOPHIA! One of the most NON-popular girls in school.) Well anyway, he came up to me and asked for a proper tour, and that the other girl was a *BLEEEPPPPP* and that she was trying to flirt with him the whole time.(He didn't actually say bleep or the word that it's covering up, but still, I thought I'd put bleep in here. It makes the whole thing more dramatic.)Okay, back to the story. I agreed with him. Then started showing him around. Even though he already knew where everything was. He was smiling the whole time, then asked me something NO ONE would've ever asked me. "Do you want to be my friend? I don't have any friends here yet." "Yes!" I answered, excitedly. "OK! Thank you!" he told me. He seemed really happy. Apparently I seemed really happy too because he started blushing and asked if that was the end of the tour. "Yes, actually it is," I answered. "I have to go. See you tomorrow?" I asked him. "Sure!" he answered. I went home that day, smiling from ear to ear. My dad didn't notice though. He's become less involved in my life lately. It's kind of sad. I haven't mentioned it to anyone though. Maybe I can tell someone soon. I don't usually tell ANYONE ANYTHING! That's because I have no friends, but I have a feeling that may be about to change. I don't know why. It may be because of Dylan(The prince.) >.< Anyway..... I have to stay friends with him. Because if I don't, I may have to go back to eating alone at lunch, and not talking to anyone. It's going to be horrible. The next day, at lunch, he walked up to me and asked "Can I sit here?" "Of course you can. Why wouldn't you be able to?" I answered, curiously. "Oh, I don't know," he responded, hesitantly, kind of like, when you hear a horrible rumor about someone and don't know whether to be their friend still or not. I tried to listen in class today, but Dylan was in my mind the whole time. I couldn't listen to the teacher. AT ALL! I hate how he's in my mind every minute of everyday. It sucks. I want to stop liking him and only like him as a friend. Maybe I should try and talk to him, see what's wrong? I don't know anymore. Except, I keep sitting with him at lunch, talking to him, and we started hanging out at each others houses. I honestly thought that maybe, just maybe, we were falling in love. We hung out a lot, and honestly started saying "I love you," every time we leave each other's house, or see each other in the hall, or maybe sometimes when lunch ends and we have to split to go to separate classes. Of course, we mean it as friends, or at least he does. I don't. I meant it seriously. I really like him. Maybe I actually DO love him. lol Nah. I just have a REALLY big crush. Nothing else. I think. Well back to the story! We have to split classes after lunch and always say "I love you." I have been so concerned lately. I don't even know why. The next day, before school started, I was invited to Dylan's house for dinner, so I just took the bus with him to his house. Dinner was awesome! We had chicken legs! They were AWESOME! I'm definitely coming back over for dinner. I've been drawing a lot lately. Ever since I left his house. Idk why. It's really weird. I like drawing though, so I'm not complaining. He became my best friend, the center of my prince. I would do anything for him. I would die if it meant I would be able to save him. Although... I don't know if he feels the same way about me. I don't think he would die if it meant he would be able to save me. He may feel that way, but I don't think so. Until....... One day, I finally got enough courage to ask him what he thinks of me. He answered with something that made me super happy. He said, "I think of you as the center of my world. My princess. I've never really ever had someone there for me until now... I love you!" "I love you too," I told him. After that, we basically hugged each other for like 10 minutes(Actually it was like 30 seconds, but it seemed like 10 minutes.). I tried to hide my smile so he wouldn't judge me by how happy I am. After we finished hugging, he had to go. Or maybe it was just too awkward for him. Idk. I'm not him. After he left, I was smiling from ear to ear(not literally.). I think it was the Monday we got back to school,(That happened on a Friday) he asked me out. It was during lunch. He asked to go get something out of his backpack and I also asked if I could go to the bathroom because he told me to come with him. That's when he asked me. It was super romantic!(Not really but kinda) He gave me this HUGE 1 pound Hershey kiss! I started freaking out. Somehow, he knew those were my favorite. I don't know how though! Maybe he asked someone. I gave him a HUGE hug! This hug lasted about a minute! Idk. Well, we went back to the cafeteria and sat together. Again. I don't mind though. So.... maybe we were actually falling in love. A year passed. I was in 8th grade before. I'm in 9th grade now. Dylan and I are still dating. We still have dinner dates. I feel like we’re slowly drifting apart though... I turned 14 recently. Dylan got me a 5lbs bag of Hershey's kisses! He's so sweet! >.< His birthday is a month after mine so it's coming up soon. I can't wait to see how he reacts when I show him the gift I got him. On the night of his birthday, I invited him to dinner. My dad WAS home, but he didn't even care enough to notice. After dinner, we went to my room to play some board games. That's when I gave him his birthday present. He was SO excited. You should've seen his face light up when he opened the box. I got him an old collector's hot wheels car. Because I noticed he collected them when I went to his house the first time. At school the next day, I noticed Dylan wasn't there. I texted him and he didn't answer. I left him alone because I thought maybe he was sleeping because maybe he's sick. Then the next day he wasn't at school. That's when I started to notice something was up. I stopped by his house. He wasn't home. His parents were though. I thought maybe he was with some family members. His parents didn't even know he was gone. He must've snuck out. After that, I basically went back home. I stopped at the store to get some chips first though. I started to get worried. I didn't know what to do. Besides my mom, he's the first person I've actually ever cared about. The next day at school, he showed up. I was relieved. Although... he didn't seem like his regular self. When we split for lunch I said "I love you," like I usually do, but I don't think he heard me. Or he at least didn't answer. I was worried again. He seemed kind of back to himself the next day. He said I love you again. I was invited over to his house. He said he had something to tell me. That made me worried. That night, I went over to his house and ate dinner. Dinner was very awkward between Dylan and his parents. I didn't to bring it up though. Maybe they got in a fight. I went up to Dylan's room during dinner. I said I had to use the bathroom, but I never went to the bathroom. After like 10 minutes, Dylan came up to find me. When he found me, I was just sitting on his bed. He asked me what was wrong, but I just said, "nothing." I hated lying to him. I wanted to know where he was when he was missing, but it's not like he's going to tell me. Anyway, he told me what he invited me over here to say. It made me cry. He basically told me that he found out he's adopted and that he's going to move in with his biological parents. After I started crying, he gave me a hug to comfort me. He let go from hugging me. And layed down. After he layed down, I layed down too, and put my head on his chest, still crying. I'm going to miss him. He's moving to like, California. He told me he's moving in less than 3 weeks. We didn’t have to break up. We promised to stay in contact and see if it’ll work. I know in movies it never works, but I wanted to see. Until…….. I got an idea! I know it sounds weird, but maybe I can go with him. I asked him and his face lit up and said sure. I told him that I didn’t have to ask my dad because he doesn’t care. He got curious when I told him that, but he didn’t ask about it. Christmas break is coming up in less than a week. I’m so excited!  A week later, when school got out, I told Dylan that we’d have to see a movie or something but instead, he insisted on taking me out to eat. I said okay, and we went out to Chick-Fil-A. My FAVORITE place to eat! It was amazing. Except that, right after we left, Dylan got a call and told me that we had to leave to California NOW! I was so confused. I went back home and started packing. I only packed some clothes, a swimsuit, and the sheets off my bed. I shoved that all into one bag. Oh, I also packed a phone charger. I met up with Dylan at his house, and his parents drove us to the airport and bought the tickets for us. Once we were on the plane, I asked why we had to leave right then. That’s when he told me. He told me that his biological mom was in the hospital because she hit her head bad, she passed out when she hit her head, and when she woke up, she couldn’t remember anything. It was that bad. That happened to my mom. Except when it happened to her, she died. So I understood what he may be about to be going through. I told him I was sorry, and then I asked if we were almost to California. He said yes. We didn’t talk the rest of the way, considering it was like 10 minutes. But still. After we got into the airport, we had to do another security check. Then, after that was over, we met his dad outside the airport. He seemed like a nice person. He told us that he’s taking us to the house to get unpacked and settled in. When we got to the house, he showed us to our rooms(we had separate rooms btw). While we were at the house settling in, he went to the hospital to check on Dylan’s mom. Geez I hope she’ll be okay. When we got unpacked, we went into the kitchen and got something to eat. I got cereal while he got chicken nuggets. I don’t know what kind of cereal it was, but it was good. I tried and looked around, but most of the doors were locked. It was weird, but I just gave up and told Dylan that they were locked. He had a key, and he unlocked the rooms. Dylan’s dad came back while we were just finishing up looking around. He looked excited for once, so we asked what happened. “She gained her memory back,” he told us, very excitedly. “And guess what?”he asked. We both said at the same time, then we both laughed at the same time. It was funny. “She’s pregnant!” His dad answered. Dylan was very surprised and happy! His smile was so wide! He looked really happy! You could tell he was almost crying with joy. He was going to have a sibling! His dad had to go back to the hospital with Dylan’s mom. Dylan and I were very happy. He went to go lay down because his head hurt and his stomach hurt. I felt bad for him. I went back to my room to go lay down as well. I got so many texts from people while I was trying to sleep. I just texted everyone saying “I’m in California! Leave me alone please.” A lot of people asked me why I was in California. I just turned off my phone and ignored them. I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, I heard someone in the kitchen, so I went in there. It was just Dylan. No one else. Luckily. When I walked in, he told me “Good morning sleepy head!” I laughed. He laughed. It was a good time. After that, he called his dad and asked him if he could take us to meet his mom. He said yes, and came back home to get us. When we got to the hospital, Dylan and I followed his dad to the hospital room. When got to the room, I stayed outside the door. I didn’t want stir up any drama. I stayed outside until Dylan told me to come inside. She was pretty but looked terrible. When Dylan introduced me to her, she just smiled and said “I hope you liked the house!” “We did!” I responded. “Good,” she then told us. We stayed in California for a few months, then we started school. After football started, we went to all the games. At the homecoming game,(I went with him.) I walked under the bleachers. When I walked under the bleachers, I saw Dylan. He was kissing someone. I whispered kind of loudly, “Screw you!” When I said that he started to look around. He was confused. I ran out from under the bleachers. That’s when he saw me. “Crap. No. I’m so selfish,” He seemed worried. I ran home. He followed me. When I got home, I started packing my stuff. I was going to leave. That’s when he stopped me. I ignored him while he was talking to me. I hated him. When I got packed, I got a taxi and went to the airport. At the airport, I bought a ticket, got on the plane, and left. I was going back to my other house. When I got off the plane, I called my dad and asked him to pick me up. He came. He was pretty mad. Apparently, I interrupted something. When I got home, I started unpacking. Dylan called me so many times. I just ignored him. Then I blocked him. Maybe I should’ve just called him out. Who knows? Not me. I don’t know what to do anymore. Maybe I should just give up. No. I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to do anything. I’m not even going to say anything to him. Well, that ruined football games for me. When I got back to school, I had so many more friends. I have no clue why. Maybe it was because they heard and felt bad for me? I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe, they actually do feel bad for me. I went to the last football game just to see if I could handle it. While I was there, I saw Dylan at the gate. He was staring at me. I turned around and walked away. Once he payed to get in, he came to try to find me. I kept running away. I escaped by the hole in the fence. He was yelling my name, trying to find me. I ignored him. He’s back. Time to move. Again. Why is getting away from him so hard. If he actually liked me, he wouldn’t be cheating on me. Maybe it was a mistake? No. It wasn’t. I don’t think you can cheat on someone and it be a mistake. Maybe if you’re drunk. Who knows? Again. Not me. Well anyway, when I made it to my house, I tried to turn on the light, but the electricity was out. I called dad. He just told me that he forgot to pay the electricity bill. I was super mad. I just ended up getting a flashlight and going to bed. That’s when I heard the doorbell. I got up, but I didn’t look to see who it was. I just ended up going to the kitchen, getting a snack, and going back to bed. Whoever was at the door just eventually gave up trying and left. I was just falling asleep, then I heard someone in the kitchen. I snuck in there to see who it was. They had a flashlight. They couldn’t hear me coming because when I screamed they jumped, turned around, and screamed. I saw who it was. Dylan. I told him to leave, but he refused to leave. I asked him what he wanted and he just said, “to apologize.” I asked what he wanted to apologize for(even though I already knew). He literally said, “For what I did.” “Don’t,” I told him, “Just leave!” He told me that he wouldn’t leave. I threatened to call the cops. That’s when he finally left. Before he left, he told me that he would come back and apologize. When he left, I locked the door. I wasn’t going to accept his apology. He’s a jerk. That’s all. Maybe I should move away with some other family members. That’s if I can find any. I lost contact with everyone on my mom’s side when she died. My dad never talks to me. Neither does his family. I don’t know who to call or talk to.  Maybe I should let him apologize then not accept it. I don’t know! I think I’ll do that. Maybe I should fake accepting the apology. Maybe then he’ll leave me alone. Ok! I figured out what I’m going to do. I went to bed after that. Maybe another idea will come to me in my dreams. I couldn’t sleep, so I just got up and started crying. I missed my mom and the old Dylan. I got on my phone and looked through the App Store. I looked through it until I saw something. I saw a secrets app. You enter someone’s birth-date and first and last name. I downloaded it. After it finished downloading. I entered my name and birthdate. It told me a secret that I didn’t even know about myself. “It’s wrong,” I thought to myself. I entered Dylan’s name. It said something sad but cute. It said his secret was that he had someone he wanted to apologize and get back together with. I was amazed. Maybe it wasn’t wrong. I mean, well, he has been trying to apologize. It’s just….. accepting his apology. That’s what is hard for me. After what he did, I don’t know for sure if I’ll ever be able to fully forgive him. I started crying even more. Eventually, I cried myself to sleep. Because I woke up and there were tears all over my pillow. Maybe the secrets app was right. Maybe I do actually hate my life. I didn’t realize it until now. After that whole problem, I actually ended up walking over to Dylan’s house and forgiving him. Although, I can’t fully forgive him. I made him promise that he will never cheat on anyone again. He tried to give me a hug, but I backed away. He knew why I didn’t want a hug. He understood. I could tell he was really sorry. I needed time to cool down. To figure everything out. I just needed more time. I’m still mad about what he did. Right before I left his house, he asked me to go back to California with him. I told him that I would think about it. I like it there. I just don’t know if I want to go right now. It’s complicated. Okay? I agreed to go to California. Besides, I needed to meet some new people. I told my dad that I was going to California. He seemed worried. Which is weird because he’s never worried about me at all. I asked him what was wrong, and he just stared at me. Then, at that moment, he told me something that  totally blew my mind(in a good/bad way(idrk)). He told me that my mom IS alive, and that my dad took me and left her. When I was not even a year old. I couldn’t believe it! My whole life has been a lie. I asked him where she was. He told me she was in California. Which means I could have already met her and not have known it. I totally lost it on my dad. We full on argued. I stormed into my room, packed my stuff, and left to Dylan’s house. Once I got to Dylan’s, I told him everything. He was as surprised as I was. While we were on the plane, I searched my mom on the internet. What showed us was really surprising. It said she was a recovered alcoholic. It also gave me an address. Maybe that’s why my dad left my mom. I turned off my phone. That’s when Dylan popped up and said, “Thanks for coming by the way!” I told him it was no big deal and that I mostly came to meet new people and find my mom. When we got to Dylan’s biological parent’s house, I noticed his mom was home. He asked his parents if they could drive us to the address that we found online. They hesitated but finally said yes. When we got there, I asked Dylan to go in with me. I got out of the car slowly. Dylan told me to hurry up. After walking slowly to the front door, I told him to ring the doorbell. The door opened. OMG(btw I was freaking out!) “Is this Kendall Parker?” I asked her. She answered with something I was not expecting. “Yes…?” she answered hesitantly. I told her who I was and she literally just looked at me for about a minute or two then gave me a huge hug. I hugged her back. I couldn’t believe I was meeting my mom for the second time in my life. I honestly didn’t know how to feel.

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