middle school messed up

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Submitted: November 13, 2017

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Submitted: November 13, 2017



if i ever had to relive those sad years in middle school, i would have done it difrently. good god, i was so worried about my looks and what people thought of me.  i also was self absorbed (well, not really, i just think i was self absorbed. hey mom! was i self absorbed in middle school??) it seemed that my best friend hated me, and no one but the girl with really bad deppreshion wanted to hang out with me.

i must have been annoyed by my alot, but i was also a good kid. by then i had figured out the hardest math of all good kid + nice to siblings = nice mom and more fun stuff!! no wonder i sucked at math.

 i had a sense of how to hurt and annoy my sisters, witch my mom must have not been proud of, looking back i was really agressive, like intensly aggresive. i played a really agresive sport, roller derby ( if you dont know what that is then you have not lived) and i attempted to  get enrolled in karate many times.

ha ha, mom your so funny.

mom wants me to write about all the times i fell out of trees and slipped because i was clumsy as a donkey in high heels. once mom needed wood for the fire and i went out to get some because like i siad i was strong. saw the perfect branches for kindling up at the top of the tree so like an idot i climed the WET tree and was reaching out for a branch and fell out of the tree. real smart.

 i was never into the close mom got me. all ofthem were kids close becaus that was what i fit in. i was a small girl and im still small. all my friends were in adult smalls and i was in kid large, and the boggest size there is was xxxlarge. so i looked like a kinder gardener untill high school. 

i guess i have to end this so im just gonna say this. high school is gonna be worse.



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