So thoroughly seduced

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The tipping point, when friendship falls into something else.

Dinner made with care
Your art…
your energy
Bleeds through every page
In the satiny grit of charcoal
Your love
Of the work is felt
TV time
My leg against yours
My arm against yours
My body vibrates
With your mirth
Shifting and moving
Seeking comfort
Head on arm
Hand on leg
Contact transmits energy
Energy with clean intent
Flows into my body
And back to you
Gawky and all elbows
I try to track tv and simultaneously the electricity of touch
Tv over… we talk
Exchanging more than just
Body heat and energy
speaking and touching
Fingers in my fine hair
Sniffing my crown
As I inhale deeply of your scent
Foot trailing along leg
Nearly all barriers down
If you ask me, I would answer
But you don’t demand anything
Open and sharing so much
Words being a mere formality
Finally ear pressed against chest
Heart sounding deep and calm
Scent so much in my nose
I can taste you on my tongue
Indescribable simplicity
Sweetness of vapor
Deliciousness of food
Essentially you under all
Beard tickling my forehead
Voice reverberating through me
My anxiety spikes
You, this moment and evening threatens to overwhelm and burst through all
In fear, I joke and make light
Kindly silencing me, holding me
Subsiding I sink into the moment
Washes over and nullifies
Nothing left but circular flow of energy
Full of glowing affectionate caring intent
It’s time to go
Must wrench myself away
Fear of my inner goddess unleashing
If I don’t now depart
Maybe doing what we both regret
Sassy words leave my lips
As I finally pull away
Covering my distress
Outside I hug you goodbye
Magnetically being drawn to your lips
I desperately hold your face and kiss your cheek
Driving home
Brain racing working out
How to not touch you again
While simultaneously calculating when I can next be alone with you.


Submitted: November 14, 2017

© Copyright 2022 B Pearl. All rights reserved.

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