Living a great Life

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Let's all live a braver life

Submitted: November 14, 2017

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Submitted: November 14, 2017



Sometimes we cry over and over again, for loss, defeats, failures and brokeness. Maybe it's because once in our life what's behind on those losses make us feel alive, happy, overwhelmed, that we dont want any changes to happen, but it happened. Suddenly those smiles, laughs and happiness are taken away. Well it's normal, we're human. It's okay to cry for what we've lost, to be sad when defeated and to rest when tired, but it will never be okay to stop and be stucked on that situation. Because those are just a gateway to do something better. A lose will never be a loss if you gain something, a defeat will never be a failure if you chose to stand up and a brokeness will no longer be painful if you are ready to start again. It taught us how to be strong enough to face the world rather than running and hiding on the dark. So enjoy the battle and live a braver life. By that you are not only living to survive but living a great life that is worth remembering.

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