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Submitted: November 14, 2017

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Submitted: November 14, 2017




Contours of the soil only imprinted with the soles of the people that were born in it. The souls of one blood line. Nameless in their kind, only identified by the intruders before they were killed or faded away at their hands, you never could tell... Black and white straw faces, almost a tiki,  imperilling who stumbled into them.


There was a hanging mist, a lingering spirit that almost surrounded their land, and mimicked their footsteps dancing around them, behind them, empowering them like a tribal earthquake. It colored the jungle with a pewter green haze that hung like a reliced, textured children’s book’s pages.


The noise seemed confused, disoriented, and goalless. The shrieks that came gathered from the heart of the land resounded in an essence sundering crescendo made up from giggles, bellows, screams, and aimless bawls.

Welcome to the land of the Bruti…

May 11th 1908,

The fourth day in and we have no sign of Asie. I still remember when the Council President set out to colonize this chunk of the Amazon, the soldiers recalled the sounds of the jungle they heard, I thought it was rubbish... Now as I sit in the cabins and teepees sorting paperwork, the shrieks and rumbles that come from the heart affected somewhere near my spleen. A fear swelled in my brain like a blood clot that made the usual comforting stare at our Danish flag minimal. Thoughts about making our way farther into this hazy world were horrendous. Every step felt as if we were becoming disconnected with the world, did Asie feel this way? When she went missing did she feel that disconnect? Six days of missing, does Asie still remember us?

“Still no sign of trails, of any life. Just that god awful mist that soaks us in minutes.” Søren drew me out of my writing

“Have we found the source of the noise?”

“Don’t get me started on the noise. No logical source and the headaches…” He called out to me from the entrance of the cabin, gripping his forehead in a grimace.

“I’ll let Jens know, what progress have we made into the jungle?” My voice rose slightly with hope “Any sign of Asie?”

“Extra camp has been set up, as far as Asie, it’s like she didn’t exist.” He nodded off to me, shovel on his shoulder recalling like a homeless child with a sack on his back. The mist imbibed him and all that he was, leaving me staring with hopeless and a growing grip of distaste at my notebook. I cursed the pages upon pages of failed love letters to Asie and  information to Jens for starting this mission. The humidity worked with its fellow friend emotion to choke me and drown me. Jens just had to start this mission, cheers and cheers from our soldiers and we paved the path of the new land, new Danish territory. And now that Asie has been stolen from us, from me, and the dangers are impeding on us, the elephant that this is unsuccessful is growing and will soon trample us all. Losing Asie and millions of resources all in vain.

I crunched my teeth together, my temper finally strangling my stomach with enchanting hands. I slapped my notebook off my desk, cursing Jens and his idiotic, entitled plans. The book and the contents inside splayed out on the ground like a puddle of paper, leaving me a trace of satisfaction. I sank down to my knees, temper simmering and ideas starting to seep in and take its place. I read the love letters that were at my knees, love letters that Asie may never get to read.

Where is she” I repeated this same line to myself over and over, to the point of mental sickness. That same thought faded in and out, as if I was falling into a trance. I rose off my knees and walked. Walked aimlessly, a curious chameleon into a world that I did not make nor had any intent of staying in without Asie. I wasn’t aware of the time that I had spent writing to Jens, all of the workers had retired back to their cabins and teepees. I swallowed up wet, fresh air and followed a voice that sounded remarkably like Asie’s. Was it? Was it a hallucination? My entranced mind allowed me no answers, other than forward.

The now black sky still had a thick layer of ill pewter green lathered childishly on it, making the hoards of astronium trees look like hollowed, dead bodies. They invited me full heartedly despite their appearance and so I continued. I resonated with what I felt the trees were experiencing and I found myself calling out to her.

Miles, minutes, feet, or years into this trail I had no clue. The trail itself had seemingly died and my feet were imprinting my own trail on rich soil. The entire world around me radiated with a magic that took the fear out of the dark that shrouded most of my surroundings. The mist that I thought menacing at first, then comforted me. It hugged me, and transformed the sounds of wildlife to the same shriek that I had heard earlier in my weeks here.

What confused me was the fact that the shriek was not longer a shriek, but more transformed. A haunting, beautiful, almost swan like chorus of noises and voices I had never heard rang around me. I sank to my knees, absorbing the “song” as I fell to my knees.

Around me humans rose from the dirt, just figures sheathed in jungle gloom, only their faces making themselves available to my eyes. Black and white straw faces, almost a tiki, my mind registering where the chorus of inviting music was from. And at the center of it all, lulling my weak, knee standing body in was Asie herself, illuminated in that same magic that floated protected me on my tranced walk here.

“We have a lot to speak about” She wiped her hand across my forehead and I was gone.



“Now the target, Asie, is gone we are able to enact stage two of the plan. Her family is funneling in the fortune of their daughter because of my convincing she is dead. We have a false charity vamped into our pockets promising them that we are still looking for her. Our armies are occupied, with seeds planted deep guiding them into their death.” He paused, handing a small velvet fabric, green box to a man behind him. Even to the participants in Jen’s plan, the man, Dennis chilled them.

“The fourteenth?” Dennis’s voice was low and glum that left the men in the room silenced.

“Final phase, the suicide” He chuckled when he said suicide in a sadistic way. “Will be the way we will funnel their fake wills into our pockets. We will proceed with the commemoration parade and our community will praise our party, sealing our spot in the years to come. The next election… IS OURS.” His voice resounded in a grandiose apparition, leaving the president’s hall cheering.



The back of my eyelids were replaced by the pewter crest of trees overhead. Though I was dirty from Asie’s hands leaving me peacefully on the dirt, I wasn’t bothered.

“I know you have a lot of questions, go”

“What’s happening” I croaked out this vague question with multiple points in mind. Who were those things that surrounded her and what was the noise they were making? I remembered them fondly but so much was left unexplained.

“They were my actual family. Those beings are the Bruti tribe” my face contorted in confusion. I remember dropping holiday gifts off at her family’s house in Denmark. I had vivid recollection of love drunk drool falling out of my face of flæsketeg during work weekends.

“Then who are th…”

“A surrogate family that are moles in Jens’ expansion hoax.” I slapped the dirt that cradled me.

“Hoax?!” My voice was trembling from backed up frustration. All my time had been wasted on a hoax. This realization had overwhelmed me to the point of nausea.

“Jens wants me dead, and as far as he knows, I am. The expansion for Danish resources was just a way to get me away from Denmark. If i’m dead, my parents will be persuaded to fund this project to search for me, and the money will be rerouted to the government’s bank and ultimately their pockets. Knowing the Bruti could protect and harbor me, my surrogate family insisted to Jens to send me here. I mean look at it, it’s a damn jungle.” I was crushing dirt into my cheeks out of anger. This entire fishy, operation was so obvious and I walked into it like a blinded animal. I sought solutions in her.

“So… I booked it out of the service camp where we were, and ran into the forest leaving fake blood stains.” Her chuckles were confident.

“And the prisoners were stupid enough to believe it?” A stupid question.

“You’ve met Edvard haven’t you. You don’t have to have even half a brain to be the head of military forces.” We laughed heartily at lack of education in the military service of Denmark, soothing the simmering anger in my belly.

“You know Jens really is one conniving son of a gun.” She tilted her head in a sarcastic notion.

“Ah but so are the me and the Bruti” Her smile was wicked, and almost frightening. She brought up her hand to my face as if she was showing me a cupped butterfly and within her palm a flickering blue flame was going. The surroundings drained of color until all that was around was vapid blackness and the flame danced. It painted elegant pictures of the beings that I witness last night fighting Danish soldiers from times long before me..

“This is personal isn’t it?”

“More than you could imagine. The Bruti were in the land before the nation was even discovered. Imagine the native americans but more advanced. To avoid the loss of my ancestors and the Danish discovery of the powers that run in my blood  they avoided the fighting and fled to the amazon. Uniting with the other Bruti tribes, they formed one near nation on this land.”



Asie’s surrogate family sat with Søren in a dim room, the only lighting illuminating the aged oak that søren’s hand rested on. He spoked in a smooth whisper into the flame

“In three days a man named Dennis will be here to kill your parents, framing it as a suicide. I need you here to broadcast it to the rest of Denmark.” The flame rose and contorted itself from a ball to a trail of fire that poofed.



“What does he mean broadcast?”

All that Asie replied with was a smug smirk that was pointed down at another flame in her hand.

“Those are my fake parents that he plans to kill, the moles allowed us to hear the entire plan of killing them.”

I watched the flame within her hand flicker and grow in burning colors to soft shimmering hues, thousands of Danish faces gathered in the common grounds to watch was announced to them through Asie’s powers.

“All an elaborate ruse Asie?” I kissed her on the cheek, relishing in the horror of the citizen’s faces as they saw Dennis and Jens teasing Asie’s fake parents, unbeknownst to them. Dust appeared on the ground, following the footsteps of a sharp gun shot a rubber mask the only other remains. The color and spirit drained from their faces as the windows dropped to reveal the faces of the Danish populous, and Bruti hands gripped both of their shoulders.


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