Monologue 2 African Government Corruption

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Another Examination Monologue from 16-17 year olds for their grade 11 examination

Submitted: November 14, 2017

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Submitted: November 14, 2017



Monologue 2: Corruption

Edited by Miss Lea, Original Idea and Performance: Hlulani Zitha

I don’t see the biggest crimes in our country as being committed by the people rammed into our overcrowded prisons, or the petty beggars trying to scrounge up some food. No, I see the biggest crimes in our country as being committed by those with the most power. I believe their crimes to be theft in the highest order. They openly steal from the very voters who gave them their power in the first place. They use tax money for blue light brigades, fancy houses, and fancy restaurants, jets and branded label clothing and then go and lift tax amounts to get even more out of those who have so very little.

The people we put in power are supposed to lead by example; but all they have shown us is that they are the scum of the earth, low life scoundrels who crawl out of their holes at voting time to deceive more uneducated people into voting for them. They put on fake smiles and give fake promises in the hopes of lining their pockets some more. They are the worst thieves, driven by power and greed.

The hypocrisy makes me angry as these higher-order, accepted thieves, who act like Biblical snakes with their deception, speak about cleaning up the low life criminals. The ones who are trying to feed themselves through petty crimes, trying to survive daily. Instead of speaking down to those who have nothing, maybe the greedy, power-hungry government members should visit my school. I teach learners who have to walk kilometres without shoes and take rides in dangerous open bakkies, who have no books, no proper toilets, who sit with 4 to one desk and one textbook, if they are lucky.

No, the government members won’t be visiting my school or helping my learners, because all their children go to private schools. The best schools in the country, by way of a hired chauffer. They won’t be visiting me to find out that my kids go to an affordable school, but on my salary I can’t afford all that is needed, so I have taken from the school funds to provide for my children, for their school uniforms and school shoes and books and food. I am a thief too. At first I battled to deal with my guilt, but now I see what my government do and how they can get away with fraud and corruption, and I think I should too, because at least my wrongs are being done for the right reasons.

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