Monologue 4 African Government Corruption

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South African teenagers monologue for examination purposes - workshopped theatre - protest theatre

Submitted: November 14, 2017

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Submitted: November 14, 2017



Edited by Miss Lea, Original Idea and Performance: Thando Ndlovu

All that money and still, you won’t help us. You won’t help the people who need homes, fresh water, electricity, warmth, food and the basics; whilst you sit in fancy restaurants, drink imported water and live in homes twice the size of your families. You tell us you will provide, and none of us can see the provision, we see only the lies. We are amazed that with all your lies you are still not burning in hell. Tell me, does it surprise you? Or are you oblivious to your neglect of duty? Tell me Oh “Great Government”, how long will you continue to abuse your power? When will you tire of all your lies? How long will the people have to suffer?

Silence. No answers, no words. Your standard response to things that are important. You would rather feed hundreds at a political rally in one moment, than feed the starving millions. You would rather divert our attention to Universities that we will never attend, than answer our direct questions. Silence; the only way you converse.

In your silence I observe. I observe that the only things getting fat in this country are your pockets and your non-deserving families. I hate the inequality. I hate the selfishness. I hate the injustice. I hate how true justice is never served, as you only serve your guests with expensive gestures leaving the justice like wrapping paper cast to the side. Why? Why do you recoil from justice?


Silence again. No answers. Where are the answers? Why don’t you keep your word? Why is it that all you keep is to yourselves, blocked off behind blue lights, behind body guards and designer clothes. Oh Government, how long will your show go on?

I observe that your performance is showing me that behind the façade of elections sits a bunch of corporate gangsters sucking the tax out of the people and calling it “running a country”. Robbing the poor to give more to the rich, it is not how the story should go. Be careful Oh Government, for you will reap what you sow. 

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