Romance on Sea Beach

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Richa and Ratan have been working in the department of finance in a Cuban MNC, situated at Gurgaon. Richa shows high level of astuteness in professional as well as social interactions for her age
of 30 years. Emotional onslaughts of the world have largely contributed to this quality of hers. She has mastered the art of living with herself comfortably. Her hobby of writing poems nourishes
her inner being. In spite of their wide age difference, they fall in love since falling in love doesn’t require any specifications. They happen to go to Santiago de Cuba on an official visit. While
exploring the natural splendor of Siboney beach, they express their love for each other.

Submitted: November 14, 2017

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Submitted: November 14, 2017



Richa’s intercom buzzes up in her office chamber. She presses the button to switch it on and there is a male voice on the other end, asking her to come to his chamber. She leaves whatever she has been doing to go her boss. She enters his room with light steps without making a noise. As Ratan seems to be poring over some papers with rapt attention, he doesn’t notice her. She waits for some time for him to notice her but because of his total absorption in the papers, he fails to do so. She has to say - Good morning, Sir - to break his attention so as to notice her. Ratan asks her to take a seat.

Ratan Kapoor, who is the Chief Finance Manager of Indian branch of largest privately-held Liquor Company at Gurgaon, founded in Santiago de Cuba, has come across a financial irregularity in the company. He points it out to Richa Singh, who is Finance Manager of the company. After the discussion lasting for more than an hour, they both realize graveness of the situation. Ratan assigns her the task of delving deeper into the issue, cautioning her not to share it with anyone.

While leaving his chamber and carrying important paper files with her, she happens to drop a slip of paper from her hand book she had carried when entering the chamber. Ratan noticed it after she left and picked it up to give her later. Suddenly, he notices a beautiful poem written in her handwriting. It reads:

I like you ………..

You are my best friend,

You never leave me alone,

You are dependable,

I like you …………

You protect me,

You ensconce me,

You are dependable,

I like you …………

When you are with me,

I feel secure,

You are dependable,

I like you ……… my dearest friend – Sadness

At first Ratan feels guilty of reading someone else’s private writings but the poem moves him so much that he reads it a few times. It compels him to think more about Richa.

Ratan then requests Richa on intercom to come over. She expects that some point has been missed during discussion. But instead Ratan hands her over the piece of paper with her poem.

He asks her, “Richa, I am absolutely unaware of this talent of yours. It is a beautiful poem. Do you always write sad poems?”

She replies, “I try to pen down realities of life in poetry. Most of my poems are sad but I write whatever fascinates me.”

After she leaves, Ratan is astonished at her emotional maturity exhibited by her in social interactions at the age 30 years. He also likes her for her physically trim and fit looks besides her social gracefulness.

She feels happy at the appreciation expressed by Ratan when she is in her chamber. She is also all praises for Ratan for his astuteness in understanding financial matters and their implications. But she could sense many a time vast sadness underneath his congenial and pleasant demeanor. She also likes a habit in him, which is common to her as well, that he is a fitness buff like her. That is why, she thinks, Ratan is so physically trim and fit, and energetic at the age of 54 years.

Richa has been able to find out where the financial irregularity occurred and decides to brief up Ratan on it in his home after she has finished her morning jog. At first, she is reluctant to do so in her track suit as it will be against social etiquettes. As she wants to discuss it privately, she decides to go. She phones him to inform that she would like to come over for discussion. Ratan consents to discuss the issue at this time and waits for her to come.

She apologizes for barging in at this inopportune time to disturb as she just comes from jogging. But Ratan doesn’t mind as he himself comes to meet her in sweatshirt as he has been working out in the home gym. He offers her some coffee and they discuss the matter. After she leaves, he marvels at her mastery in financial matters.

Over time, Richa and Ratan develop a liking for each other and wish to be with each other as much as they can. After a couple of days, Ratan proposes a dinner date with her as he wants to know more about her. Richa happily accepts it.

While chitchatting about many trifle things, Ratan asks her about her family.

She tells, “My Mom and Dad died in a road accident 15 years ago. I was then studying in 10th standard and my sister in 8th standard. With great struggle, we both managed to finish our studies, using the financial assets left by our parents. I completed my M Com, while my younger sister completed her MBA Finance. She left to Canada after her MBA where she is employed lucratively.”

Ratan again asks, “Then you must have visited Canada. Did you like it because it is a country which many people like to migrate to?”

Richa replies, “No, I haven’t visited because my sister broke contact with me after going there. I don’t know the reason. I did try to find out many a time but she always avoided to answer. Finally, I gave up hoping that our relations might get better over time. I don’t harbor any ill-feelings against her.” 

He expresses surprise and says, “But you had brought her up like a mother. You suffered a lot on account of her.”

She agrees and says, “True but we don’t know what the life has in store for us.”

She asks him to tell something about himself. As Ratan has developed liking for her, he doesn’t hesitate and reveals to her, “I was married and had a lovely daughter. But on an ill-fated day, they died in a road accident when they were in London 14 years back. I was completely devastated and it took some years for me to overcome emotional turmoil and vacuum they both had left in my life. After joining this company ten years ago, I immersed myself deeply into work to overcome my irreparable loss and have succeeded to a large extent. Still at times their memories disturb me emotionally. Richa, I want to tell you that your presence lifts up my spirits.”

Richa takes a deep sigh and says, “Ratan, I have also undergone the same and, therefore, understand your predicament. Sometimes I could see pain in your eyes but didn’t have nerve to ask you. I have also developed liking for you. I feel elated in your company.”

Ratan speaks up with excitement, “Richa, during the exchange of our personal woes, I forgot to tell you that we both can to go to Santiago de Cuba on an official visit if you agree to it. I have an invitation to the company’s important meeting regarding important financial matters of their Indian subsidiary. If you accompany me, you can really help me in discussions.”

Richa didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit such an exotic place along with Ratan. So, she readily consented to accompany him.

Ratan can’t hide his pleasure as she agrees to accompany him and says, “Richa, there are some exotic sea beaches near city of Santiago famous for their scenic beauty. We will explore together their natural splendor.”

They both look forward to visiting Santiago and its picturesque sea beaches.

At Santiago de Cuba - 

Richa and Ratan check in separate rooms in a five star hotel after landing at Santiago early in the morning. They take some rest to get rid of tiredness of air travel and then freshen themselves up to get ready for the breakfast. They have official meetings daily for three consecutive days in the morning but they are free in the evenings. Therefore, they can explore the city and nearby places in evenings.

Today, they attend meetings whole morning, which exhaust them thoroughly. Then after meetings, they decide to go around the city to explore some places of interest. They walk around some market places and then go to a Mall, where they roam around till 9.00 PM. They have dinner at a nice place in the Mall. While going back to the hotel, they make a plan to visit Siboney Beach tomorrow evening.

They go to their respective rooms to enjoy sleep since they are tired to the bone. Ratan doesn’t forget to take a night cap of his favorite Martini before jumping into the bed. And off they go to their lands of dreams.

Next evening, they are on the beach walking with their trousers folded up and kicking the sand with their feet. The sunset in the West has cast its yellow orange streams of light waving over the surface of ocean water.

Suddenly, Ratan says, “I love you Richa, I love you Richa.”

She immediately responds as if expecting it, “I love you too, Ratan.”

Reflexively, they turn towards each other and their lips meet, holding each other tight in their embrace and silhouettes merging together in the light of sinking yellow-orange orb of sun. They disengage after some time and keep walking. Spotting a big round rock in a secluded area, Ratan sits on it pulling Richa onto his lap. Nestling her in his arms, he begins to implant kisses and Richa responds with equal fervor. They pamper each other with deep and lingering kisses. Richa suddenly disengages and asks to go back.

Filled with love for each other, they walk back in exhilaration, holding hands. On reaching hotel, they to go to their respective rooms, promising to meet after one and a half hours in the lobby on the ground floor.

Ratan comes downstairs early and waits for Richa. When he sees her coming downstairs clad in a beautiful pink sari, he is mesmerized by her charisma radiating all around.

He gets up, giving her best of his smile and Richa offers him a piece of paper with a dark red carnation pinned to it.

Both head towards the restaurant. They sit at the table especially reserved for them. Ratan unfolds the paper and finds a romantic poem on it that reads:

I will never forget …….

Breaths warming each other,

Lips touching together,

Tongues waltzing together,

I will never forget …….

Silhouettes merging against sunset with each other,

Bodies melting together,

Emotions surging up together,

I will never forget …….

Ratan is so moved by it that he lovingly holds her hands and says, “I promise that I will always keep romance alive in our married life.”

Richa is impressed and says, “Ratan, do you know why romance is so beautiful? It’s because the lovers only love but don’t expect anything in return. When they begin to expect anything in return, romance starts disappearing from their life.”

Ratan says, “I am so proud of choosing you as a life partner. Thanks for making me understand what real romance is.”

Ratan prefers to go for some champagne to celebrate their love and Richa agrees. He orders for a bottle of Bacardi Champagne and two glasses, which they slowly drink relishing every sip. Then they decide to try out some popular Cuban cuisine.


© Copyright 2020 Dr. Pran Rangan. All rights reserved.

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