The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Seven

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Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic
schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but
the beginning.

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger

Book Seven

Script by Colin J Platt

Copyright Colin J Platt 2016

Please be aware that this is part five of an ongoing script; to get the full story please read books one to Six first.

 Please be aware that this script has adult content.

Mal and Loll is the same person; born in a man’s body, but always struggling to accept things as they are. Mal pushes herself to the fore and Loll has to take second place in a life of manic schizophrenia and bizarre circumstances. Mal gets cancer but decides to fight to the bitter end with anybody and anything which stands in the way of her pleasure; trouble is it’s not the end but the beginning.


Scene one: WPO Base

Mal is preparing to lift 1,500 pounds in a deadlift to see who the stronger person is; Mark has already lifted it and is smiling even though Mal broke his fingers. The robot is standing in front of Mal to help her just in case she fails. Freda is smiling and looking at the robot in anticipation. Mal bends down and grabs the bar and lifts; she not only deadlifts it but she heaves the bar up to her chest and throws it at the robot who has shot Mal with a needle gun, Mal stumbles forward and falls on the bar which has crushed the robot; Mal breaths heavily for a few seconds and then suddenly stops breathing. Freda pretends to be shocked and calls for an emergency team of medics; they put Mal on a stretcher and hurry away.

Freda: I am in shock! I can’t think how this happened; the robot that shot Mal was checked out only a short time ago!

WPO team member: There should be a stage one investigation, Deputy Freda; you can expect such a thing from an android but not a robot!

Freda: When I am Chief Coordinator I will implement a full scale review of security. Poor Mal, she had only been with us a few days; I’m being told that it was a poison needle gun; we all know what that means!

Mark: I can’t understand how she managed to lift the bar so high and then heave it! It doesn’t seem possible but we all saw it.

Freda: We will never know now. No one survives a shot from a poison gun.

Freda is receiving information from her source on the astral plane, but Mal and Loll have access to a higher region and so they know all about Freda’s little plan to take charge of the WPO. Mal is in the surgery and simply left to herself as the medical team knows there is little hope of any recovery; there is no antidote and the poison is reported to be an alien substance.

Mal: (Thought message to Loll) Loll, how long do I have to lie here?

Loll: Relax, Mal, you have been classified dead, you have no heartbeat and no breath, but we know that your body is now starting to rejuvenate. In less than two hours Ryon and his team will have gained access to all the dark agent androids and their robots plus Freda!

Mal: I hope this doesn’t affect my sex drive again?

Loll: When you threw that weight I felt proud, Mal. Mark is still in awe.

Mal: I could have thrown it with one arm, Loll.

Loll: Strong women turn me on, Mal; I always liked that in you.

Mal: I couldn’t be stronger than I am; I’m afraid my bones will break.

Loll: I will be here to tell you when that might happen.

Mal: You trustworthy, sentimental, romantic, lovable old fart! Write this poem down, Loll, it’s called

Show of Splendor: Sitting on a riverbank minding its own business

 Looking very pretty in its summer dress of symmetry
Catching my eye with its golden petalled blossom

 Nodding very happily among the coronopus
Putting on a show of splendor just for me
How can I not love this simple gesture?
God in his wisdom great and fearful

created this perfect little plant to make the world more joyful.

Loll: You are a wonder, Mal; you are getting very philosophical in your old age.

Mal: I want to be more like you, Loll; I have been a tramp long enough, now might be the time to change, although I will miss certain things.

Loll: You can wait a while longer, Mal, you are only in the beginning stage yet. We are being invited to listen in to Freda’s conversation, Mal; I think you will find it interesting.

Freda: (about to start the meeting of her cohorts). We have information that Mal is dead and won’t interfere in our future operations, I was a little worried that the poison gun wouldn’t work on her new body, but rest assured it has. I will now initiate the next phase of our plan. Ryon is about to retire; he is the only obstacle to our success, he is now fully compliant due to the drug which we secreted into his system. Our secret staff on the Astral Plane has been very successful, no one can possibly know anything about our plans, and this base is now ultra-safe as far as any listening devices or cameras are concerned. Our little team will now start to reap the benefits of our efforts. I have been told that in Asia, Europe, South America and virtually every city in the world has been infiltrated with our androids and robots.

Team member two: What about the Super H plan?

Freda: The Super H plan will go ahead in the next few days; a team of our androids and robots will fly a small jet plane packed with the new High-Xtra compound into the United Nations building and with the explosives which will already be planted around the conference hall, the combined effect will totally destroy everything within two miles. All the leaders will be gotten rid of and we can then start to build a new World Government to our specifications.

Loll: Well, Mal, what do you think of that?

Mal: It is utterly fantastic! Who the hell does she think she is?

Loll: She thinks she is the next ‘World Leader’.

Mal: I hope I can be the one to crush her ‘little plan’.

Loll: You will Mal. A meeting in the dream worlds is about to take place in the next few minutes, so please follow me to the Astral Plane and we will take our place, don’t worry about your body; it will be ready to slip into in half an hour when we return.

Scene two Dream Worlds:

Mal and Loll dream travel to the Astral Plane to meet up with a special team coworkers who are about to start the meeting. A Higher Coordinator called Glynfed calls the meeting to order.

Glynfed: This meeting is an emergency class one, and cannot be delayed, our colleague Ryon has fully complied with our plans and it is now time to set the ball rolling, so to speak. I will give way to our colleague, Caisor in a short time, but I have to say that Ryon has not been influenced by the drug that Freda and her team tried to give him; it is only through the acting ability of Ryon that we were able to gain most of the information that we now have plus the amazing abilities of Mal and Loll. I would just like to say that we are pleased to welcome them to our team; perhaps Mal or Loll would like to say something to us?

Mal: I just want to say that Loll is the one who deserves any credit for any good we have done; he is a true friend; I would be nothing but for him. I am, and have always been a tramp; I can’t help it, I was born that way, I am trying to change though.

Loll: We are together for life and beyond; I wouldn’t want to get away from her even if I could.

Glynfed: The two of you will be invaluable to us in the upcoming struggle, please take our blessings with you. My colleague Caisor wants to break in here.

Caisor: I wonder if Mal and Loll would be willing to go to the planet Fedrel to help with the trouble there.

Glynfed: I feel that it is not time to bring this up just now; we have enough trouble with Earths problems at the moment, but maybe Loll could think on it and maybe take a little look into the light book.

Loll: We will certainly think about it.

Glynfed: Very good, now please go back and follow the Information Thought Wave as we monitor the situation.

Scene Three WPO base:

Loll: I bet that shook you up, Mal.

Mal: Going to Fedrel certainly did. How would we get there?

Loll: We would use the Underground Space Base.

Mal: What is the light book?

Loll: It is a source of information which will help us to gain knowledge for some of the jobs that we will be encountering.

Mal: You mean I could learn to be a pilot or doctor from looking into it?

Loll: Yes, but I suspect that you will be sought after for your skill as a fighter; you will be able to upgrade yourself. OK, you are now able to enter your body as it has renewed itself; you are completely healed.

Mal: I can’t believe this! It seems as though I am about to begin something that I won’t be able to handle, I feel scared.

Loll: Don’t worry, Mal, I am here.

Ryon and four teams of coworkers are now beginning to gather at the social hall. They have been able to bypass Freda’s security network and will make their way to various places within the complex to arrest her and her accomplices. Loll and Mal have been informed to meet them at Freda’s office; Ryon is waiting at the door with his team.

Ryon: Mal, please be aware that Mark might use his strength to protect Freda, I don’t want to shoot him with the needle gun, but we may have to; I will go in first, I want to see her reaction. Ryon gives the word, and the team uses a device which bypasses the security on the door; it opens and Ryon walks in first. Freda looks up in surprise.

Freda: Ryon, how did you get it? Is there something wrong with the security on the door?

Ryon: No, I just bypassed it.

Freda: How is it possible? You are supposed to be-I mean, you are now in semi-retirement.

Ryon: I am here to inform you that you have been found out; and you will now be arrested. Mark, I advise you to stand back and comply. Loll knows that Mark will fight and informs Mal to enter the room quickly. Mal walks in and stands at the door.

Freda: How is it possible? I know you were shot with the needle gun, I personally oversaw it!

Mal: I guess I am immune.

Mark lunges at Mal and they crash against the door damaging it. Mark manages to get Mal in a bear hug and squeezes; Mal is lifted off the floor. Freda fumbles in her drawer and brings out a needle gun; she quickly shoots herself in the chest. Mark doesn’t see this but continues to squeeze. Mal knows what has happened.

Mal: Mark, give it up, Freda is dead.

Mark looks around and sees Freda on the floor. Mark releases Mal and quickly scoops Freda up.

Mark: I knew this would happen, I told her she was going too fast; I wanted her to be a normal everyday girl, but she wanted the power! I just wanted her to be my wife! (Mark looks at Mal) I guess I wanted her to be something like Mal, but she was the deep thinking one, and I was the trampy one. Mark starts to cry.

Ryon: Mark, you can still remain on the team; you are welcome to be upgraded with the Light Book.

Mark: I don’t think so; I’ll probably take the memory blocker, and retire.

Mal: I would be proud to work with you, Mark.

Mark: Thanks, but what would I do? I’m just a heavy who takes orders, I couldn’t even protect Freda!

I can see Mal is the new Super-Agent. My squeeze didn’t even affect her; it would have killed anybody else.

Ryon: Mal is a one-off, Mark; she has been specially chosen for her natural strength, you also have this ability; think about it and rest.

The team moves to the community room to reassemble.

Ryon: I should have known that Freda would suicide, but I didn’t!

Loll: It was her choice; she would have done it later anyway. She will be assessed on the astral plane.

Ryon: Yes, life goes on, all we can do is our best. The other teams have secured the base apart from underground level eight; it is the entrance to the pressure shuttle tube which we use to access the Space Base, it has been locked down and is being held by one of Freda’s team of androids and robots. I am being told that if we don’t comply with their wishes they will blow up the shuttle tube and destroy the space base! I can’t understand how they managed to anticipate our actions.

 Loll: They were able to log into your messages on the astral plane, your source of information is now compromised. I will contact my source and tell them to upgrade your source.

Ryon: If you knew this was going to happen why didn’t you inform me?

Loll: I was told not to, it is the higher sources way of trapping the dark agents on the astral plane; we will have to adjourn to a secure room to assess the situation.

Mal/ Loll and Ryon go to the High Secure Room to plan the next step in the operation.

Loll: Ryon, you are to be upgraded; I have been informed that you will be given the job of Higher Coordinator of the WPO, but with a new source; this source is linked into the higher regions and can’t be compromised.

Ryon: Why didn’t they trust me? I can’t understand!

Loll: It is not a matter of trust; it is just a way of finding the agents. Mal and I are to make our way to the underground level eight and deal with the agents down there.

Ryon: How are you to get near? They have the new High-Gaze cameras there, plus intensified listening devices.

Loll: There is a new material in storeroom twelve; it is called Zyclon Web; it will conceal Mal.

Ryon: It is only a trial batch! It didn’t pass the test to be approved.

Loll: I have been told how to improve it; please give the order to have it sent to lab room three.

Now let us make our way to the Lightbook; Mal and I will be given special knowledge of concealment and tactics, while Ryon will be given higher supervisory training.

Mal Loll and Ryon make their way to the light book room. It is plain and surprisingly empty apart from a Lectern and book; Mal stands in front of it and is told to simply look into it. The room darkens and the book starts to glow. Loll concentrates on the subjects to be learned and Mal says she is feeling lightheaded. Loll informs her to relax and three minutes later Mal is told to move away.

Mal: I feel different; thoughts keep appearing in my mind! I see millions of lights as if on a computer screen.

Loll: Don’t worry; they will fade in a short time.

Ryon moves to the book and holds the lectern while looking down. Three minutes later he is moving away and holding his head.

Ryon: I feel strangely calm.

Loll: You have been given a confidence boost; it is to counteract the drugs which were given to you by Freda’s team. Let us move to the lab and check out the Zyclon Web.

Mal/ Loll and Ryon move to the lab.

Loll: (speaking to the android lab technician) put it in the fabrication machine.

Ryon; The Fabrication machine is out of bounds! It is dangerous; two people were killed not long ago.

Loll: I know, but one of our robots managed to fix it; it had been sabotaged to gain access to its secret alien interior by Freda’s team.

Ryon: I am now beginning to appreciate your knowledge, Loll.

Loll: You will have the same knowledge in a short time.

The material in the machine will not only be increased in size, but it will gain more of its qualities for concealment; not only in sight but in sound. The team will make a suit for Mal to wear plus a head cover, she will look something like Spiderman, I suppose.

Mal: I know this is not the time, but I have a new poem, Loll, remember it, it is called

Onwards to Victory:

I was a tramp

I’m now a champ

Gone are my wayward ways

Here are my future days

Fighting the underworld

Reaching for the higher worlds

Unseen by the bad guys

Even by the spy fly

My world is in peril

By people like the devil

I will stand and not retreat

I will not accept defeat

Onwards to victory

Loll: Very good, Mal, I will place it in the records.

The suit is made in a short time and Mal is asked to go into the next room to try it on. Mal puts it on and goes back into the lab.

Mal: I don’t like the color and the face mask is annoying, but the fit is OK.

Loll: Mal look into this full length mirror, and I will link into the astral plane, and also concentrate on you.

Mal begins to fade.

Loll: Mal, you have to concentrate also.

Three seconds later Mal is invisible.

Ryon: The effect is very good; I can’t detect any sign of Mal.

Loll: Mal, move around the room and scrape your feet on the floor and brush your hands on the counter.

Ryon: Still no sign!

Mal lifts a coffee cup up and moves it about.

Loll: Good, Mal, not even a shadow! OK you can take off your hood now.

Mal’s head appears from nowhere.

Mal: I have to be careful when reaching for the cup as I can’t see my hand.

Loll: Yes, you will get used to it though.

Mal: What about my gun?

Ryon: You can use one of our laser guns, they are equally as deadly but can also be used to stun; you can use a belt and holster made of the same material as the suit.

Loll: Mal, do you want to rest up for a while or do you want to carry on to the underground shuttle?

Mal: I want to shower and freshen up even though I don’t need it; I want to feel normal for a while.

Mal and Loll move to her room for a short time.

Loll: You looked amazing in that suit, Mal.

Mal: Thanks, but I felt like a ghost.

Loll: You will get used to it, all this stuff has only recently happened, it’s a wonder you’re not mad.

Mal: I think I am mad in a way, or maybe it’s all a dream?

Loll: It’s no dream, but I will say this, whatever happens we are in it together.

Mal: Yes, Loll always together. I just want to shower and freshen up; I’ll be back in a short time.

Mal moves to the bathroom and as she is about to enter the cubicle, she suddenly notices the mirror  with horror, and sees that she has no reflection, she shrieks, rushes out and jumps on the bed and covers herself up.

Loll: What’s wrong, Mal? Oh, sorry, Mal, I forgot to tell you about the reflection, I’m sorry, baby.

Mal: Hell, I nearly shit myself.

Loll: I’m getting too involved with the running of the place that I forget my darling wife.

Mal: Tell me how it happened!

Loll: The suit caused it; it is an alien substance which isn’t subject to this planet or even galaxy.

Mal: Will it wear off?

Loll: Yes, in time.

Mal: In time! How long?

Loll: Well, you have to put it on again in a short time, so I can’t know just yet, but I would guess a few hours.

Mal: So I have to walk around like Dracula for now?

Loll: Mal, please relax, it’s nothing, I can see you.

Mal: It’s creepy, I feel itchy and hot when I have the suit on.

Loll: You will get used to it, Mal. Please think of the main goal of all this; you will be saving the world from a fate worse than death. There are still forces out there who want to replace humans with androids and robots! I have been told that if we don’t work fast we will be overtaken in five years. Aliens are getting ready to invade, Mal, I didn’t want to involve you too much in this stuff, but maybe now is the time.

Mal: What, aliens from where?

Loll: You don’t need to know that, all you need know is that we have to move fast. Ryon is gathering information right now; he will call a meeting shortly, so we have to get going. Put the suit on and get ready; they brought a laser gun belt and holster also, the gun is made of the same material so it will be invisible too. Hurry, Mal, let’s go. 

Mal puts the suit on and follows Loll out; they arrive at the underground level eight shuttle tube access point. Loll informs Ryon by thought that Mal is about to start the operation.

Mal: What about the invisible laser beams? Will they not find me out?

Loll: They will hit you and be directed to the original point as though they went through you, don’t worry, we will do this together, just make your way to the actual shuttle bay and take a look around.

Mal walks silently over to the shuttle bay and sees three robots and two androids waiting in seclusion; she notices magnetic fracture bombs planted above the entrance to the pressure tube. Mal can see the detonator hand switches being held by the androids.

Loll: You will have to stun the android in the rear first, Mal, and kill or destroy the robots lastly as they have no switches, but they will try to manually detonate the bombs.

Mal: I hope I get this right!

Mal takes out her gun and checks that it is on stun, and then silently puts the gun behind android ones neck and pulls the trigger; he collapses in a heap with little noise. Mal then makes her way over to android two who is about to speak to android three. Mal shoots him in the neck while snatching the switch out of android threes hand, Mal shoots him in the chest. The robots are about to reach for the bombs when Mal shoots them in kill mode; they explode in fire, but it is no danger to the operation. The tunnel is safe at this point. Ryon and his team are making their way to Mal.

Loll: You did well, Mal, it was surprisingly easy, eh?

Mal: Too easy, I feel exhilarated but calm.

Loll: I said you would.

Ryon arrives with his team.

Ryon: Well done Mal and Loll. We can now talk in thought mode, I have been given the same qualities as you, as regards that, and we are totally secure. We have information that dark agents have infiltrated the space base, but the tunnel is clear apart from the access point in the base. We can travel there buy air shuttle, which is being prepared in the outside aerodrome. Perhaps Mal will want to change her clothes; I brought the suit which Loll asked me to treat in the fabrication machine, plus the shoes and other things.

Mal: Why should they have to be treated?

Loll: It is to do with the Zyclon Web, just go over to the storeroom over there and change; you will be a little surprised at your appearance, Mal, don’t be angry, the condition will only be temporary.

Mal: What condition?

Loll: Parts of your body will still be invisible.

Mal: What?

Loll: You are now the only person in the world who will have this power; your body is the only one which is suitable for this treatment, you will be applauded in the Higher Regions!

Mal: and I will be a freak in this region! Why didn’t you tell me before about this?

Loll: I was informed not to; I am your source, I am also your partner. You are the Lower Source and I am the Higher; we are one. Do not fret; the condition will wear off in a few hours.

Mal walks to the storeroom with her head down, she strips off and can see parts of her body are invisible, and other parts are glowing and fading. There is no mirror in the room and Mal wonders if her face has been affected, Loll tells her that her left cheek and ear are slightly invisible. She dresses and moves back to Ryon feeling abnormal.

Ryon: I can see you are affected by this, Mal. I just want to say that you are a special person; you were an ordinary person a short while ago, but now you are someone who can change the world for the better. Aliens are even now on their way here! The Zyclon Web is their creation and they will use it to conceal themselves when they get here; their ships will be covered in it and they will have suits just like you! Can you imagine what that would mean? Androids and robots are planted around the world by alien sources; we thought they were our creation, but we were wrong! I can now log into the Higher Regions as Loll said I would; and I can now see the incredible truth of what we were getting ourselves into. We have only several days to secure the Space Base and gain access to our ships, which have been designed by Alien sources for their invasion once they get here!

Mal: I am utterly floored by this information!

Loll: I know, baby, I didn’t want to tell you just yet, but we haven’t got the time now to mess around.

Mal: What about the aliens? Will they not know about me? If they have the Zyclon Web surely they will spot me straight away?

Ryon: No, that is the thing; they have no conception of an Earthling having the same DNA or attributes that they have. That is to our advantage and with our thought transfer bypassing the Earth Plane; they won’t be able to intercept it.

Mal: So, Aliens are the real threat, and the androids and robots were created by the aliens, and the WPO was infiltrated by them?

Ryon: No, the Aliens created the WPO! The actual meeting with you and Loll was the starting point to our fighting back; Loll was able to gain access to the Higher Astral region where we managed to see clearly what had taken place. Can you see now how important you are?

Mal: I am starting to realize how big this thing is. I feel small, and insignificant; how can I manage to fight this? I was only a small minded trampy thing before, but now I don’t know what the hell I am. I could handle the big bully type of person before OK, but this!

Loll: You are a Super-Agent! You will succeed! Ryon wants us to take another look into the lightbook; we can only look into it in stages; this time you will be given special training from the inner regions about Alien defense tactics and fighting techniques, also you will be given a confidence boost.

Mal: I’m going to finish up an Alien, I know it.

Loll: You won’t think like that later, let’s go.

Scene Four Lightbook Room:

Mal is apprehensive and stands at the door.

Loll: Mal, what’s wrong?

Mal: I feel I need to rest! I thought I would feel great; why should I have any doubts?

Loll: You will feel good in a short time; it is your old self that is rebelling against this ‘New You.’

Mal: What happened to my life? I was a dirty little tramp and I was OK with it; now I am some sort of super-agent and I am perplexed.

Ryon: Can I just say that I was the same, Mal; I was an ordinary man who wanted an ordinary life; I had a wife and child and everything else that an ordinary man wants, and then my life fell apart; my wife and son were involved in a nightmare of an incident where they were kidnapped and held by androids who were alien accomplices; I was informed that if I wanted to see them again I would have to join an organization which would save the world from an Alien Invasion! I didn’t know at the time that the WPO was an Alien organization.  They said I had the correct Brain Wave and DNA; they were right there, but now thanks to you and Loll we are working for the good guys.

Mal: What about you wife and child?

Ryon: My wife and son were treated with a memory blocker and are now living in Chicago, she got married again to a nice man and my son is an officer in the Army.

Mal: What about you? How do you feel?

Ryon: I was treated with the memory blocker; but now I am back to normal, so to speak, I thank God for the Lightbook, Mal; it gave me reason to live again.

Mal: (looking at Ryon with compassion) OK, let’s get this show on the road! One question though, who made the Lightbook, Humans or Aliens?

Ryon: It was a bit of both; but Aliens thought that they would be able to control it; robots and the Super Computer at the MIB HQ oversaw the first stage of the procedure and androids then took over, fortunately we were able to gain access to it and now we have it linked into the Astral Plane Higher Region; the turning point was when you Loll destroyed the Computer a short while ago.

Loll: This is the beginning of the end for the Alien invasion, Mal; you and I will infiltrate their lair and destroy it.

Mal: Do you mean that the Space base is the Alien HQ?

Ryon: Yes, but we want to save the ships that are there. We have teams of androids and robots already trained in Alien ship technology. The invasion fleet that is on its way is mostly made up of large ships with Robot pilots and Robot soldiers; the Aliens are no match for humans as far as physical strength goes, but they don’t need to be as they have untold numbers of robots; they intend to gain access to the base and log into our system; they think they will be able to control everything, but we know different. All we want is one person to gain access to their ship.

Mal: Why can’t you gain access to it from the Astral Plane?

Loll: We can’t include the Higher Worlds in our plans; it wouldn’t be right; it is up to us to do it.

Mal: I am the strongest person on earth, I can’t be killed, I have all the training I need, but I feel apprehensive!

Ryon: That is natural, you are new to the job; you will feel better later, Loll tells me you always feel good when you are in tricky situations, yes?

Mal: I do, but I never dreamt I would be in this situation.

To be continued in The Rhyming Schizophrenic Avenger Book Eight.

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