Willy Shake rewrit

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Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Hell Yeah!

that's wot we need!

Othello as a bitch

A lesbian bitch

Lickin Desdemona out

tungin out that bitch

cos that's wot we need!

it's more alive!

for dem modern crowds!

tacklin all dem issues

that affect us all right?

gender ecwallity


Yeah! Yeah!

but don't stop there

amputee lesbian Othello!

wheelchair Othello!

Spastic Othello

black spastic Othello

whitey spastic Othello

No! cos Othello was black right?

don't change that bit!

that would be like just silly

wheelchair Romyo

played by a butch bitch

callin up to Julyet

played by transqueen

let's get refuckinwrit

all that classic shit

it's too borin innit

no meanin anymore

rip it all up

shit on it

it's English innit

and that's bollocks


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