Mommy Dearest

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My aunt died and my mom has been struggling, so I wanted to write something to lift her up!

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Mommy Dearest

 (In Memory of Aunt Pam)

Have you ever been running up steps…so many steps that it feels like each step is harder and harder to climb? Although... you never give up; you keep climbing even when your legs start to feel weak and as soon as you think you've made it to the top you miss a step and fall back down to the bottom. This is what it feels like when you lose a sibling; not an uncle, parent, or friend but your one and only sister.

My aunt died a few months ago and I've watched my mom run up these steps over and over again, making it all the way to the top, only to miss that “one step” every time and fall back to the bottom. She's so good at hiding it though. You'd never know she had fallen so many times and through all her pain, she keeps climbing. At first, I couldn't seem to figure out why she kept missing that one step but then I realized that "one step" symbolizes letting go. Of course, she doesn't want to let go of all her memories of Aunt Pam as if nothing ever happened. How could you expect anyone to do that? I just need her to know I don't expect that.

I remember I came home from school one night talking about college and how happy I was and she listened to every word as if she was just fine. Then, out of nowhere, she looked over at me and said, "I'm glad you came home when you did" and before I could even utter the word "why" she broke down and started crying. Usually, when someone starts crying you think their weak but right then I knew she wasn't weak. As I comforted her and told her everything would be alright I saw just how strong she was. I knew this because I, myself couldn't even hold back my tears to look strong for my mommy dearest (my hero).  It takes power and strength to hold back feelings that are tearing you apart inside; feelings so painful that only you can describe. And to finally let everything out because you know it's the only way to get past it, is pure ambition.

I admire my mom because even while she was crying on my shoulder she was still looking out for me telling me to love my siblings and to never hold on to resentment. At that moment she taught me that the only way to conquer that "one step" is to not be afraid to cry or express your feelings. She gave me strength, dignity, motivation and most importantly love. The type of love I can only get from my mommy dearest, A.KA. my hero

{Mom, I wrote this for you because I want you to know you don’t ever have to act like everything is okay around me because you’ll always be my hero no matter what you do. I love being just like you and wouldn’t ever want to be like anyone else. Aunt Pam & Uncle Terry will never be forgotten. I hope this makes you feel better and shows you how important you are to this world and your children. I love you, mommy!}

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