Baked with Love

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Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Onyx lives upstate New York. She was your ordinary 17-year-old girl, in high school, living in a two-parent household with a younger sibling. But that's where the similarities ended. 

It was Friday afternoon and Onyx was helping to close the bakery for the night. An elderly woman stood at the register waiting on her order. 

"Thanks, Onyx. Say hello to your father for me, okay?"

Onyx smiled and nodded at Mrs. Caldwell as she handed over the small box of carrot cake; her dad's specialty. Onyx loved working in the family business; especially since she was constantly surrounded by awesome pastries made from scratch within the small shop. Her two dads owned the bakery she worked in. It gave her great recognition in her high school career. She was also a total nerd but still quite the social butterfly all due to her best friend, Zayne McKinley. 

She sighed. 


She could never work up the courage to tell him how much she loved him. They had been best friends since their "diaper days". Never fell off. They also had some interesting encounters in the past that made Onyx think he liked her too. She remembered every place they had ever shared a special moment:

1. Joe's Pizza House, not too far from their current high school. The pizza there was to die for! It was their last year in junior high. All the kids would hang out there. It had been raining and the two got caught in it. To warm up, they decided to go in for a slice. They ended up talking for hours in a booth and he suddenly leaned over and kissed her. 
2. Behind their houses was a lake and one large willow tree. The two were about 8 years old at the time. They were laying under the willow when Zayne had asked Onyx to promise him that they would stay best friends forever. Instead of pinky promising, they sealed it with a kiss. 
3. And her personal favorite, in his basement during their traditional movie night. They were watching Pitch Perfect. Zayne started making silly comments about Fat Amy and Onyx tried to beat him up for it as a defender of all women. They ended up fighting and falling onto the floor with him on top of her. He looked at her with a strange expression before leaning in to kiss her hard. 

Onyx leaned against the glass counter wondering if there would ever come a time for her to find out if he liked her back. She started listing reasons for why he could possibly like her. Unfortunately, the first thing that came to mind was a small unnerving detail. Zayne was a player: who was also on and off with Veronica Maize, the Queen Bitch of Elton High for 3 years now. He was basically making the poor girl think he was hers. Upon remembering, Onyx shook the facts away as she pulled her curls up into a messy ponytail when she was grabbed, roughly from behind. 

She screamed as she turned. Laughter erupted in the bakery as he fell to the floor. 

"Your face! That was priceless". 

Zayne came over to the store, every day, at closing. 

Onyx tried to be angry as she controlled her breathing. But who could stay mad at such a beautiful face before her eyes? He wore a red and black, plaid shirt with faded black jeans, and timberlands. His sleek brown hair fell around his green eyes. She tried hard to look away but she just couldn't, using her "glare" as an excuse to stare. 

He finally stopped laughing and got up, pulling her in for a hug. 

"Give Zayne some sugar!"

"Jerk! I don't want to hug you." Onyx tried to pull away but he held on tighter. 
"I can't breathe, moron."

"My bad." Zayne immediately let go and Onyx missed the closeness instantly. He then placed his arm over her shoulder. She smiled inwardly. 

"How about a slice of cake for my journey, maiden?"

She smiled at him as she sliced the Oreo stuffed cake and placed a portion into a clear container with a fancy 'S' on it. 
"Maiden, Zayne? Get a life, why don't ya'!"

"Oh, trust me, I have one. Speaking of which, there's a party tonight. And you're going."
He went to stab the cake with a fork. 

But we have an AP Calculus test in the morning. I got in a lot of hours for studying, though.... "Okay, fine. Whose party is it, Z?" She became skeptical. 

"It's Jake's," He talked and stuffed his face at the same time. "Everybody will be there. I hear Jake's girl is trying to get Prom Queen votes so she's inviting all grades to his party."

Onyx rolled her eyes. "Sounds fun. Let me clean up first and tell dad."

Zayne shrugged and continued to chew. 


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