Baked with Love

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter 15

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



There were two weeks left into October, and all the planning had to be supervised for the big Halloween party. 


Onyx had the party to occupy her attention, and she stayed close to Lucy and Kyle, who she became really close to. Zayne stayed clear from everyone and became angrier with the world as the weeks passed by. 


"Alright, guys. We have two weeks left before Halloween. Brandon, how's the DJ coming along?"

"Good. He's decided to take $150 for the whole night after making a deal with him."


"We have the football field events figured out. The decorations are a problem. My team can't seem to work together and choose something that's great... and not tacky."

"Okay um...we are keeping the cobwebs and splattered blood idea, though. We will come back to that. Food?"

"Everything is arranged from colors to creative names." 


"Alright everybody, I've got the posters up and around the school. We got the tickets printed, and we just need someone to sell them. I'll come by this afternoon to help with the decorating committee, cool?"

Everyone around the table nodded. 

"Alright. We are done here, guys. The seniors have this down!"


Onyx left the room and started walking towards the parking lot. As she opened the school doors, someone poked her side.

"Hey! Oh. Hey, Kylie!"

"You know, that sounds so girly. But I'll let you rock it for a bit."

"Cause pretty girls rock? Ah, ah? ...okay corny."


They both laughed as they walked through the parking lot. 

"Hey, want to check out my favorite place in the world?" Onyx turned to him. 

"Sure. Why not? We both don't have to go to the bakery today. Hop in!"

They both threw their bags in the back of Kyle's green Jeep, and drove off the campus. 

"Where is this magical place, may I ask?"

"Ha. Behind my house."


The two sang along to the radio as they drove down towards her home. Kyle parked in her driveway and they hopped out. Onyx pulled on the zipper of her brown fur vest and began to walk. 


They talked about school and how the Halloween party was coming along. Kyle looked around as they walked. The woody area was relaxing. Onyx stopped under a breathtaking willow tree, that overlooked the lake, and she sat down on the ground. He followed suit. 


"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Kyle watched her smile as she stared off across the lake before he nodded. 

"Yeah it um, how are you?"

Onyx wanted to tell him but she wasn't sure she trusted him that much yet. 

"I'm better than before. Just distracting myself, you know?"

He nodded again. He saw her shiver and leaned in to give her warmth. 


"Maybe we should head inside? Don't need our president getting sick before her big event, right?"

Onyx laughed and got up with his help. As they walked Kyle pushed her. Onyx decided to jump on his back in return. Little did the two know that they were being watched. 




"Welcome everyone, to the Elton High Halloween Dance! Be careful who you cling onto in delight. You're never really sure who's blood will be on your hands by the end of the night!"


The student body cheered as they pumped their fists to the music. Onyx was pleased with the DJ's skills and enthusiasm. She was even happier that it was a female. 


Girl Power!


Onyx stood to the side and smiled at her team's work. The room was dimly lit with four fog machines stationed in different corners of the gym. The walls were plastered in fake blood and cobwebs. Skeletons and zombies hung from the ceiling in painful positions for a normal person. The food bar was organized to the right of the dance where 3 chaperones stood awkwardly. The gym entrance was covered with gray streamers and webs. Students who opened the doors unleashed fake spiders that dropped on top of them for the scream of their life. Everyone even seemed to be enjoying the photo booth, and as she heard, the haunted football field with its hayride and more, were a killer in sales. 


"Cute outfit."

Onyx turned to Kyle and tried not to laugh, with everything in her, at the sight of his pregnant lady costume. 

She was wearing a rainbow tutu, a red corset, white socks, huge red shoes, a pink clown nose and white facial make up. 


"You're not too bad yourself! When are you due?"

"Holy cow! No Kyle, you didn't! I need a picture for the yearbook." Lucy's jaw dropped.

"You dared me. I was just following through!"

"I didn't think you'd actually do it!"

Lucy wearing a zombie cheerleader costume snapped a couple of photos of Kyle and Onyx. They all laughed as Lucy tugged on Onyx's pigtails. 

"I love your costume!"

"Of course! You picked it out. Now come on!"


The girls ended up on the dance floor. Lucy, more photo snapping than dancing. Kyle joined them before Lucy left to get more photos of the event. 


"Hey, let’s go outside. I want to go on this 'scary hayride'."

The two walked outside and hopped on the trailer. They were quite impressed with the 10th graders attempt of scaring the students. It was fun. After they got off, they walked around the field which was lit by jack o' lanterns. 


"Wait. Onyx. A pregnant lady needs a seat!"

Onyx laughed as they sat at the bottom of the bleachers. 

"Onyx, this party turned out to be way cooler than I expected! You've done good, kid."

Onyx laughed and punched him in the arm. 



They sat there in silence and Onyx began to think about all the times Kyle had given her signs that he liked her. She decided to bring it up. 

"Hey, I was wondering, from the day you came here we've always spent time together and you've grown on me. And it seems like you have feelings for me based on your actions. So, I was do you want to go on a date sometime? You don't have to, though."


Kyle sat up straight and looked at Onyx. 

"Nyx, I thought we were just friends...maybe even like siblings. Plus, you like Zayne. I didn't want to get in the way of I'm kinda kicking it with Lu...I take it she didn't tell you..."

Onyx was surprised and understanding and confused. She was a mix of emotions that were getting ready to burst. Idiot.



"I'm sorry. I thought we were on the same page...don't you like Zayne?"

And then she told him. Everything. Including what happened when they were younger. He grabbed her and hugged her tight. 


"Shit. I'm sorry, Nyx. I didn't know. Now I seem like a douche, huh?"

Onyx laughed and exhaled. 

"No, no, no. How could you have known? But I am happy for you guys. I'm glad she's found a decent guy."

Kyle scoffed and held his heart. 

"Decent? I am so much more than that!"

Onyx laughed and stood up. 

"Come on, big mama. Let's get you back to your partner."

"We're good?"

"Yeah. Definitely."



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