Baked with Love

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Chapter 21

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Lucy woke up first. She stretched and then turned to jump on top of Onyx. 
Onyx shrieked in pain; Lucy laughed hysterically. 
"You almost broke me, idiot! Ouch. Lucy, what the hell?!"
Lucy sat on top of her, slapping her face gently. 

"I miss you O, let's do something fun!"
Onyx groaned. "What time is it, you sicko?"


Lucy didn't answer so Onyx grabbed her phone and checked the screen. With a loud scream, she shoved Lucy off of her and began to pound on her with a pillow.
"It's freaking six a.m.! Female, you must want to die!" 

Onyx got up and chased after Lucy and they continued this for 5 more minutes before both girls dropped to the floor.


"God, we're so unfit!" They both burst out in laughter. 



Onyx stood up in the recreational room, that the seniors claimed as their meeting room, with her hands clasped together. 


"Alright, guys, the winter talent show is THIS Friday. We have about 30 students in the show that we have to maintain, as well as keeping the show going smoothly and on time. Dianne, did you get the three school staff members to agree to helping out? Good. Um...let's remember this is our big event before our Christmas break and the seniors need this to go out with a big bang. We are leaving a legacy here, people! Brandon, make sure you speak to everyone participating and let them know to have their music sorted out. We can't afford mix-ups, cool?"

"Yeah, a couple of the guys and I are going to work on that once the meeting is over."


"Great! Okay, everyone, try not to stress too much this week. If you need me, you all know how to reach me. Elton seniors, we are going to rock the night away!" 


Everyone clapped and cheered as they filed out of the room. Onyx collected her belongings and made her way down the hall. She was about to leave the building when she remembered she needed her homework folder from her locker. 


"Hey, President."

Onyx moved her head around her locker door and looked at Lilly walking her way. "...Yes?"

"Don't act stupid you, slut!"

"Excuse me, I-


"You what? You sleep with anything that walks? I already knew that! Look, I'm not afraid to hurt you, but I heard that there's more in store for your sorry ass, so, I'll back off for now. Watch your back though, whore, you're not liked much around here anymore....let's be honest. I don't know how you became president. You're a nobody." 


"What are you talking about?" Onyx was confused and thoughts piled up in her head as she tried to grasp the situation. She gasped as Lilly pushed her up against the locker, unaware of the strength of this cheerleader, and the pressure that was being put on her chest. 


"Don't mess with me, Jordan. I'll let you deal with your stupid little talent show. But afterwards, you're mine and I'll handle this shit my way. You can tell Jake, if you'd like, too. He can't stop me from beating your sloppy face." Satisfied with her threats, Lilly smiled and slammed Onyx's head back onto the locker and then walked away. 


Onyx grabbed at her chest and head. "What the hell?" She managed to close her locker, as she held back the hot tears about to fall down her face. She ran out of the school, passed the parking lot, and stood at the entrance. She took her phone out of her pocket and dialed her best friend's number.


"Hello? Lucy? ...can you please come meet me at the school entrance...please?" She hung up, and then the tears fell as she slid her body to the ground.

Onyx waited for 15 minutes before Lucy pulled up, and hopped out of the car to gather up her broken friend. 
"What the hell is going on? What happened?" 

Lucy was furious but Onyx was silent. With all the strength she could muster up, Onyx whispered for Lucy to take her to the bakery. Lucy nodded and they got back into the car and drove in silence until they reached. 

"So, are you going to tell me or do I have to invade your private thoughts, Onyx?" 

"I'll tell you some other time. I have to start my shift." Onyx sighed heavily and got out before Lucy could say anything else. Lucy was beyond pissed and decided to park her car and go inside. 


Onyx scurried to the back for her apron without saying a word to anyone. Lucy came in a few minutes after and walked over to Kyle. "Babe, watch her closely. I have to get home to study, but please... just... watch her, okay?" Kyle nodded in understanding and Lucy pecked him quickly on the lips before shaking her head and leaving. 


Kyle walked to the back and leaned against the wall. "Onyx?"

Onyx was leaning against a rack of cupcakes and tarts. "I'm fine. Just go." He moved closer but she turned with rage. "Go!" Kyle stopped in his tracks, sighed, and walked back to the front of the bakery.

The two worked the rest of the night in silence. David counted the money, not taking notice of his daughter's unease, and let them leave before him. 


Onyx began to walk as she felt an arm pull her back. 
"Are you seriously trying to walk home? Are you crazy? Get in." Kyle shook his head in disapproval and guided her back to his car.

Onyx sighed and hopped in, throwing her bag in the back. Kyle drove in silence until Onyx had no choice but to speak up. 
"You passed the turn for my street." Onyx stared at him. Kyle kept his eyes on the road. 


"I know... I'm taking you to mine."








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