Baked with Love

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter 26

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



"Zayne, I've been in love with you, like, forever. And it never seemed to work out. But then, everything just started getting out of control; so, it made me wonder if I should even risk what little heart I have left? I don't want to get hurt." She got up and walked to the window. Zayne moved down closer to where she stood and sat watching her.


"O, all I ask is a chance. One chance to make this right. No promises attached. I just want to prove to you that I care and want to be with you."


"Let me think about it, okay?" Zayne nodded at her and they both sat in silence for a minute.


"So, are you ready for the big evening?"


Onyx turned to him and sat crisscross-applesauce style on the bed. "I'm a little excited. Hey, Zayne? Why'd you come after Jake like that?"


"Huh? Oh. I was just...I was jealous. I started to notice how close you guys had gotten. It reminded me of the old days...but I wasn't a part of it. I thought you guys liked each other. I'm also really sorry about my behavior then."


"It's not me you need to apologize to. I mean, yeah, you almost broke my hand, but your other best friend deserves an explanation and an apology...the two of you just need to have a long talk. If anything, you guys patching up your relationship might just influence my decision on there ever being an 'us', just saying."


"Are you serious, O? I....I don't know. What if he hates me now? I can't bear to fight with him anymore; it just doesn't feel right. I don't know."


"Let's go."


Zayne looked up at Onyx, confused. "What?"


"Let's go. Jake has an early morning class, and a break between that and the one after. Do it now, c'mon." Onyx got off the bed and grabbed her clothes for the show and her book bag before she came back over to the bed and grabbed Zayne up. "One thing I'm glad about, since we're friends again, is that you have a car!" He chuckled and walked down the stairs behind her.


Sarah was feeding Sammy as they walked into the kitchen. Onyx walked over to Sammy and leaned down to kiss his cheek as he grabbed her face. Sarah glared at Zayne making him feel extremely uncomfortable. Onyx noticed the encounter and started to snicker. She fist bumped Sarah before massaging her shoulders.


"Relax, tiger. We're cool again...for now. I'm going to head to school early today, Sarah. Let my dad know? Thanks. See you later!"


Sarah waved to her as Onyx and Zayne put their coats on and walked out the front door. It was going to be a long day.


When they reached the school parking lot, Onyx turned to Zayne. "Okay look, I'm going to leave my dress and shoes in your car until later. So, please don't drive off with it! Second, I'm leaving you to talk to Jake on your own, cool? Cool." Before Zayne could respond, Onyx got out of the car and walked into the school. It was warm and festive. The student body and faculty at Elton High took holidays very seriously.


There were glittery snowflakes taped to the walls, tinsel of green, silver, red, and gold hung from every classroom door. Students were swarming the halls in Christmas colors and accessories, and it made Onyx smile. Over the past few days, everyone had forgotten about the little newspaper incident and were cheering her on for the big event of the night. The pressure was so on for the Winter Talent Show to be perfect!


Onyx walked into the recreational room and sat down on the old couch placed in the corner. She took out her earbuds and put them on, music spilling into her ears as she looked over the agenda for the night.


Meanwhile, Zayne walked into the school and down the hall towards Jake's classroom. He leaned against the wall with his arms crossed trying to figure out what to say to Jake. The school bells rang and students piled out of the class. Zayne caught Jake in the corner of his eye and grabbed his arm. Jake turned to him and became tense. Zayne put his hands up in defense.


"Chill, man. I just want to talk to you."


"For what? I have nothing to say to you." Jake stared at him with a blank expression.


"Please?" Zayne really needed this to go in the right direction. Jake sighed and the two guys walked down the hall. "Let's talk in the library. I doubt anyone will be there."


The boys entered the library, walked to the North section, and sat at a small study desk next to a large window overlooking the hallway below them. Jake arched his eyebrow.



"I'm sorry for attacking you, Jake. I was jealous and thought you were messing around with Onyx. I acted like an idiot and it cost me a lot of friendships. Dude, I don't know if you even want to, but I really hope you'll forgive me."


Jake sat there in silence. He then leaned in towards Zayne and whispered, "Onyx told you to do this, didn't she?"


Zayne released air he didn't even know he was holding in. "Man, it's not like that... I mean she did tell me to apologize but it's for other reasons. But I am sincere. I miss you, man."


"Don't be gay, Z. But I understand. And we're cool. But I think I know why she really wanted you to talk to me. I'm just not sure I want to talk about it yet."


"Huh? What do you mean?"


"It's really nothing. But tell me what's the other reason she wanted you to apologize?"


Zayne then told his best friend what had happened over the past couple of months leading up to that morning. Jake shook his head multiple times and threatened to hurt Zayne throughout the timeline of events Zayne shared. When it was all over, Jake looked at Zayne questionably.


"So, you really think you've sorted out your feelings for her?" Zayne nodded, "Have you?"

Jake shot him a confused look. "Wait...what?"


"You heard me. Have you sorted your feelings out for O? Don't act like I didn't know, dude. I don't want this coming in between us. I need my best friend back."


"Woah. Wait a minute. If you knew, why didn't you ever tell me go for it or at least tease Onyx about it?"


Zayne shrugged. "I don't know. I guess it never came to mind. I used to always think the three of us would just stay friends and shit. But I guess things really do change. But then you started treating O like crap and Lilly happened... Which brings me back to my original question, have you sorted your feelings?"


"I'll always have a place in my heart for O, alone. But hey, you have my blessings. If you hurt her though, I'm going to take her away from you!" The two guys laughed and fist bumped on that idea.


"Thanks man. This means a lot. Now I just need to convince Onyx that I'm worth it." With that being said, Zayne got up and saluted his friend before walking out of the library to find Onyx. When he was gone, Jake leaned forward and placed his head on the table, sighing.





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