Baked with Love

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Chapter 28

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



"I will tell you at the same time as the others, Veronica. You don't get special treatment." Onyx walked past a glaring Victoria and yelled out for all the performers to gather around and line up so the show could begin. Principal Wallace walked passed the kids with her thumbs up, and out onto stage. She greeted the audience and did all the preliminaries before walking backstage again.


"Alright Onyx, the floor is yours. Enjoy the evening, everyone! I'm rooting for you all!"


Onyx smiled before taking a deep breath. She tucked the loose strand of hair again and walked onto the stage. She smiled brightly. "Good evening Elton High! Good evening staff! And good evening to family and friends. Tonight, will be filled with Christmas-time specials, jokes, poetry, songs, and so much more! But most importantly, a showcase of our school's hard work. So, sit back, laugh, cry, and enjoy!"


Everyone in the auditorium clapped and cheered.


"Our first act of the night comes from three, beautiful sophomores. They'll be dancing to a hip hop rendition of Deck the Halls. Give them a round of applause!"


As the girls appeared, Onyx walked backstage and crossed their name off the list. As a few more acts went by Onyx relaxed more knowing that everyone was having fun. Onyx watched Kyle and Julio do a comedy sketch with four other seniors and two freshmen. She laughed, but caught herself, remembering that she was furious with his girlfriend. As they were finishing up their last act, in which they were portraying a wacky Christmas family, Onyx looked down at the list again. She sighed heavily and turned towards Veronica. "Okay, you're next."


Veronica smoothed out her dress and flipped her hair. "I am so ready to do this." She walked over to the corner of the curtain. Onyx rolled her eyes and walked out to introduce her.


"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Veronica Maize!" Onyx stretched out her arm in Veronica's direction as she walked out waving at the audience along with two other girls wearing short silver dresses. Onyx raised her eyebrow and folded her arms.


"Good evening, everyone! Good evening boys of Elton High!" She giggled as guys whistled at her. Onyx shook her head and walked away from the main stage area. Meanwhile, the school's projection screen came down behind the girls and Veronica, while Robert inserted a thumb drive into his laptop. Veronica started singing the lyrics to Touch My Body by Mariah Carey. As she sang, "If there's a camera up in here...", Robert pressed a button and pictures of Onyx appeared. There was one with her and Jake under the willow behind her house, and one of the front page of the recent school newspaper. Another showed her laughing and holding on to Kyle. Then, there were multiple angle shots and a video from the night of the bonfire with Zayne.


People in the auditorium began to whisper and others instigated the situation. Suddenly, all hell broke loose: Sarah brought her hand to her mouth and shut her eyes tight. David and Jesse looked at each other and then back at Zayne, who shot up out of his seat in anger and tried to make his way towards the stage, as did Jake. Lilly, and her cheerleaders, sat closest to the front because they had opened the show with their routine. She stormed towards the stage to get her hands on Veronica and Onyx. Lucy got up in shock, confusion, and worry, finding Kyle half-way, and sprinting towards the stage. Veronica smiled and continued to sing as everything unfolded before her eyes.


Dianne ran up to Onyx, whose head was down in the program list. "Uh, Onyx?"




"You need to see this... like right now!"


Onyx looked up, and then confused as Dianne pulled her up, dragging her towards the main stage curtains. Onyx first noticed the mixed expressions in the audience and then Dianne pushed her head in the direction of the screen. The pictures, the video, plus more alike were on repeated display for not only their high school but the entire town! She then looked at the person behind the screen. It was Robert, Lucy's reporter for the school paper. Onyx's jaw dropped and she tried to hold back the tears when she felt a hand spin her around.


"I told you I'd destroy you, didn't I?" Lilly was inches away from Onyx's face, causing her to step back. "You like messing with people's boyfriends? Even mine?" Lilly reached out and slapped her hard on the face. Onyx held her stinging face in shock before reeling in a hard punch in return to Lilly's. Just then, Zayne and Jake barged in. Lilly screamed in pain, falling to the floor as Zayne reached out to hold Onyx. Jake watched Lilly from a distance and did nothing, instead, he walked over to the computer and yanked out the drive. Onyx shoved passed Zayne and ran towards the door when Kyle and Lucy charged in. Onyx began to cry and pointed at them.


"How could you let this happen, Lucy? What kind of messed up newspaper are you running? This is what you let happen under your nose? I will NEVER forgive you for this!"


Lucy stammered as tears fell from her eyes. "Onyx, would you just listen to me for a sec! Why, why would I do this to my best friend? I don't know what's going on, I promise you!"


The students hanging around the stage looked on, uncomfortable and scared.


Onyx shook her head. "I'm not a fool. The newspaper is yours. Everything that happens with that camera and those newspapers go through you! You have never been my friend! I can't believe I trusted you!"


Principal Wallace stormed into the room angry. "What on earth is this display, Ms. Jordan?" Onyx shut her eyes tight.


"Principal Wallace, I had absolutely no idea Veronica was going to pull a stunt like that!" The principal walked passed the seniors and over to Brandon demanding that he cut the music. She walked onto the stage, leaving Onyx embarrassed enough to run out the side door leading to another hallway of the school. Jake and Zayne screamed after her, but Jake nodded for Zayne to go. School security and police officers were called in. A female officer went to help Lilly when no one else did. They were asking the students questions and everyone started yelling at once. Principal Wallace did her best to apologize to the crowd. After, she called Robert backstage as Veronica was called by an officer. It was complete chaos backstage as everyone tried to figure out how things had gone wrong so quickly. Lucy broke down in Kyle's arms and Jake watched the two of them. He tried to figure out what the hell just happened as he moved away from the whole scene and down the steps of the small hall leading back into the auditorium. Everyone was whispering as he walked up to the Jordans. Jake could feel eyes following him but he ignored it. He sat down beside them and whispered without looking them in the eye.


"She ran off. But hopefully, she's with Zayne. I think everyone needs to just talk about how they feel."


David shook his head and got up. "Yeah? I feel like I need some answers. I'm going to talk to the officers." He walked down towards the stage. Jesse put his head in his hand and sighed heavily as he held Sammy in his lap. Jake only looked down in silence.


Onyx kept running.


"Onyx, wait up! Wait, please!" Zayne ran after her slightly wondering how she could run so fast in her heels. He finally caught up to her as she was about to open the back doors of the school. "What the hell, O! You barely have any clothes on! Where are you trying to go?" Onyx turned around and fell into his arms crying.


"Get me out of here, please..." She whimpered through his shirt. He pulled her off of him gently, and looked her in the eyes. "Can I get our stuff from the lockers first? I don't want you to freeze, O." She nodded and he rubbed her shoulders before running back towards the locker rooms. When he returned he placed her coat around her shoulders and took out her boots, helping her change into them. "C'mon, before security realizes your missing." They ran out in the snow towards his car. They hopped in and Zayne immediately blasted the heat. Onyx sniffed multiple times and Zayne turned towards her. "Please don't cry, it's hurting me to see you this way. Where do you want to go, beautiful?" She sighed and looked out the window as more tears fell freely. Zayne put the car in drive and decided to take her to his house, it would be close enough to her home without having to face her fathers yet.


He pulled out of the parking lot and cursed in his head. A lot of people were going to pay for the damage to Onyx. He gripped the steering wheel. I love her.


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