Baked with Love

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Chapter 30

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Submitted: November 15, 2017





Onyx rolled over and opened her eyes as her phone rang. She felt something warm wrapped around her waist and looked down. An arm gently gripped her as her eyes traveled from the arm to Zayne's sleeping face. She smiled and reached for the phone on his nightstand.




Jesse chuckled. "Onyx, baby? You know we leave in five hours for California, right? Are you even packed? Because if not, get your rump on over here and hop to it!"


Onyx face palmed herself. Crap! "I'm coming". Zayne stirred and opened his eyes. They stared at each other smiling.


"Hey, how'd it go last night?"


"It went pretty well. I actually feel a lot better... Hey, super random and most likely not possible but can Z come with us?"


"I don't know, Onyx." Jesse had questioning and worry behind his voice as he dragged out his response. "Let me ask your father... David! She wants to know if Zayne can come along... she's feeling better she said... uh huh... okay. Onyx?"




"He said yes, if the two of you promise to be on your best behavior. Now get over here!"


Onyx squealed and hung up. She turned towards him and knelt on the bed. He looked at her, then rubbed his eyes.


"Well good morning to you too... You good, girl?"


Onyx smiled brightly and leaned in closer.


"Ever been to California?" She wiggled her fingers in a jazz hand motion and opened her mouth wide.


He chuckled in confusion and admiration. "No. Why?"


She gave him a straight face and allowed it to sink in knowing it was a bit early in the morning.


"Oh snap! I can come, Onyx?"


She laughed and nodded brightly.


He got on his knees, grabbed her and hopped off the bed. "Yay!"


They were both laughing for a good two minutes. Onyx finally smacked his arm, making him put her down. "Okay, okay! Just pack the basics: swimming trunks, toothbrush, crap like that. And I will come back over in, like, two hours to check up on you, 'kay?"


Zayne leaned down and kissed her sweetly. "Okay, Mrs. McKinley... " He winked at her and slapped her on the butt causing her to blush. She quickly picked up her bag and walked off to his bathroom in silence, causing him to chuckle.




David strapped Sammy into his car seat and called out, "Everyone ready? We've got a plane to fetch. Let's go! Let's go!" He clapped his hands together loudly as he walked to the trunk, shut it, and then back to the driver's seat of their olive Nissan Rogue. Jesse came out with a backpack and Onyx followed, wearing a red and white body-con dress.

She ran over to Zayne's door and rang the bell five times until he answered with a frantic look. He wore khaki shorts and his white button down hung open. "What happened?!"


Onyx turned and walked towards the car shouting, "Let's go!"


Zayne shook his head and walked out the door, buttoning his shirt and balancing his blue suitcase. He walked across the driveway and opened the car trunk. As he closed it David stood on the opposite side with his arms crossed. Zayne jumped back a little. "Jeez! Oh, Uncle David! Aw man. I just wanted to... apologize... for everything! I promise you I had no i-


David pulled him in for a hug. "Thank you for being there." He pulled away and held Zayne by the shoulders. "Yes, you screwed up terribly, but you owned up to your mistakes and fixed it. That's what a true man does."


Zayne smiled and lifted his hand to rub his neck. "Well um, sir? I wanted to ask for your permission to date your daughter... I mean... if it's okay with you... and yeah." Zayne looked at the ground and a hand stretched out in front of him. He looked up at a smiling David and they firmly shook hands.


David chuckled as he walked back to start the car. "Took you long enough, Z. Now get in!"


Zayne turned bright red as he hopped into the vehicle, next to Onyx. She raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing. Instead she pulled out her earphones, put them in, and rested her head on his shoulder. He smiled and looked towards the passenger overhead mirror in which he could see Jesse winking at him as they pulled off.


The car ride to the airport consisted in entertaining Sammy, Jesse questioning Zayne and Onyx's college choices, and a lot of sexual tension between two backseat riders.


When they reached the airport, they unloaded and walked into the airport. They had 30 spare minutes once they had checked in and dealt with the luggage, so David and Jesse took Sammy for a walk around the port. Onyx stared out the big glass windows as planes descended and ascended before her eyes and she twitched. Zayne noticed this little habit, called fear, and chuckled.


She turned to him in question. "What?"


"You're cute when you're nervous."


"Zayne, this isn't funny. What if something bad happens. You know, like in Final Destination?"


"Damn, O. I should have never suckered you into watching that series of movies. Babe, everything will be okay. Do you trust me?"

She nodded.

"Good. I'll hold your hand the whole way and even squeeze you to make you feel safe. I'll distract you until we touch ground. Can you try doing that with me!"

Onyx smiled. "Who knew Zayne had a soft spot in his body? Thanks though... I guess it wouldn't hurt to try... I think... I hope."


He laughed and pulled her into his side. "Come here, you big baby!"


"Everything alright?" The couple looked up at her parents and Zayne smiled as he told them her fear.


"Honey, how many times have we all had this conversation?" Jesse shook his head in amusement.


She put her head in her hands and sighed. "Yeah, I know, I know! But-


"No buts. Everything will be okay. You'll see."


Onyx bit her bottom lip in frustration as her parents turned away. Zayne leaned in and whispered, "Much appreciated if you'd stop biting that lip, beautiful." Onyx turned to him and for some reason her eyes wandered down and then back up, forming huge saucers. She blushed really hard and then busted out laughing. Zayne groaned as the family collected their belongings for boarding.


When they got on the plane, David and Jesse split so that Onyx and Zayne could sit together, since they bought his ticket late. Jesse sat with Sammy behind the teenagers. Zayne couldn't help but smile at her as she did quick breathing like a pregnant woman.


The plane began to move as they fastened their seat belts. Onyx leaned into the chair as it lifted off the ground. She slammed her hand onto the armrest trying not to scream. Zayne grabbed her hand before leaning over and kissing her until the plane equaled itself out in the air.


She was on cloud nine!




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