Baked with Love

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Chapter 31

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



~5 hours later~


"Please fasten your seat belts as we are about to descend."


"Free at last! We are touching land! Land ho!" Onyx sent a silent prayer up to the big guy upstairs.


The Jordans and Zayne exited the airport and looked out into the bright sun and palm trees.


"Shit! This is awesome!" Everyone laughed aloud at Zayne's bluntness. He simply smiled and grabbed Onyx's hand as they all walked towards a shuttle bus station. David had rented a black convertible for their week-long stay and all they needed was to get to the rental lot. As soon as they reached, Jesse and David loaded the car along with Zayne's help and they drove off to the hotel.


Onyx breathed in deeply as they drove with the top down. She smiled inwardly and thought this getaway was what she needed. The family stopped at an authentic looking diner for a quick meal, and then ice cream, before they reached the oceanfront hotel. David was proud of he and his husband's investment towards this vacation. The place was beautiful. The lobby had a huge golden chandelier dangling from the ceiling. Brown velvet couches were arranged around the opened space. The walls were mostly glass, showing off the beach in its close vicinity. A bell-hopper helped them unload as the valet took over the vehicle. David went to check them all in and then they rode their way up to the 20th floor.


Onyx used the card key to open the door of the suite and she squealed. "Oh, my stars! This is going to be awesome! Eeeeee!" The door opened to a small living room space with tan couches and a television on the right wall. And to the left was a decently sized kitchenette with a small island and high chairs. In the center of the living room was a glass door leading to their little balcony. There was a door on either side of the space.


David chuckled and walked passed her with two heavy suitcases. "Help. Then be awestruck."


"Sorry. Sorry." She ran to her dad's aid and rolled one suitcase towards the door on the left as her father trailed inside the bedroom. Once they set the bags to the side, David stood up and crossed his arms, staring at her firmly. It made Onyx uncomfortable.


"The two of you will be sharing the other room..."

"I know, dad. Nothing will happen... I promise." She walked up to him on her tippy toes and kissed his cheek before going past him and into the bathroom. "HOLY SH- ", Onyx ran passed her father and into the other bedroom, scaring everyone in the suite. When she reached her destination, she yelled in disappointment. "Aw, c'mon!"


She then returned into the main room awaited by confused faces. She simply shrugged. "What? I thought we had a jacuzzi too!"




Onyx jumped atop the soft mattress and white covers. Zayne chuckled as he unpacked his suitcase into one of the drawers. Onyx watched him for a couple of minutes before getting up to retrieve her big duffel bag. Zayne pulled out a drawer for her and stepped aside. Onyx unzipped her bag, and within a blink, flipped it over and dumped the contents of the bag into the drawer before laughing at Zayne's bewilderment.


"You are something else, O." She slapped his arm and then walked over to their window. She stared down at the people on the beach. Out of nowhere she felt arms wrapping around her waist and his lips close to her ear. "Who would've thought it would be me here with such an amazing girl as you?" She couldn't help but smile at his words as she turned to hug him tightly.


She looked up at him. "Hey, let's go check out the rest of the hotel." He nodded and they both headed out of the room. David was in his and Jesse's bedroom putting Sammy down for a nap, and Jesse was making the kitchen his own.


"Daddy! Zayne and I are going to check out the rest of the hotel and maybe the beach, is that okay?"


"Yeah! Go! Be young and spontaneous. Just don't leave each other's side."


"Oh, we won't." Zayne winked at Onyx before they left the suite.


Onyx laughed and walked ahead of him. When they reached the elevator, Zayne pulled Onyx into the staircase adjacent to the elevator and kissed her rough and full of lust. Onyx was conflicted between public humiliation, the softness of his lips, the melting feeling she had, and confusion all together. When he pulled away, Zayne was breathing heavy. "Fuck. I'm sorry, Onyx. But if I'm going to be trapped for a week with you I gotta get rid of my raging hormones, now!" She kissed his cheek and chuckled before pulling him back into the hall to wait for the elevator. If only Zayne knew how bad she wanted him too.


When they reached the lobby, the two walked down the halls checking rooms out with private pool tables, a gym, the indoor pool and jacuzzi, the laundry room, a bar, two restaurants, a computer room and another "relaxing zone" as they called it. As they walked, they played a terrible version of hide and seek and tag. Afterwards, they went outside to check out the landscape. There was a basketball court, tennis court, a grilling area, and an outdoor pool surrounded by bushes, palm trees, and a single iron gate that led, on a wooden path, to the oceanfront.


"I could jump in right now." Onyx looked at the water like a little kid, completely entertained by the idea.


"Let's do it!" Zayne lifted his shirt and started to unbuckle his pants, alas Onyx laughed trying to stop him. And then her phone rang from his pocket. "Damn, Jordan. Saved by the bell!" She smiled as he handed her the phone.


"Hello? Yeah, it's super nice! Oh okay, he is? Cool, we're coming. Bye."


"Something wrong?"


"No. My parents are just taking Sammy for a car ride and doing groceries around it so my dad wants us back inside the hotel room. Something about he wants to bring me back home alive?" She shook her head and they both laughed as they re-entered the hotel lobby and went upstairs.


When she opened the door, Onyx noticed that her parents were already gone. "Bruh! We could've stayed outside longer!"


Zayne chuckled and walked into their room. Onyx followed and went straight to the window to watch the sun set. Again, arms wrapped around her waist, but this time his lips electrified her skin as he placed kisses on her neck and shoulders. Onyx felt herself getting weak and Zayne stepped in front of her. He cupped her face in his hand and leaned down to kiss her slowly. She closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and felt herself being lifted and then gently placed on the bed without their kiss breaking. She lifted her legs around his torso as she felt his manhood come alive through his shorts. He let out a soft moan before reaching for her thigh and slowly caressing it. He gripped the cloth of her dress, moving it upward, to reveal more of her caramel skin. His hand moved to her inner thigh as he kissed her neck and chest. She gasped for air and squeezed her eyes shut. She felt his hand caress her over her white laced half cheeks and when his finger lifted it from the side, her reflexes caused her to grab his working hand. Enjoy this, dammit!  His lips moved back up to hers and his hand moved up to her breasts as he pressed his erection on her causing her to moan his name. At the sound of his name, Zayne wanted to make her feel more and he quickly put his hand back under her dress and easily slipped her panty to the side as his finger entered her. "Zayne!"


But all too quickly she remembered, and realization had her push him off with force. He was taken aback.


"What's wrong?" He looked confused through his sexual daze but quickly came to when Onyx began to cry. "Shit! Onyx, baby, I am sorry." He pulled her in and held her. "Shit. I'm sorry. It won't happen again." He held her for five more minutes until she relaxed. He moved away so he could look at her. "Baby, please don't be upset. I'll sleep on the couch if that makes you more comfortable. I don't know what got into me."


She sighed and looked down. "It just reminded me of that night. I want to believe you won't let it happen again but it broke me really bad... some of my pieces are still being fixed. But, no. I don't want you sleeping on the couch. That will be suspicious..."


"Babe, I'll just say we made a bet or played a game and you won the bed for tonight. I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable."


"Zayne, sleep in here. Please. Don't leave me..."


Zayne smiled weakly and leaned over to kiss her forehead. "Okay, O. But can I leave you for a bit? I need to go calm down in the shower." Onyx laughed, although Zayne was dead serious. His balls would be bluer than the ocean if he didn't take care of it.


She coughed. "Oh, you were serious? Go, go. I'll just watch some t.v.!" They kissed and went in separate directions. Him cursing the whole way to the bath, wishing he hadn't done that to her and himself as he twisted the cold knob on the shower, and she, smiling and biting her lip as she remembered while pressing buttons with the remote.






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