Baked with Love

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Chapter 32

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



"You have to choose between me and Jake, Onyx! You can't have us both... I thought all you wanted was me and now you're standing here telling me you are in love with him?!" Zayne stood there yelling at me and crying. I didn't know what to say to him. I was crushed that he thought I didn't love him! Jake drug me into this mess! I put my hands up in surrender as I turned to both Jake and Zayne. "Jake! Tell him! It's destroying my relationship and your friendship!" Jake hung his head low and rubbed the back of his neck. He sighed before looking at Zayne. "Zayne, I... umm... I am dy—" Before Jake could finish his sentence he fell to the ground. I lost it! The tears seemed to escape. Zayne was yelling, "What the hell is wrong? Jake!?" "JAAAAKE!"


Onyx sprung up out of her dream. She breathed in and out slowly before she turned to see if she had woken Zayne. He lay there snoring in his boxers and gray tee. She sighed and reached for her phone on the nightstand. She had 20 unread messages. One from Jake, eight from Kyle, and eleven from Lucy. She clutched the phone in her hand before unlocking the phone and opening Jake's message.


Jake: hey O! How's the vacation going? hope u and Zayne are behaving ;)


Onyx: lol get ova urself loser! It's not that bad... the place is amaze-balls! We're supposed 2 be going 2 Disneyland today.


Jake: that's pretty sweet! I kinda had that on my bucket list... guess most of those things won't get done tho...


Onyx shifted on the bed not sure how to feel about his text or situation.


Onyx: ...anything that CAN get done?


Jake: well I had- get a tattoo... I am a pro when it comes to needles cuz u kno...


Onyx: idk how u can just joke about ur situation... but umm get a tattoo then :)


Jake: wanna get one with me? Jk


Onyx: well actually I have been thinking about getting one... maybe I will :)


Jake: really? Sweet! Well I'll talk 2 u l8r O.


Onyx: kk. Bye! <3


"Who was that?" Onyx almost dropped the phone as Zayne spoke. She placed the phone down and turned to him.


"Um... that was Jake. He was just saying hi to everyone." Onyx looked at him smiling and sent a silent prayer that he wouldn't read more into it. He raised his eyebrow at her and then shrugged it off. "Well, hello to him too!"


Onyx rolled her eyes and got out of the bed. She walked to their door and swung it open while smelling the bacon and pancakes. "Yum".


"Ne-Ne!" Sammy squealed from his highchair.


"It was about time the two of you got up! Did you forget about Disneyland?" David sat in front of the television with his plate in his lap and glared as Jesse smiled at Onyx from the island. Onyx walked over to David and kissed his cheek. "We are on vacation, don't be so grumpy! I'll go shower now." She walked to the kitchen space, stopping to kiss Sammy before walking off. As she walked back into the room, Zayne emerged and said his round of good-mornings before gently ruffling Sammy's hair. Jesse handed him a plate and he sat at the island eating with joy.


Onyx washed her body with soap and then let the water fall over her hair and face while thinking about her dream. She shook it off and turned the faucet off. She got out of the tub and walked into the room with her towel wrapped around her. She pulled out her favorite purple and blue ombre bikini and put it on before putting on blue jeans-shorts and a loose white crop top. Her curls were still dripping so she grabbed her strands up into a big bun, put lotion on her skin, and walked back out into the living room. She sat next to Zayne, and Jesse handed her a plate.


"You smell really nice!" Zayne smiled and wiggled his eyebrows at her. Onyx looked at him while chewing on her pancakes before answering him. "Warm Vanilla Sugar." He looked confused. Onyx laughed. "It's Bath and Body Works." Zayne shook his head as he got up. "Girls." He grabbed a strip of bacon from her plate and ran to the room to shower.



"Hey!" Jesse chuckled and placed two extra strips back onto Onyx's plate before winking at her.



As they drove to the entrance, Sammy squealed. He would be turning two on Christmas. He was mainly the reason for this vacation along with Onyx. "Dada, look!" He pointed at the rollercoaster that zoomed past as we drove closer to the park entrance looking for a good place to park the car. "That's right, Sammy! Can you say rollercoaster?"


"Wolla- chosta!" Everyone laughed causing him to get excited. David turned the ignition off and hopped out of the vehicle. Zayne helped Onyx unstrap Sammy from his car seat, before lifting him up and out of the car. Jesse grabbed Sam's baby bag and walked off in front with David holding his hand. Sammy yelled in excitement as Zayne bounced him. Onyx smiled and grabbed Zayne's free-hand as they caught up to Jesse and David.


They paid the admission and rented out a stroller for Sammy. As Zayne bent down to place him in, Sammy grabbed onto Zayne's neck tight. "Nooo, Zay! No!" Zayne chuckled before straightening his back. "Alright buddy, I'll carry you."


"I'm sorry Z. If ever you want us to take him, we will."


"Thanks, Uncle Jesse. But I got him for now."


The day consisted of riding attractions, following Sammy onto the carousel and tea-cup rides, and transferring him from person to person as everyone tried to enjoy a bit of the day. They ate plenty of popcorn and cotton candy, as well as having Onyx try her first corndog, per request of Zayne. The day went on as if nothing else mattered. It was a day filled with laughter and good memories. Around 9:30 p.m., they gathered their belongings and got back into the car with a sleeping Sammy.


"Thank you for including him, Zayne."


He smiled up at David through the rearview mirror. "Not a problem, Uncle David! I kind of always wanted a little brother anyway!" Onyx looked at Zayne from the corner of her eye and smiled warmly. I love him.






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