Baked with Love

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Chapter 38

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Onyx, along with all the seniors, returned back to school. She went through her classes, silently. At lunchtime, she made her way to the library.


She plopped down in a far corner on a bean bag chair and closed her eyes tight trying not to think.


"Hey, is this seat taken?"


Onyx knew who it was and wasn't sure she was in the mood to face him. "Yes, Zayne. My friend Bob is occupying it. Can't you see?"


Zayne chuckled lightly and sat next to her. She sighed in deeply realizing he wasn't going to go away. He tapped her shoulder and waited for her response. After three minutes, she opened one eye and looked at his outstretched hands. He was holding a sandwich and Oreos in one hand and a water bottle in the other. She closed her eye.


"Look, I heard you haven't been eating much. I saw you skip out on lunch to come in here and we need to talk."


She opened her eyes and sat up. "Oh, now you want to talk?"


"Please, Onyx." Zayne looked serious. And for the first time Onyx really looked at him and saw the dark circles under his eyes. She sighed.


"Fine. You look like shit, by the way." She shrugged and opened the Oreos. "Talk. Go ahead."


Zayne looked at her for a second then put his head down. "I don't know how many ways I can say I'm sorry. But I am, O. Ever since I left Cali I've been feeling shitty. I feel lost without you. No one to talk to. No one to lean on. And it sucks. I miss how your hair always smells like cinnamon and sugar. I miss your competitiveness. Your smile. I miss my best friend. I messed up really bad. And I want to fix it and be there for you. Cause I know you're hurt about Jake."


Onyx looked at him and then shoved a whole cookie into her mouth.






"Baby, you're not going to say anything?"


Onyx put her hand up. "I'm not your baby, remember? You lost that privilege. But um. Let me get this straight. So, you feel bad. You want me back. You're sad. You started smoking, which you failed to mention. You care about Jake now. And you're horny so you want an outlet that won't make you look like your thirst trapping. Did I get it all right?" Onyx crossed her arms on her chest and glared at him.


Zayne dragged his hand through his hair. "Damn, Onyx. Calm down. I have no place to feel hurt here but yet I do. Why the fuck do you think I'm trying to gain anything else here other than your love, huh? And don't get crazy because Jake has been my friend longer than you have. Plus, I do freaking care! You just don't want anything to happen to him so you can date him and forget about me! And yeah! I didn’t mention my little smoking encounter because I was flippin' hurt! I missed my girl and didn't know what to do to get her back! Shit, Onyx! I smoked one time in my bedroom and I couldn't handle it. But I did drink my misery away, though. I'm not proud of it. But you really just want to push me away any way you can, right? Well, shit. I don't know what else to do then!"


Zayne stood up in rage and paced back and forth holding his head. Onyx was shocked. Both at the fact that he said all that and also that no one heard him screaming in the library. She shook it off and looked down at her shoes. Zayne turned to her to say something. But he shook his head instead, grabbed his bag, and walked out angrily.


Onyx leaned down and cried quietly till lunch was over.




Kyle and Onyx headed into the back of the bakery to start their shift and Lucy took a window booth to do her homework.


Mrs. Caldwell sat towards the front of the bakery nibbling on her cake.


Onyx placed her apron on and tied her hair up. She grabbed her notebook from her bag and headed to the register and sat down. Kyle walked up to her. "Hey, you okay? You were so quiet in the car."


Onyx shrugged. "It's nothing. Had a run in with Zayne." She could tell that Kyle had tensed up. "It's fine." She got up and took out a cupcake from the display and placed it on a plate before walking to the elderly lady with a smile on her face.


"Good evening, dear. How are you?"

"I'm doing great, Mrs. Caldwell. I brought you a cupcake I made. It's the flavor of the day: Oreo. How are you?"

Onyx placed the plate down and pulled a chair out to sit.


"I'm doing fine. How's your male friend over there?"


Onyx turned around to Kyle ringing guests up for their walk-out pastries. "He's doing just fine. That's the love of his life sitting at the window over there." She pointed at a Lucy talking low on the phone and the woman looked on in amusement.


"That's fantastic. Well I hope all is well. Don't let me stop you from working, Onyx."


Onyx got up, smiling, before turning to clean up another table.


The front door opened and Onyx looked up to see Zayne and three of his lacrosse teammates enter. They made eye contact but Onyx quickly shut that down and walked away.


Zayne nodded in Lucy's direction before sitting down with his buddies. He got back up and headed to Kyle and Onyx. "Hey, can I get three caramel lattes and one vanilla chai, please? Hey, any special treats today, Onyx?"


She looked up at him with no expression and tapped on the glass that had her cupcakes.


"Oh. Okay. I'll take four of the cupcakes too."


Kyle seemed mesmerized by the tension he was stuck between. It could choke him. "Ooookaaayyy. That will be $27."


Zayne gave him a card to swipe while he kept his glance on Onyx.


"Alrighty then, Zayne. Here you go."


He said his thanks and walked back to his seat. Kyle turned to Onyx and lifted his eyebrow. "Que paso?"


"I don't know what that was."


Kyle shrugged. "Okay. Do you want me to serve or..." he moved his hands up and down like a scale.


"I'll do it." Onyx got the cups and filled it with the hot beverages while Kyle placed the four cupcakes on a tray. Onyx picked up all of the food and carried it over. She placed the smaller tray of cupcakes in the center and proceeded to give the three other boys the coffee. She knew better than to ask who ordered the chai. She handed it to him and he looked at her with a small smile.


They used to drink vanilla chai teas together all the time. She ignored his sly move at a memory and walked to her dad's office at full speed. David had stepped out to pick up Sammy so Onyx sat in his chair and took a deep breath. She heard a knock on the door and then it opened. Kyle poked his head in and said, "Evening rush is in. Need help busting tables and taking orders. Emily and John are out here too."


"Coming." Onyx followed him out. She walked up to Zayne's table and started to clean when she noticed a paper sticking out from under the cupcake tray. She picked it up and opened it. She smiled for a second before quickly shoving the feeling away. She pushed the note into her back pocket and got back to work.


I can't sleep because of you. I can't breathe because of you. I can't eat because of you. And honestly, it's because I love you. Love deserves a second chance. A chance to build a lifetime of Oreos and vanilla chai with you. Please, I'm begging you Onyx Amber Jordan. I'd like to take you out for your birthday and for the rebirth of us. Please. I love you.







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