Baked with Love

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Onyx and Zayne argued over song choices as they drove to Jake's house. 

"Dude, honestly, how could you not possibly want to listen to Jhene Aiko?" 


"I want to listen to Drake, Onyx. I do not want to hear Bedpeace for the umpteenth time!" 


Bzzz Onyx looked down at her phone. 


Lucy: are u comin 2 Jake's party?? 
Onyx: duhh. I never have a choice lol. See u there, babes! xoxo
Lucy: kk 


Zayne reached for her phone, connected to the car's Bluetooth, to skip the current song causing Onyx to slap his hand away from hers. She smiled as Nick Jonas's Jealous remix came on. 


"You can't go wrong with a little Jonas in your life." She smiled sweetly as she wiggled her eyebrows. 


Zayne agreed to it and started singing like a maniac penguin during childbirth. "You're too freaking beautiful and everybody wants a taste. That's whhhyyyyyyyyy..."


"Ew! Shut up and just drive, Z. Please!"


Onyx laughed as Zayne pretended to be hurt. A couple of random songs played after until they reached the only house on the street with red cups and people strewn everywhere. 


Zayne parked his precious car a safe distance from the party and they climbed out. 

"Now, if I disappear don't go crying cause..."

"You'll be ‘porkin’ the first female you see? Got it." 


She didn't mean to sound angry but she couldn't help herself. Onyx rolled her eyes. She hated how much he played with girls’ hearts. Then again, the girls who let him mess with them weren't the most modest ones either. She shook off the feeling and walked away from the car with a confused Zayne in tow. They reached the front door and could hear Can't Hold Us on blast. 


Onyx reached for the handle, pushed, and headed inside over to the beer pong table where Lucy was standing, pretending to be the hostess for the match. 


"And there, ladies and gents, you have it! Michael prepares to make a shot. Will he make it? Will Julio chug? The crowd awaits in anticipation. Oh. OH. And OHHHHH he makes the shot! Poor Julio could use a seat." 

Michael smiles triumphantly and winked at Onyx, who snorted in return. 


Lucy laughed before acknowledging Onyx's presence.

"Hey, my love! Let's go dance!"


Besides Zayne, Lucy Wu was Onyx's other best friend. They were like sisters. Lucy was chief editor of the school newspaper and hostess for the school's radio. She was the second best at being preppy to the cheer squad. Everyone loved her. 


"You are crazy, Lu! Where's Lilly?"


"She's probably flaunting her tits around for Prom Queen votes. Who starts this early anyway?" 


"Jake's girlfriend. It's kinda smart."


Onyx and Lu moved to the beat laughing and talking and dancing till their feet hurt. Some guys came over and danced with them. One ended up giving Onyx his number. She looked over to Lucy after and said, "Freshmen."


They laughed and shuffled out into the yard, the cool breeze embracing them. 


"God, it's hot in there! How does the student body do it?!" Lucy threw her hands in the air in defeat at the thought of constant partying.


"Beats me."



"Have you told him?" Lucy was the only person who knew about Onyx's crush. 

"No." Onyx sighed. "I can't say anything now. He's still dating...if you can call it that, the Queen -Itch." 


"Exactly. They are definitely not exclusive! You need to tell him. To be honest, he's kind of dumb for not realizing you liked him before. But that's none of my business."


They laughed and headed back in. 


"Can you drop me home, Lucy? I'm not going to wait around for this boy to finish off his 5th round of slut shopping."

"Sure, hun."

"Great! Let me go pee first."


Onyx walked up the steps towards the bathroom. She had been to Jake Crenshaw's house often and, to her dismay, knew a little too much about him and his house. 


Jake and Zayne played together on the school's lacrosse team. The boys were close. Jake was dating Zayne's girlfriend's rival. Besides their partners wanting to kill each other, the boys had always been cool. Unlike Zayne, Jake was committed to Lilly. Too committed. Onyx had accidentally caught them in the act a couple of times. But Jake's only fault, in Onyx's eyes was his mouth and his dirty mind. He didn't think before he spoke. He once almost got punched in the face, by Zayne, for talking ill about 'gays', as he so eloquently put it, around her. 


Onyx found and finished up in the bathroom. She walked past a bedroom where a couple was shouting and cursing at each other. 



She walked quicker not wanting to be bothered by the dumb couple breaking up during a party. 


She walked out the house and hopped into Lucy's pink convertible. 





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