The Cabin in the Woods

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Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



When I was growing up I always had the same dream about an old, worn down, cabin. From what I could tell the cabin was in the middle of the woods with nothing else within miles of it. The weirdest thing about the dream is that all I could see is me standing outside of the cabin in my night clothes with no shoes on and then I’d wake up at the same exact part in the dream every time. I told my mom about this dream one time but as grownups always do she told me “it was just a dream” so I never mentioned it to her again. I didn’t think much of it anyway or at least not until we moved.
It was the middle of the year when my mom dragged my little brother and me out of school to move halfway across the world to get away from her stalker ex-boyfriend. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but he really was her stalker. He tried to force her into giving my little brother and me up for adoption but she refused. When he finally realized she wasn’t giving in to it he began acting cruel and obsessive and from that point on she kicked him out. Two years had passed since she left him but he never stopped harassing her which he did in many sick ways. For example, he put a camera outside her window and was watching her for weeks before she found it, he calls her from unknown numbers while he’s standing outside the house at night and sends her creepy gifts in the mail. My mom notified the police about these incidents but it wasn’t serious enough for them to do anything about, (at least that’s what I heard my mom say on the phone to her friend.) Since the police wouldn't help; my mom decided she had enough of the creepy surprises which is why we moved. 
I was upset about leaving the little friends I had but I also had enough of my mom not getting any sleep at night because she was afraid he’d break in and hurt one of us. The move was quick and far enough away that he’d never be able to find us, at least that’s what we thought. To my surprise, we moved to a small community like neighborhood which I really liked a lot. Everyone in the town knew everyone and they were all really welcoming. Our new house was big and painted sky blue with a porch swinging all the way around it; we even had a really long driveway that led back to our house. As you entered the house you walked straight into the living room which had beautiful, white carpet with a fireplace. In the next room was the kitchen which had granite tile, a steel refrigerator and an island in the center of the room. Following back into the living room there was a staircase that led to the three bedrooms upstairs which included two full bathrooms, one for my mom and one for me and my brother. My favorite part of all is that there were woods in our backyard that had a pathway. I was thirteen and my brother was eight which made us very curious. Fortunately, my mom said she already knew where it lead and that it was safe for us to go explore but only in the daytime.
While my mom was busy unpacking we raced out the door to the backyard to start exploring. As we made our way through the path there was a tire swing tied to one of the trees and not far back from that was an old worn down cabin. It looked exactly like the cabin in my dream. It had four open windows, five steps leading up to the porch, a creaky brown wooden door, and leaves that were scattered everywhere. I thought it was just a coincidence so I didn’t say anything. After we were finished exploring we ran straight home and got a bunch of blankets, binoculars, board games and snacks to make it into our clubhouse. From that day on, we played in it every day after school and especially on the weekends. 
Strangely, every night I went to sleep I noticed I never had the cabin dream again as if I were exactly where I was supposed to be. 
We lived in our new house for a whole year which eventually wasn’t as new anymore and I got tired of playing in the cabin. My little brother was only nine and still wanted to. He got mad at me because I wouldn’t go out there with him anymore and started giving me the silent treatment. This went on for weeks until one night he had a change of heart.  It was a cool, misty night in July when my little brother started talking to me again like he was never mad. I thought he got over it but I guess that was just an act considering the fact that he got up at 3:00 in the morning and snuck out to go to the cabin to play. I, instinctively, woke up at about 3:30 am and saw he was gone. I immediately ran to the next room, woke my mom up and told her that Jayden was gone. She jumped up, grabbed two flashlights and we ran outside making our way to the cabin yelling, “Jayden” but he didn’t respond. As we approached the cabin we could see a lantern glowing from the bottom window which of course we assumed was Jayden until we heard a familiar voice which yelled, “Christine, only you are to come and Jayden will be just fine.” It was my mom’s ex-boyfriends voice! My mom told me to wait there and she’d be right back out and as she was walking away I couldn’t stop wondering how he found us. It had been five minutes since my mom had gone and out of nowhere, I heard screaming and crying so I began making my way up to the porch to help them when everything went black. I woke up on the ground, in my night clothes with no shoes on, and realized the whole cabin exploded. The blast must have blown me back before I could get to them.
They were dead and I did nothing to save them! I knew my dream wasn’t just a dream; it was a vision and I didn’t listen to it. I stood there in shock not knowing what to do as I heard the sirens from miles away. While I was staring at the cabin everything instantly went black again like it used to in my dreams.
What seemed like minutes later I woke up in a white painted room on a bed with a bracelet tied around my wrist. I thought I was in the hospital but I was far from it which was something I didn’t realize until seconds later when a nurse came into the room and grabbed my hand. I quickly asked her where she was taking me and she told me to my daily visit with Dr. Murphy. I didn’t understand. How long have I been in here? What does she mean daily? I thought to myself. On our way to meet this Dr. Murphy guy, I observed everything around me from the walls to the floors, the doctors to the patients, and the depressing signs. It looked like a hospital but all the patients were acting strangely. As I entered his office I noticed it was quite colorful, with what were supposed to be comforting quotes all around the room. As I sat in the chair Dr. Murphy said,
“Hello, Kayden how are you feeling today?”
“Not good considering, my mom, and my little brother died last night, I responded.”
“What day do you think it is?” he asked curiously.
“It June 8th and I know this because they died yesterday.”
“Kayden, its March 28th of 2018 and you’ve been in a mental hospital for 5 years because of the dreams you keep having thinking your family died. You were given up for adoption at birth and never had a real family. Your 18 today and you’re free to leave.” 
“What! I know these are lies! I’m not sick! You’re the one sick in the head for giving me medicine I don't need while not listening to me.” 
Dr. Murphy tried to respond as I immediately got up and stormed out of the room, signed myself out and left to find out the truth. 
I didn’t remember anything after the cabin but I knew it had to of been real. I wasn’t insane. I quickly found a library and looked up my brothers and mother’s name in the obituaries but neither were on the list. I couldn’t believe it, they weren’t dead. Then, I looked up her ex-boyfriends' name and he wasn’t on their either. So, I looked them up as if they were alive and all three named came up. At that moment I knew they were real and needed my help.  The mental hospital gave me a little bit of money to start me off so I rented a car and a gun and went to the only place I knew they could be. 
It was a long drive to our old house where everything happened but I drove the whole 7 hours out. I wasn’t going to just not do anything this time. Finally, I arrived and saw a white sedan parked in the driveway but it wasn’t my mother’s. That still didn’t stop me. I ran up to the house and looked in the windows but saw no one so I followed the path that used to lead to the cabin. When I got to the end of it there was no cabin just a bunch of leaves like nothing was ever there. I dropped to my knees in the middle of the ground where the cabin used to be and began screaming and crying and it was at that moment that I felt a trap door beneath me and a bunch of leaves. It had a hatch on it. I quickly opened it and looked down to find a staircase which I followed all the way down to the bottom. When I reached the bottom it was dark so I had to use the flashlight on my phone. I shined the light all around me until I saw a big dark shadow ahead of me. As I got closer I realized it was my mom and brother. I gasped with relieve and they woke up frightened almost not recognizing me. I broke down and started saying, “I thought you guys were dead!” The first thing my poor, weak mother yelled was “Kayden behind you!” I quickly turned around pulled out my gun and shot four times missing the first two and the other two going straight to his head and chest. My mom, brother, and I crawled out of the hole and all over again I heard the sirens except this time I didn’t black out. 
I listened as my mom told the police how 5 years ago he blew the cabin up with them in it, pushed them down into a hatch under the ground and has been holding them captive ever since. "All this time he has been paying off the owner of the mental hospital making my son think he was crazy when really he's smarter than all of you," my mother shouted rudely. None of that matters now because my dreams really were visions and I'm happy to know her ex-boyfriend will never be a problem again. I fought back; I saved them! I didn’t do nothing!

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