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Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



I woke suddenly in a cold white room. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. I sit up and scratch my head, sore from what felt like a baseball bat hitting me in the head. I take a moment to examine my surroundings, and I try to remember anything about the night before. Nothing. I stand without issue and I start walking in one direction, not thinking that calling for help would change anything.

I walked for about a half hour, and still there was only white in all directions. This reminded me of an old story my father told me when I was young. It was about a murderer who was cursed by a family member of one of his victims. The curse was that the robber would walk forever in one direction without looking back or turning.

That was just a story though. But it still feels strangely real, I think as I continue on the path I'm taking. Just to humor myself, I try to think about what I had done over the last week. I went to my job as a salesman, I made brownies for my best friend, my wife and I. Oh my god, I remembered something then that changed everything. My wife was wanting me to come pick up our son after meeting with my friend, but I said she should go alone so I could wrap things up with my long time- friend. I noticed myself crying and tried to stop the tears. She died because of me.

When she left, my friend and I wrapped up the visit because he had a train to take cross-country. Later that night, I noticed my wife hadn't returned home with our son. I tried to call her phone, and when she didn't answer, the police called in and reported her body being found near a river. They said she had committed suicide with a small child and that they were both dead.

I now see my mistakes. I now realize that those things my dad told me, weren't just stories. They were warnings to me to be careful of what I do. 

A note suddenly appears in front of my on the ground. Hopeful, I run over to it and look over the writing. It read:

You see now that you are here for a reason, that reason significant enough for this form of punishment. You have done nothing but been careless with you relationships, taking everything for granted. So you will remain here forever, son, just like the man I used to tell you about, all those years ago.

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