Cheap Justice

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The SWAT swarm Mona Blaise’s house like heavily armed black bees to a honeycomb. With bated breath, they wait for the take down. The notorious Mona Blaise, drug kingpin, is defeated and finally
shut down.

Mona is indeed arrested, tagged, booked, and chained. Yet she accepts her fate with a wink. She knows full well that her paid workers, many of whom are police and judges, will eventually release
her. Mona is fearless and strong. Powerful and intimidating. Loveless.

Such traits do not pass on to her sixteen-year-old son, Tyler Blaise. Tyler’s innocence is real and palpable. He is not like most teens his age. His mind is slower. His heart bigger. His
intentions, child-like and pure.

After Tyler and his attorney struggle with lying police officers, crooked judges, bloodthirsty prosecutors and a vengeful mother with everything to lose, Tyler miraculously wins his freedom.

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Submitted: November 15, 2017

one   Dirty Lou shifted from one foot to the other as he waited behind the dumpsters in the back alley of 9th street.  ... Read Chapter