Falling For You

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Being an adult fucking sucks

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



Being an adult fucking sucks. One minute you’re with your parents happy and responsibility free, then the next minute, you’re alone, struggling to afford dinner. Seriously, I need to get my life together. My roommate is the epitome of a good college student. She has a savings account, she’s smart, she isn’t dumb about her spendings. She got her shit together. Me? Yeah, no. That’s one thing they should have a required class in highschool. How to survive being an adult 101: The guide to money, taxes, and freedom. Sure, I made it to my NYU, my ”dream college”. Sadly, I have to actually, you know, pass my classes. Such a great start I had, being late to my first college class

I was hastily making my way down the flight of stairs in my dorms, rushing to my afternoon class. My hair was a brown, bunned, curly mess on top of my head. My outfit, planned the night before, was a simple white shirt tucked into light-washed skinny jeans with an army green cardigan. My untied, brown ankle boots really pulled together my messy-ass look. I cursed at myself for my idiocy, shaking my head. How could I forget to set an alarm.

“I’m gonna be late,” I muttered, rolling my eyes immediately after, because my own obviousness. Well, no shit, Brooke. Of course, i’m the clumsiest person ever and, of course, I ran into somebody. God, it was such a cliché moment, I could throw up. At least I had all of my belongings in a backpack so papers and books didn't fly everywhere, though the backpack flew across the floor of the lounge. I had only a few stairs, and I managed to trip over my untied ankle boots. When I thought I was going to tumble down and follow my backpack that went flying, the tall guy I was clumsy enough to run into had strong reflexes, and caught me before I hit the ground. His arm wrapped around my stomach and his other grabbed my shoulder. I was thankful I didn’t fall, but when my mind caught up with the rest of me, I realized I literally fell on some random dude. I looked up at his face. Some cute guy’s arms. I regained my balance and the gorgeous man pulled away with a smirk. I look up at him, my caramel colored skin definitely a light shade of pink. “Sorry for falling on you… but thanks for catching me.” He grinned at me. His almond color skin glowed and his dark golden brown hair looking perfect with his eyes, a mix of gray and hazel. “No problem.” He looked nervous, it was cute. “Since you fell  for me, could I maybe catch your name?” He said said looked up shyly, he was really cute. I scrunched my nose at him, laughing. “For such a cute guy… what a cheesy pick up line.” He laughed, eyes bright. I retrieved my back pack from across the room, “I mean, only because you are i'm a sucker for puns and since you're so adorable, sure. My name is Brooke, what about yours?”

“My name is Noah.” I smiled, thats a pretty cute name. "Well, since you are a sucker for cheesy stuff and I ?am ?so adorable," his face was getting pinker by the second, "Could I have your number too?"

My smile grew larger, my cheeks still a bit pinky. I grabbed a sticky note from the side pocket of my backpack and scribbled down my number. Feeling confident, I stepped closer to him, only a few inches away. I stuck the sticky note on his chest, “Here you go... it's only fitting since I did fall for you.” Inches away from eachother, he gave him a quick peck on my cheek. I turned my head quickly and walked towards the door. I stopped and turned back around. "See you later." i said, trying to be casual, though my heart moving a million mile per second. He pulled the sticky note off his chest and smiled. He looked up at me, "See ya, Brooke." He turned around on his heel and walked up the stairs to the dorms. 

I ran out the door, returning to the hasty pace I started with. I shook my head at myself, this time smiling. “Yep.” I thought to myself. “I’m definitely late.” I grinned, and rushed to my afternoon class, this time not falling into another cute guy’s arms. Maybe being an adult isn’t half as bad.


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