the life of no school see where it gets you

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the story is about a man that left school and it hurt him in the future and he had nothing he lost his son and wife

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



I was in school didn't really like it cuz i never learn to read good i would always mess up up on my reading but it's okay. I would always hang around the wrong people and smoke and not give a fuck about my school life but around the middle of the school year a teacher started to help me out on my school work she cared about me a lot more than other teachers she would come in class and help me on my test but my dumbass didn't cared  i would mess around she would look at me and just be mad at me i liked that she would help me out but i was to busy not caring. She worked her ass off to help me get my grades i would stay after school she would to, to get my grades up i did that for a while but then i started to not cared for my school work when she found out about my grades she got so mad that she took me out of class to talk to me and tell me what's up with me for not caring she was telling me that i need school that i need to get my head out of my ass but after the talk i went back to not care about my school life she would check up on but this one day she came in and saw me playing on my phone and she started to talk to me and tell that why i am playing around she told me that i need to get on my game cuz she always working her ass off for me and i didn't cared she told me that when she was little that she had her mom died on her and that her dad was messing around and not caring about her she had to go to school and get her life and that she stayed to work on grades with me and that fected her school she wanted to be a DR she s still going to college for it and that i'm wasting her time she takes notes for me and everything she did for me and to help me out i was like damn that was hard she left and i sat there thinking about it ………...2 years later i drop out and she moved on living her dream of being a DR i got stuck on being a thug and not caring about shit then i met this girl who smoke and pop pills and drinked lean  and i had a kid with that girl she was a good mom when she was not high she was always caring for kids i loved that but when she was high she was being a different girl not the love i fell in love with……5 years later my kid got cancer and my girl she was really sad she was always high on xanaxs she was lost when the DR told us our kid got cancer she was not their for our son i took my kid to get care but i couldn't cuz i didn't have the money for it he was dying the DR came out and told us we don't have the money for they had to start with i was crying and got lost i was in the other room another DR came in she stop and read the paper she started to cry she called my name i look up and i look at her and she ran and hug me i knew who it was it was the teacher from school 10 years ago she was crying saying “ i miss you oh my god” i was crying to my son dying my wife killing herself slow and a teacher from the pats hugging me my world my life was falling the teacher hugging me looked at me said how she can help i told her i need money for my son she looked at the paper she said that it was way to much she didn't have that type of money my son died later that week my wife overdose on pills later i tried to kill myself but i failed and the the teacher that loved me save my life my world was gone but i had someone that loved me in life. I learn that school gonna help you in life not friends stay in school the most you can do…….

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