the mysterious house

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this short story is about three girls that go for a late night walk about one in the morning and pass by a mysterious house and enter

Jessica and her friends were walking through the woods late at night, it was about one in the morning. As they walked, they found a house that was dark and looked puzzling. Approaching the mysterious house, their curiosity grew and wanted to go inside. They knocked on the door but there was no answer, suddenly the door opened by itself.


Anna exclaimed “Jessica! don’t go in there”, but she didn’t listen and entered the house.


She saw something mysterious, it just didn’t seem right. She called the other girls and they all went in together. All three of them wandered around the house. Chloe found something interesting and wanted to take a closer look. Jessica and Anna kept on walking but Chloe stayed behind. She heard a little girl crying for help and stood there silently until she realized that it came from the closet. Slowly trembling, she went towards the closet. Before she could even open the door, she felt as if someone was choking her. The feeling suddenly stopped and with a shaky hand she reached for the closet handle and swung it open, completely prepared for what could happen, but nothing was there. Just an empty closet. Jessica and Anna looked back and realized that Chloe wasn’t there with them. Their hearts quickened its pace.


“Chloe? ” Jessica called her loudly but there was no reply.

“Chloe? ” Jessica said, practically yelling.

“I’m right here” Chloe replied.

“Are you alright?” asked Jessica.

“Yeah I’m fine,” said Chloe.



They then kept walking around the house and went up the stairs. The stairs were making a noise as if they were broken. Reaching the second floor, the three girls heard strange noises coming from one of the rooms. They searched each room upstairs and didn’t find anything until they searched the last room. In the last room, there was a video playing. It was about a girl and her family being murdered. The video then stopped playing, the lights went off and one of the girls went missing. Jessica and Anna were shouting and shouting trying to find Chloe. They kept searching everywhere around the whole entire house but there was no sign of her.


Chloe went missing for about a few days and everyone was trying to find her. Her parents, friends, and the police. She was nowhere to be found. Everyone was worried and freaking out. Her parents have not gotten any sleep at all since the day that they received a phone call saying she was missing.


After a few weeks, they found a dead body in a lake near the house. The police quickly reached the dead body to see if it was Chloe, luckily it wasn’t her. She was trapped somewhere and couldn’t get out. She tried crying for help but no one heard. She screamed even louder


“HELP!!!” Chloe shouted.

“Do you guys hear that?” asked the police.

“HEEELP” she kept shouting.

“ CHLOE! Is that you?” said Jessica.


They went towards the place they thought she was in. There she was tied up that she couldn’t even move. They untied her and took her home. Her family and friends were so happy to see her back.


Submitted: November 16, 2017

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