Baldwin and the Witch

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Three months after the fall of Arendell, a royal knight by the name of Baldwin, as well as his band of fellow knights, hunt the witches that have plunged their land into chaos and disarray. But
once certain events transpire, Baldwin finds himself trapped in the company of a young witch - whether he likes it or not!

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

      "I think that should be the last of them," Maurice strained, panting heavily as he withdrew the point of... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

  Baldwin didn't know how long he was unconscious, nor did he know where he was; the smell of flowers, incen... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The girl stepped a pale foot through the doorway, meekly tiptoeing into the room, coming to a stop before the table, her bare f... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

For two hours, the unlikely duo walked in near complete silence. Baldwin marched forward down the thin forest path in the direction ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

The pair finished their lunch, and continued moving on. The meal was the only real time they spoke, and once back in transit, Baldwin res... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The drake stood in the middle of the path, its shoulders hunched and its head low, emitting a soft growl. The reptile turned to circle hi... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Once they had recovered from the shock of the battle - among other things - the knight and the witch continued their journey. The forest ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

The ground shook with each step the tree-giant took, and it would soon be upon them. Emilia tugged on Baldwin's arm. "It's coming in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

[text here to avoid spoilers] ;)
Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Baldwin kicked the large door open, the wood splintering from the impact. He lumbered into the poorly-lit grand foyer, with Emilia in tow... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

With Irina slain, her abomination crouched to the ground, enabling Baldwin to safely jump to the floor. He looked to Emilia, who was walk... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Baldwin awoke with a start; how long had he been asleep?! He whipped his head towards the window, and the sun was on the horizon; he had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Before long, the raiders were visible coming over the scorched hills, roughly a dozen of them. They closed in from all directions, a... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Four hours of walking later, Baldwin and his partner found themselves in yet another forest, which was somehow even more torched than the... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

[Text here to prevent spoilers]
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