stolen smile

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this story follows a little girl precious gem this is a work in progress

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



Stolen smile

I awake from night drinking, submerge in the bathtub full of water. I think, how long was I in the tub? Because my skin so soft, I can pull layers off if I chose. I make it out the water then sit down in the chair, and try to make sense out of this shit. But when I go to think, all I can see is that little girl’s face, from the first time I saw her, smiling an full of life, and the second time when I saw her, at the bottom of my empty class of liquor bloody and lifeless. I wonder, what could’ve have happen to you? As soon I ask myself that question I really didn’t won’t to know the answer to. I hear a little girl’s voice say (he play to ruff he-he) damn that’s going to ruin my day. I get dress and head out the door for work, but some things funny, the neighbors looking at me like they seen a ghost. I stop in my tracks pause shit! Someone stolen my car, after saying every cussword in the book the old nosey lady says (you kiss your mom with that mouth?) I give her the stare of a life time, But in that moment I have a sense of clarity. Then I remember I walked home, so I catch the bus to work. I think to myself, when you have somewhere to be, it seems like the bus get caught at every red light. But at every red light I start to notice something the little girls face is embedded inside them, but this time with more blood and she’s screaming. Her screams! Her screams! Echo through my head like a bad migraine. I ball up from the pain, assuming the worst was over. Then next thing you know I can’t see, because blood start coming from my eyes, I can’t hear blood is coming from my ears. At this point I wanted to die then quick as it started it’s over. It’s funny, a few seconds of pain fills like a life time. Ten minutes later, I arrive at the police department and the first face I see is cap, but he does not look happy to see me (he starts yelling)

 (Cap) where the hell have you been?!

(Me) cap I just seen you yesterday

Yesterday have you lost your got damn mind!? The last day I seen you was three days ago

I say to myself three days ago what the hell I was in the bathtub for three days

Cap I apologize my head having been in the right place

It better get in the right place or find a new place to work

I walk off saying alright cap ass hole

I make it to my desk, I sit there pondering for a minute, who was this little girl. I needed more information so I do a background check on murder girls in Columbus Ohio between the ages of 7-9. after hours of searching I find nothing then something dawns on me, she was tumbling, so she have to be in gymnastics so I type it in, bam she’s pops up. The media called her precious gem aka Dawn Baree even although she’s pronounce dead her body was never discover the only suspect they have is her father. Time to do some digging, but it’s going to take some time, seeing this is a cold case from fifteen years ago, And that I am a vice detective investigating a murder. I want to trail slowly but something tells me Dawn has waited too long.

I notice there’s a video clip of her performance, as I watch I notice she did her routine gracefully, she was so beautiful, just seeing her brakes me down to tears. Then suddenly I’m filled with anger, I know when I find her killer I’m going to hurt them. I try to talk my-self out of it, but something else doesn’t want me to, it wants me to stay mad, it want me to get angrier. I can’t just log in and investigate the murder, I’ll get busted, only way I can do this is to get cool with a cold case detective. I find an easy target, a rookie from another department. To make things better she is very attractive, so I introduce myself all Denzel like and hit her with a line from a boys to man song.

(Me) how you doing? My name is Marcus. You look like my first wife

(Trisha) oh you’ve been married/

No. she start to blush, cheeks light up like Rudolph the red nose reindeer

(Trisha) I think that just made my day

Don’t think, thinking get you in trouble (she burst out laughing)

You got jokes you a comedian?

No, but I try. I was wondering if I can take you out sometime. That a make my day

(She walks of and say) I hope you like surprises?

I yell hell no

Two months go by and dawn is getting restless, her screams are getting louder, more blood is coming from my ears and eyes. I might be using Trisha to get where I want but I have no choice. What would my mom say, I don’t give a dam mommas not here? So I sneak and ask her a question about the murder. She ask, how do I know about it. I make up a lie quick, and say I seen it on television, it works she gives me what I need. Dawn’s father name is Joseph Baree. soon as I see his picture I get a bad feeling. Looking into his eyes gave me chills on the back of my neck, but it wasn’t fear it was anger. Now I have his face, time to track him down. A lot can change in fifteen years. I see he’s still here in Columbus. The next couple of weeks I find out where he works, live, eat. I need to break him mentally. So I print dawn’s picture off and leave it on his door step. He doesn’t break a sweat to look at it. Next I break in his car, but this time he stares at it. I’m almost there. I’ll wait for the next time dawn will scream and record it. The night I did it was perfect. He was going out on the town, so I bug his car with her screams

Two hours later he leaves the bar. I followed him in and unmark car I start to play the screams when we get on the darkest street, and a long road just me and him. I hit play. He jumps from here screams, and start crying saying I’m so sorry I never meant to hurt you

He turns on the street to go home but he drives past his house, an hour later we arrive at devils woods. Is…is this where she’s buried, he head’s into the woods I follow, he come to a tree and stops. After pausing for a while I ask is this where she’s buried, he’s startle. I pull my gun out and threw him a shovel, only words I say is dig. After ten minutes there she is, precious gem. I punch him hard as I can and yell you sick son of bitch. I put the gun to his head and yells tell me what happen! He starts to talk

(Joseph) I never meant to hurt her, all I wanted was her mom to come back

(Me) you killed your daughter because her mom left. I’m shock he blames her mom. I pulled the hammer back and ask another question I don’t want to know the answer to the question I’m about to ask.

(Me) how did you killer

Joseph) I told her let’s play blind fold we play all the time so she never knew what was coming

I arrest him, break his arm just to put the hand cuffs on. hour later we arrive at the police station. I get ready to take him out the car, then something he does and say enrage me. He laughs and say, this is when you turn me in. next thing you know I fill the rage, the rage! I pull my gun out cock it back. And in a quited voice I say No… this is where you die  I pull the trigger and blow his brains out In front of the police station. Bang, bang as his brains in blood fly in the air, I see his daughters face inside of the blood and brains, she smiles and I smile back. before I pull off to get rid of the body, a cop opens fire, I return it back, but I’m in the mood for killing so I’m aim at his head, I finish the clip. After a brief chase  I make a clean get away, I have to get rid of this body I just throw him on the side of the road like a piece of trash. I take the car and proceed to burn it. I really didn’t think this through, I have a long walk home a four mile walk, but as I continue to walk, a light appears, then I feel someone grab my hand. I look down and it’s Dawn, I walk her to the light, but before she enters I say save me spot, she says, no need to rush, death comes after of us all. (Next chapter running no where fast)

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