First Night of Winter

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A short piece I wrote by the first fire of this winter.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



First Night of Winter

As the last of summer suns fades into the gray mist of the coming winter, I watched as the leaves of orange and red fall to the ground just starting to freeze. The wind hollers with a northern cry, chilling all with its cold, winding touch, forcing us to seek shelter as the onset of the first winter storms slowly rolls over the mountains towards the inevitable knowing the warm summer suns shall be missed for several coming months.

I walk inside the empty home, the dark wooden floors cold to my bare feet. What to do on such a gray day? How to brighten the mood of the house. Slowly I build a fire in brick fireplace, the warm flames heating the room and the wooden floors as the flames flicker. All the window curtains are closed, almost all light except the flame’s flickers dancing along the walls.

The sweet scent of sangria fills the air as I pour two glasses over strawberries, peaches, and ice. The dark red wine whispers my name as I sip slowly, the intoxicating taste send waves of pleasure through my body. I place the softest of fur blankets in the center of the room, covering the wooden floor. Laying down upon the blanket in front of the fire, waiting for my love as she takes a hot shower.

I admire her legs as she strolls into the room wearing a gray fur robe, her legs exposed each step showing off her smooth toned thighs. I smile as she stands over me, teasing me ever so slightly as her slowly sways providing me only glimpses of her perfect curves.

I hand her a glass of the sangria as she nestles next to me. Two of my fingers slip the hair behind her ear gently and the slowly trace wavering lines down her neck, slowly inch by inch slipping her robe off. My lips kiss her neck sweetly as she sips upon the delicious red wine.

"What mischief do you have planned tonight sir?" She asked as her spark with the known truth.

"Simply pleasing my goddess's every desire and whim....."

"Well, you better give more wine and get to it then!"

As commanded, I pour us some more of the sangria staring into her blue eyes as I do, watching the flames of the fire reflect in her eyes as if our passion itself flamed in their intoxication.

Sitting behind her, I let my hands massage her neck, each hand working in harmony, stroking her neck down to her shoulders, slowly working all the stress from her shoulders and neck. Each motion smoothly sliding farther and farther down her front torso.

Soon my long smooth strokes massage from the back of her neck, out over her shoulders, before sliding back to her front, then down circling her perky breasts. Each stoke flames the already heated passion, creating moans from my goddess, making my manhood swell and throb.

Leaning back to kiss me, I run my hands through her long hair, pulling ever so slightly just to get a reaction I always crave. I let my hands run over the length my reach, slightly squeezing her neck before cupping and circling her perky breasts, sliding down to caress her curvy hips, before stalling to enjoy her tight thighs. My fingers sway as my hands massage, my lips kiss hers as I pull away just enough to nibble upon her lower lips.

"Your goddess wants to purrrrrr....." she pleads staring into my eyes.

Obeying the command of my lover, I guide my right middle finger to her clit. Almost instantly she becomes soaking wet, her moans grow as the sound of her pleasure increases, the slippery sound of my finger sliding inside her. As the pad of my forefinger circles upon her g-spot she reaches up to hold on my shoulders. Working just a few short motions her kitty tightens in pleasure as her thighs begin to tremble.

Now I become the master, controlling her pleasure, soon commanding my goddess to cum at my will. With every finger and several combinations I make her orgasm until she has soaked the blanket in cum. Yet the more she cums, the more we both desire. Before too long both of my hands are pleasing her at once. The multitude of fingers teasing her clit and pleasing her g spot at once sends my goddess into ecstasy.

As I kiss and nibble upon her neck and shoulders, I watch as her whole body begins to quake at my commands, her moans become lost in a world of lust, until she can take no more and begins to tap out....begging for a break. But insist on final push, just a little more to make her explode, erupting cum and soaking us both.

As I hold her close, collapse into my arms, our gazes transfixed upon the flames of our passions flickering in the fire before us, I whisper into her ear "I better get us more of the delicious sangria so we continue upon our lustful fiery evening....."

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