Beyond Natural Selection

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Jessica had just started to get her life back together after the loss of her family all she ever wanted was normal back. She had no idea that that night would change her entire existence. Along
with her definition of normal.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



coming out of the haze she felt the satin sheets under her, this isnt her home. she sat up with a start, oh its starting to come back to her. she needs to get her balance back, Jessics looked around admiring the good taste in which the room had been decorated she always wanted something like this. Her father always said that wealth like this came from a price that did not get paid with money. She never fully understood what he had meant. She now is starting to understand now. It all feels like a dream like watching a movie. But this is way too real she can feel the the cold cement underneath the carpet. Carpet that was probably worth more than her car. Some types of cold cannot be hampered by any barrier. It had been a normal night she kept saying in her head it wasn't normal. it started out like every Saturday night, me and the girls always went out for drinks then to the taco truck afterwards and followed by lift home. The drinks were great company was fantastic Jenny's boyfriend DJ and we listening to all of their favorite songs. It was her turn to pay and she had just ordered and before she could even handle over the money to Marco the taco truck owner her whole world went upside down. It was like everything was in slow motion and after she blink twice it was only her and 3 creatures. An offer was made....she could go willingly everyone else would be spared. What could she do her best friends in the world were there wasnt much for her after she lost her family. He exstended his hand, she closed her eyes and put her hand in his in a moment they were there are miles away and many more of them are there. They spoke in whispers finally one of them steped free of the group and stood in front of her " relax, look in my eyes" I looked directly in his eyes and everything in my power to defie him, what power do I have why would I even try. I had to try I had to do anything I just surrender to these creatures. Somehow someway I must have done something.He sighed heavily and look to the skies as to pray but obviously not. The way we travel is more than disorienting to humans I need to put you in a partial sleep. You need to put down your barrier and let me in. I nodded I felt truth in his voice besides the exasperation I felt there was little fight left in me. Save it for another day I told myself. I let the barriers down and next thing I know the world is hazy...

She reluctantly gets out of bed and starts to explore the room. She's impressed with the reading selection on the bookshelf. If it wasn't for the circumstances she can see herself hunkering down in this room for a long time and just pouring over these books. With the exception of the lighting which was very dim and almost Rose like. A knock at the door! Her heart jumped her stomach turned who could it be? Is it the creature that brought her here? Or one that she hasn't even seen yet? And then an almost timid voice, " hello are you awake? may I enter?" She's asking me? " yeah I guess so" almost hesitantly the door opens in their stands a young woman looking about 3 or 4 years younger than me I did not get the same vibe off of her that I did the others. Dressed in clothes that I could only dream of buying again I keep thinking in my head the cost dad the cost. " hello I'm Rebecca, I was asked just make sure that you were comfortable and to show you around a bit". See if I was comfortable? How could I be comfortable here I mean it is luxurious but I'm not here on my own free will. I tell myself make the best of it find your out. " oh okay well thank you I'm okay A bit thirsty, but not too shabby for the situation I guess" " I'm sorry" she respons hastily " someone should have put a note she walks casually over to what looks like a a part of the bookshelf pushes the corner on it and it pops open to small refrigerator and it's filled with dr. Pepper water and even a bottle of Jack Daniels. How in the hell did they know. Well at least that's one comfort of home I tell myself and grab a can. " do you feel ok to walk around Jessica?" Now I know I did not tell anybody my name! Something in the pit of my stomach tells me I need to be on my guard. I was somehow able to block that one out last night maybe if I concentrate. But it seems like they got all the information they already need. Alright hold yourself together and finding a out.

" Ready to go? " Rebecca asks, way too excited. "ready as I'm ever going to be". Jessica takes a breath as she steps out of the room with Rebecca. She concentrates herself on keeping calm. Don't let them know how scared you are, don't let them know they can get to you. Chin up shoulders back and don't pass out she recites to her self. The hallways are not as luxurious as their rooms thick cement brick walls and musty order and the rose tinted light again. She silently wonders wonders why there must be some reason if it's in the whole place. Maybe that's something she can use later on. Keep your wits about you girl. The thinner carpet doesn't stop the sound of their heels hitting the cement they e0choes throughout the structure." There's a lot of long corridors here don't worry we won't let you get lost" Rebecca give a smile trying to reassure her guest it's not so bad. " what if I want to, get lost that is". Jessica murmmers and gives Rebecca a side glance as to say don't count me down just yet. " I realize these are not the best circumstances but I promise I'll help make this transition the best it could possibly be" Rebecca almost cheers, again way to enthusiastic. I actually have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. I stop dead in my tracks Rebecca takes a couple more steps before she realized I'm not moving with her and comes back to me. " listen I'm not here because I want to be I don't know what this transition you're talking about is and it's not idealistic, is the most under stated thing I've ever heard" I'm trying very hard not to lose my temper. I stomp past her not even looking at her. And accomplish nothing but it made me feel better. I come to an intersection three possible ways to go I wait for her to catch up to me. I promise you all your questions will be answered shortly and there will be an opportunity for you to decide the outcome of your fate just bear with us a little longer" With my interest peaked and my hope a bit higher I nod to her. I need to at least pretend to play the game and keep looking for the out. My faith in my captors just releasing me after threatening my friends is miniscule at best. However if they feel like I'm not a flight risk it might be easier to to find a way out. " in that case lead the way" Almost sarcasticly.

We turn left and then right, left, left... I'm almost sure they've done it on purpose to make me lost. Finally we arrive and a large oak door with what looks Celtic knot carved into it. Druids? I chuckle internally, late night on Syfy Channel's give me too many ideas. But the way it was framed it was more like a family crest? I wonder. Rebecca raps on the door with her Knuckles but that little hand created more like a thunder. I jump and look at her confused, it must be the door or the frame or the way the hallway sits I reassure myself.

The door slowly creeps open quick face pics out and then back in. The doors abruptly swing open. " Miss Rebecca and Miss Jessica. I feel like I'm being announced at court. I reluctantly enter the room. The warmth of the fire filling the room gives off a feeling of comfort as I enter through the threshold. The rose dim lights again. This time they see comfortable along with the firelight I look around three very Majestic looking men if you want to call them that stand at the other end of the room. It's furnished in dated luxury, plush. Cherry oak furniture with large cushioned seats no glass no metal. Miss Jessica, please have a seat, asks one of the three he seems to be the one in charge. As I approach he offers his hand , I go to shake it but instead he uses it to guide me to a chair. We all sit, Rebecca sits near me as if to comfort me.

He clears his throat I am King Esser he states flatly. I am first in this clan, this is Kal and Josph they are number two and three. you have already meet Rebecca, Behinder is Melcome. I had not even notice the forth male, was he standing in the shadows? or was it that I could not take my eyes off the majestic face of Kal. Malcolm is our mage Rebecca is his Apprentice. Well with the formalities out of the way let's get down to business. Your majesty if I may, Rebecca pleades. Jessica just woke up this is an alarming contrast to what she is used to I think we need give her a little bit of time to understand who we are and what the situation is. I'm way too old for all of this grumbles king Esser, he pauses, fine! It's your task then you know how important this is Rebecca. Tomorrow we re-meet. with that he stands and storms out of the room. Rebbeca places a hand on my shoulder, he's always like that don't worry. I give her a half smile I don't even know what you talking about I'm not worried about anything except for survival at this moment and maybe that Jack Daniels that was back in the room. Almost as she is almost like she could read my thoughts she says let's go back and have a cocktail.

We return to what seems to be my room. Rebecca quietly waits while I pour myself a big drink. Whiskey, I sigh. I take comfort in that first drink, probably too much. she hasn't felt this alone since after the shooting.she shuttered. I won't go there now she tells herself. I need to be strong, after she consumes what she fells like is enough to get her thru this conversation Jessica turns to Rebecca. Alright let me have it, but don't bullshit me the last thing I can deal with now. Agreed, I won't mix words but you have to understand what I'm about to explain will be, she pauses shocking to say the least. She starts to pace, where to begin. My patients are wearing thin how about let's start with the basics what exactly are you? She raises an ebrow. Its pretty obvious your not exactly human, start there. She agrees.

We are ageless, we are not immortal but not much can kill us. She watches my reaction. We no longer are required to eat food or drink water. We can but most don't regularly. She again pauses for my reaction. We do need nourishment semi-regularly the older the less is required. We as a rule stick to blood banks or hunt wildlife. We only feed on fresh blood for pre battle protection spells and for special rituals. We also alway compel the doner to forget and give them a revitalizing tonic that leaves them better they before they crossed our path. The donor I say sarcastically. Believe it or not they there are actually lucky to be chosen. LUCKY!! I thought we agreed to no bullshit I start to raise my voice. Jessica, I promise that anyone we select for donation walks away better off than when we found them. They may be missing 20 minutes of their life but they're physically healthier if they have any illnesses chronic or otherwise they are cured and I'm talking any. This includes early stage cancer, ligament break down, arthritis among a few. We compel them to believe they got better over a period of time but the results of the same they feel good the next day. The next day? I question. Yes it does take energy from them. We don't Willy nilly select a doner, we watch habits so we don't interrupt meaningful moments in there life. We find single people who are on there way home who have no to reason to get up for 8 to 12 hours. We compel them to go home, drink water, eat something, and get a wonderful night sleep. The next day the awake refreshed and better than ever. ok so since you don't intersect in lives why am I here.

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