Fade to White: Descending into Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Due to the size of this chapter, I've decided to split it into two parts.

Part Two, the finale of this fight and arc, will hopefully come within two weeks to a month!

Please, enjoy this chapter and tell me what you think in the comments!

Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Light of The Heavens

Submitted: September 05, 2019

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Submitted: September 05, 2019



Chapter 17: The Light of The Heavens


In the forest outside of Bloodfall, a deep shadow cast by a large Oak ripples as the group slowly arise from it. Shirou is the first to emerge, followed by Rose. Lycana, after a few seconds pass, emerges as well and stands beside the two. Alucard is the last to bring himself out of the shadowy rift, dusting himself off before looking up and ahead at Bloodfall. His eyes slowly widen as he sees the erupting flames and billowing columns of black smoke in the distance. His attention is quickly drawn from the disastrous flames into the sky as a familiar ring is seen in the sky; a ring of lighting, with for charged bolts placed evenly at points on the ring. Shirou looked up as well, his expression filled with surprise as he watches the same move used on him in his fight with Nosferatu summoned in the sky.


“That attack-” Shirou said but, before he could finish, Alucard began to run toward the city in what seemed to be desperation. With no other choice but to do so, the rest of the group ran after him to try and keep him out of the raging battle ahead of them. Shirou reached out to grab him as he passed but the sudden and powerful burst of lightning that crashed devastatingly caused a powerful surge of wind to crash into the group, sending each of them onto the ground quickly.

Disoriented, but otherwise fine, Alucard rose to his feet slowly. After the explosive lightning strike, the area was quiet. 

It was, until the faint sound of crackling energy grew loud enough for the group to hear. This sound drove Alucard back into a sprint, running quickly into the battleground that became of his home. His father slowly comes into view, illuminated by a lightning bolt that seemed to be ahead of him. 

The younger vampire stretched his hand out to his father, and then--


[One hour earlier]


"Now then, Beelzebub.", Nosferatu had said, pulling the tip of his golden sword out of the ground. "-Shall we conclude things here?" The vampire glared down at the frozen demon, who looked on with a mixture of fear and anger. 

The demon's expression solidified into an enraged grimace as he rose to his feet. His shaky hands gripped his spear tightly as he said, "If you truly despise me… become stronger and slay me." As he said this, his downcast yellow eyes shot forward to focus on the King, who returns Beelzebub's glare with a puzzled expression.

"I'm… sorry? That's quite an odd thing to reply with. I don't quite understa-"

"You wouldn't understand! But I suppose you should know… my grudge is not with you, or your meaningless comrades. Long ago, before I held this name and title, I was once like you… 

I was a vampire. I'll save you the story, but your father spoke those words to me."


The King stood there, silent for a moment as Beelzebub ranted out his motivations to him. He puts his hand to his face before quietly chuckling, slowly building out into loud laughter. "HahahahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHA!", Nosferatu was consumed in laughter, slowly calming himself down before he says, "Oh- Oh… my! Talk about a confession of a lifetime!"

He stopped for a moment, pointing his sword to the demon, smirking as he said, "You, a terrifying presence on any battlefield. You, whose very name causes the bravest of them to falter. To think someone I genuinely thought could kill me was driven by such a meaningless thing. You're like a child, gripping a spear with shaky hands, standing before an invading force. It almost makes me feel bad that I have to dispatch you here."


Beelzebub glared forward at Nosferatu, his fingers tightening around the golden shaft of his spear. His mouth slowly curled into a hatred-fueled sneer as he spoke, his tone a low growl, "You-!" He suddenly broke his stillness, charging forward at Nosferatu, who looked on passively as the distance between the two closed in almost an instant. The Golden spear was thrust forward, it's owner's rage fueling it to push forward. "You dare call that meaningless?! That, That marauder  you were spawned from destroyed my home and shaped it into a joke!" 

With each sentence, the enraged Demon brought his spear down on the Vampires blade. 

"You refer to Bloodfall? Born from the ashes of the city my great uncle haphazardly ruled…? You dare compare that trash to the land my Father and I worked tirelessly to build with our own blood, sweat and tears?!"

Angered by his words, Nosferatu's blade had turned away from the  spear's next strike, meeting the flat of the spear's blade and causing a light shower of sparks to flutter randomly into the air. The spear and it's wielder slid harmlessly away from the golden sword and it's wielder, the redirection causing Beelzebub to stumble forward, granted almost no time to react as Nosferatu delivered a swift slash to his side.

He groaned out when the blade cut deep into his flesh, the attack causing Beelzebub to spiral to the ground as blood trailed not far behind him. His spear laid just inches from his fingers, the new wound slowly forming a pool of his own blood for him to lay in. 

He growled in pain as he slowly, painfully got back up on his hands and knees, pulling the spear closer before using it as support to stand back up. Blood spurts from the wound as he stands again, cringing lightly from pain as he wordlessly watches Nosferatu advance closer.


The demon grits his teeth as he reasserts himself firmly on his feet, pushing the pain he feels from his wound down. This pain is great, but he still must find a way to fell this immovable force in front of him. The adrenaline pumping endlessly through his bloodstream keeps him very alert, but he currently needs his mind for other things in order to survive. "His ring." Beelzebub thinks, staring at the green gem fastened within the silver ring. "It makes his healing nearly instantaneous, which is very powerful in the hands of a vampire… but-" As he things, he takes a deep breath, exhaling it slowly as he pulls his spear out of the dirt, readying it for an attack. "An attack to pierce the heart or the brain. That's all I need here-!"


His weapon prepared for an attack, he once again charges toward Nosferatu, a look of determination in his eye. The Vampire King rose an eyebrow at the oncoming attack, smirking viciously as he took a defensive stance with his Illumina, holding fast the handle with both of his hands.


The demon jabbed the spear forward, pushing on the butt of the spear to hasten the stab meant for the Vampire's side. Nosferatu turned the flat side of the blade as he moved it in front of the spear, stopping it's strike before it could reach it's mark. The block causes Beelzebub to lose his grip on the spear, sending it to the ground a moment before he gets on the defensive, leaping out of the way of a would-be lethal slash from the golden sword. With distance once again between them Nosferatu moves forward to close the gap, though he notices a familiar glint in the corner of his eye. He swings his sword to his side, deflecting the spear as it tries to return to its wielder and sending it clattering back to the ground. 


With his spear once again displaced, the demon takes an evasive approach to the battle at hand as he once again leaps past the golden sword's deadly edge. Not stopping his attack for a moment, the sword's downward slash halted as Nosferatu followed up with a horizontal slash as he turns to follow Beelzebub. Beelzebub leapt back to avoid the attack as the tip of the sword cuts into his chestplate, leaving a perfectly horizontal cut in the surface of his black armor. 


After very narrowly avoiding the vampire's ruthless attacks, the demon once again called for his spear to return to him. It lifts up into the air and spins like the needle of a compass, flying like an arrow toward Beelzebub's outreached right hand. 


"Like hell-!", Shouted Nosferatu. He pulled the weapon to his side, the blade pointing out behind him. He swings the blade in an upward arc, shouting out, "Album Blizzard, Requiem!"  As he swung the blade, an intense white aura surrounds the blade, releasing a solid thin mass of white energy surging forward from the slash. The raging white energy flies forward with almost unreadable speed and vanishes almost in the same moment it was cast, leaving a solid, thick wall of ice spires in its wake up toward the damaged wall of Bloodfall.


Nosferatu cuts into the ice immediately in front of him, shattering the small amount with a single swing as he walks closer toward Nosferatu, kicking shards of ice out of his way as he progresses. Beelzebub continues to summon the spear into his hand, backing up further as the Vampire approaches him. After multiple failed attempts to summon Gungnir, Beelzebub looks over in the direction he had last seen the spear. As he quickly scans the wall of ice, his eyes widen as he sees Gungnir rattle aimlessly inside it's prison of ice.


"Your stolen weapon, long out of reach." Nosfetatu says as he takes his steps closer to the Demon ahead of him. The light that is reflected and enhanced through the ice reaches his armor, causing his left to shine bright as though it was his own light. He stops walking, two feet from Beelzebub, the once proud and fearsome warrior now like any other you find on a hopeless battlefield. "Your pride, shattered. You, a relic of the past, one that should have stayed in the dirt instead of in the ranks of the army of the damned." 

The Vampire King raises Illumina into the air, the blade dimly glowing with golden light as he continues, 

 "-Now die knowing that you've fallen to the same bloodline twice."


A deep crack behind them all, unnoticed by the King who swings the sword upon the warrior who has lost all hope.


A streak of gold, flying like an arrow from the heavens, comes between them. The golden shaft struggles against the force of the golden blade and gives way, cleaved in two. It's owner, witnessing his golden hope break apart, accepts his death as the blade digs deep into the flesh of his torso, freeing the crimson liquid hidden behind the black armor.


Beelzebub falls to the dirt, facing the trees above him. He watches the green blow gently with his golden eyes half-lidded as he feels the warm crimson leak out of his wound, his life flowing into the earth. At his feet lay Gungnir, split in two pieces perfectly down the middle. A spear once used for war, used well by its two owners, now seeing it's time come to a close… As soon does the eyes of the invader.



"-pen your eyes, boy!"

"For Fuck's sake, open your eyes!"


Beelzebub's eyes shot open upon hearing the deep shout. At first, he thought his eyes were blurry, seeing pure white above him. As he sits up he rubbed his eyes and, with a few quick blinks, confirms the condition of his eyes.

And the blank white landscape surrounding him.


He gets up to his feet with no trouble, realizing this as he brings his hand to his chest. The wound he just received… was gone. Not even a scar remained. His armor had vanished as well, just what he wore underneath remained; Dark grey, skin-tight suit that covered his body, except for his hands and feet. Around his waist was a black cloth belt, one that reached down to the middle of his thighs in length and was held together by a piece of black metal that had a dark grey trim. 


"Am I…"

"-Are ya dead? No, not at all, boy. Believe me, you're almost there."

Beelzebub's eyes widened as he heard the new, deep voice from behind him, turning around to see who had snuck up behind him. 

He saw an older man, one that was noticeably shorter than him.

His hair, pale gold in color, had been braided around his ears and let loose at the back over his shoulders. Two locks of it rest in front of his eyes, or eye. The other was hidden behind a light blue eyepatch with gold trim. His clothing seemed as though he was preparing for battle; Heavy, golden chestplate and pauldrons for his torso and gauntlets matching the same design on his forearms. His faulds were not as gilded, just a navy blue cloth belt, with leather padding matching that color on his legs. His boots were of golden plate as well. His overall build and age gave him the appearance of a strong, wise warrior, a veteran to battle.


Beelzebub's eyes widen in realization as he nearly instantly recalls the identity of the being in front of him. 

Though, how could he truly forget? He was his killer, after all.


"You're… Odin...?"

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