Fade to White: Descending into Darkness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Wew, Final part of Inheritor! now, we'll start moving on to Babylon next!

Chapter 23 (v.1) - Inheritor, Part 2

Submitted: October 29, 2019

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Submitted: October 29, 2019



Chapter 23: Inheritor, Part II


[Minutes before]

"Shit! How could finding a sword be so hard?!" Shirou thought, slamming his fists into the sand. He closed his eyes again and slowly inhaled, attempting to calm and center himself. "How did they get to the point where they can just call their weapons to them freely?" He mumbled to himself, examples of Lycana and even Beelzebub coming to mind. "Maybe they have some form of bond with their weapon…? But how? They're just weapons, they can't… wait." He said, pulling the Silver Key he found closer as staring at it. "The first time I summoned Silver Thorn… I heard a voice. I haven't heard it since, but it was there." He looked up and sighed, looking down at it again and saying, "What if I… tried to ask? Jeez, that sounds stupid, but… it might just work…" He said, clearing his throat before continuing, "O… mighty sword, I beckon thee for thy aid in finding thy other half-"

"Formalities are unneeded. Command received, locating Key."


Following his surprised reaction came a low pinglike sound, like someone had tapped a spoon to a glass in an open room. It echoed from his right, drawing his attention as he began searching there. Digging through the sand piles near the area, his hand grips something long and solid. Tugging on it to dislodge it, he rips something long from the sand, looking up to see the familiar charcoal-gray color of the Silver Key's handle. "Haha! Now I can join the battle-!" He shouted, switching the newly found Key to his left hand before pulling the other out of its place in the sand. He took in a slow breath, exhaling as slow as he placed the butts of either handle together, pointing his right-hand blade up to the sky and keeping the left-hand blade pointing the sand below. After a second's pause, he shouted the summoning incantation.


"Surge! Et arma Gladium!"


The swords were slowly enveloped by a golden light from the tip down to the ends of the handles. Now mere golden lights shaped like swords their forms began to break down and swirl together, colliding, combining and flattening into a singular golden disk. It floated to his right side, waiting for him to reach inside to draw out the Silver Thorn. Instinctively, he reached toward the disk but paused, reaching into his pocket to pull out a small pouch that had been sprinkled with sand from his fall. Taking it in his right hand he brings the pouch to the rift, the rift resisting the addition before simply destroying the pouch slowly. The contents float in front of the disk before floating inside before his hand continued in. He reached inside and instantly felt a pause in his self, a pulse akin to a heartbeat flowed through his very existence as reality itself ceased to be reality and faded into a white scenery in the blink of an eye, a white land inhabited by one other.


He stood a few feet from Shirou, but was not far. He felt a sense of familiarity and alienation from the man in front of him, an odd contrasting sensation. The man seemed to be aged decently well, appearing to be a man in his late 30s. His hair was black, long, and wavy in style. Two locks reached down from his head and stopped a few inches past his black plate pauldrons. The new male wore black plate armor similar- no, exact to Nosferatu's. The only difference it had was the chestplate's emblem engraving. It was bordered in a hexagon, a four-pointed star wreathed in thorny vines with a small rose in its center.

"Are you going to gawk, or are we going to actually talk?" Said the male, his chilling blue eyes staring into Shirou's sky blue ones. 

"Ah, right- Wait a minute-"

"'Where am I?!', Is that what you intended to ask me? I'll answer that for you straightaway; You and I are inside your consciousness. As for who I am, I am Silver Thorn."


"Silver… Thorn?" Shirou asked, completely stunned. "If you're Silver Thorn, why do you look like Nosferatu?"

"I am not modeled after a being named Nosferatu. My source is that of the Sixth Guardian-Deity Of Shadow; The God Veilus and First Owner of Silver Thorn." Silver Thorn said, his voice was monotone and almost robotic. 

"...Huh. So, I'm speaking to my sword, and my grandfather?

"That is correct. You are Shirou Caliburn, as determined by your soul pattern and blood. Child of the Seventh Guardian-Deity Of Shadow; Goddess Ataraxia."

"So, these shards I received from Nosferatu, do they complete you?" Shirou asked, walking closer to the armored man. "In terms of restoring my complete Shard, yes. As well, since they have interacted with another weapon, I gain its properties as well. The Prime Element Divine Armaments possess magic ability in the fields of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. As such, to a limited extent, I and you shall gain such power in my current state. Furthermore, as my Shard is complete, Requiem Enhancement is now achievable." Silver Thorn, Veilus, said to Shirou in his monotone voice.


"Requiem…? I, uh, Thanks for all the information err… Silver Thorn, but I have to get back and help my friends." 

"Understood. I shall expedite the reformation of myself, though in the meantime you have access to one spell. Its name is-"




"Flammae aureae!" Shirou shouted, springing into the air with his sword at his side, the embers intensifying and erupting into flames that spiral around the blade. He brought the fire-consumed blade over his head once he reached the height of his leap, swinging it down with a powerful shout. The downward swing forced him to do a midair flip, the flames flying from his blade as he swung and this time launching off as a condensed, spiraling shot of flames. Instead of curling around the worm like they did before, the spiraling sphere of flame exploded upon impact violently, the force of the explosion reaching the sand below and kicking up a thin layer of it around the worm. 


Shirou landed and tumbled in the sand after his flip as Lycana shot past him with incredible, blinding speed. The illuminated runes flashed brightly for a split second on the head of her hammer, spreading the blue light to the edges of the head as if a gap had appeared and expanded. The previously golden sparks changed color to azure crackles of charged lightning, increasing in volume as the change occurs. "AaaaaaAAAAAAH-!" Lycana shouted, leaping into the air before her shout intensified. Instead of straight like Shirou had done, she flew directly for the worm while it was disoriented. Her body and weapon surrounded completely by azure sparks, large bolts trailing off of the two as though they were a lightning rod after being struck by a bolt from the heavens.

Her intensity was mirrored solely by her strike.

Not aimed for the face, she did not want to risk being struck point-blank by those hazardous bile projectiles that it struck Alucard with. In fact, she had noticed a rising bulge traveling up its body as it attempted to reorient itself. That was her target. She swung Mjölnir straightaway at the bulge, a few feet from the creature's maw, striking with the raw power of lightning itself. A rampaging lightning bolt was born upon impact, shooting jaggedly into the heavens and earth, bringing the explosive sound of thunder with it. The area was bathed with azure light, charged explosions crackling around the first bolt that went off like deadly fireworks. The birth of this bolt created winds not unlike a typhoon, the sand that was not petrified sent into the air like a mushroom cloud of charged particles. Those close enough, Shirou and Alucard, were tossed effortlessly away by the winds as the explosive force spread dozens of feet away. 


In a word, the werewolf girl unleashed pure devastation from her hammer, calling forth the raw power of lightning to her command.


"Whoa-!" The sound came from Shirou as the azure light flooded his view, his body lifted by the sudden and drastic increase in wind speed. He tumbled back after landing in the sand a moment after being lifted into the air, becoming a human tumbleweed as the range of the wind's effect grew. He felt his body gradually increase in weight as the uprooted sand crashed over him like a wave and buried him once again. 


Eventually the winds died down and the light subsided which gave Shirou the chance to rise from the sand again. Bursting out of the sand pile not unlike a corpse freshly reanimated from the grave, he shook his head to get the sand out of his hair, opening his eyes when he felt it was safe to do so.


And when he did open them, he stated at the scene before him in disbelief.


The sand for a few dozen yards around the center of the blast had been burnt pitch black and petrified, a large patch of black grains of glass replacing once golden brown sand. Shirou stood up and hurriedly shuffled his way through the sand as he approached ground zero, he noticed the worm had been completely decimated. The part of its body which had been hit by Lycana was gone, cut off completely to the end of the radius of the blackened sand, the small part of the remaining exposed body charred lightly. He approached the center, the crunching of glass under his boots gaining the attention of Lycana, who stood hunched over the handle of Mjölnir as if using it as a crutch. She seemed very exhausted, her eyes blinking a couple times as she saw a blurred silhouette of Shirou approaching her. When Shirou reached Lycana, he noticed the head of the hammer at her feet was smoldering ever so faintly, a light trail of smoke emanating from it.


Lycana swayed for a moment, falling softly on Shirou as she began to lose consciousness, trying hard to stay awake. "Lycana…?" Shirou asked, grabbing her as she fell towards him. "I-I'm fine… Just worn out is all…" 

"Its fine, be careful there…" He said, "Are you sure you're fine? You look like you'll pass out if I let you go, Lycana." She breathed in deeply, trying to calm her disoriented self as she replied, "Mhm… Just powered Mjölnir a little too much… I've never even used that much power before, my body almost couldn't handle it."


Seconds passed in silence as Lycana recollected herself. She pulls herself away from Shirou before leaning against her hammer again. "Feeling any better?" He asks her, to which she replied, "Enough to stand, I'll be fine here. Go look for Alucard, my attack likely threw him as well." Shirou nods once in reply before walking away, past the blackened sands to find Alucard.


After walking a good distance from the burnt sand, the desert returned to its original uniform state, golden sand for miles all around. Lycana's attack with Mjölnir left its effect even out this far, which Shirou noticed as he walked further away from Lycana and ground zero. The visibility of the area gradually decreased the further he traveled until he stood in the middle of a sand cloud. "Great…" Shirou said with an annoyed tone before dropping Silver Thorn into the sand, bringing his hands to his face, palms open as he began to shout for Alucard.

"Alucard-! Can you hear me?! Alucard!!!" Shirou yelled as he continued walking, pulling Silver Thorn from the ground. As he walked on, he stepped on something hard buried under the sand. Crouching down to dig around the sand, he soon uncovers a glimpse of golden metal. Digging further, he pulls out Alucard's swordbow, still engaged in their joined state without the string active. "Alucard…" He murmured as he examined his friend's weapon for a moment before standing back on his feet, continuing his search. 

He dropped the bow in the sand and grabbed the handle of Silver Thorn with both hands as he heard sand shuffling in the distance to his… left? The lack of proper visuals of the area made him distrust his ears, as he thought he heard the sound coming once again, this time from his right. The sound gradually grew louder as its source came closer. He turned left and right, trying to pinpoint the sound’s location and as it got closer he realized the sound came in a quick succession of four, the sound was that of a horse galloping through the sand. What’s more, the sound was coming from in front of him and as he noticed this, Shirou also saw a distorted silhouette approaching from directly ahead. A small measure of panic filled his nerves as it grew in size rapidly, leaving him with just enough time to roll out of the way as it charged past him.


The person on horseback shouted a command to his horse, causing it to suddenly stop in its tracks. The rider grabbed something from his side, unsheathing the scimitar strapped to his belt as he points it at Shirou who had just turned around to see the person. He wore light-colored leather armor which was sleeveless with the only thing on his arms being leather bands. The scimitar wasn’t unique at first glance, it’s hilt and handle gold in color with a glittering silver colored blade, a lion’s head engraving at its base. His skin was olive colored, if only lightly, with stubble around his chin.

The man finally spoke to Shirou as he left his blade pointed toward him, glaring sternly at the demigod below him, “You. Do you have knowledge of the power which spawned here minutes ago?” As he asked his question, Shirou’s eyes wandered slightly to the back end of the horse. His eyes widened as he saw him, Alucard draped over the back of the saddle and rather crudely secured to the horse by some rope. “Alucard-” Shirou said, attempting to get back to his feet before being stopped by the horseman and his sword. “I ask you again, stranger,” He said sternly, pointing his sword closer to Shirou’s face, “Where is the source of the light which appeared just now?”


Shirou’s expression completely displayed his nervousness as a bead of sweat rolled down the side of his face, swallowing hard as he stared at the point of the sword with his hands raised in surrender.


“Ah… well, you see…”


© Copyright 2020 Allen Darkmyst. All rights reserved.


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