High School Stereotypes

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6 high school stereotypes of people from my perspective. No offense is meant to be taken. Positive criticism is welcome. I'd love to know how i can improve my writing. Thank you!

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



The Troublemaker

His approach to life is to find happiness through jokes.

From harmless and fizzling, to dangerous, up in smokes.

There’s always something about him that’s mischievous

his smile is devious

up to something every day,

detention seems to be the only way.

Grades acquired were a joke amongst themselves

Carrying on like this would only end in stocking shelves.

His future was not bright

There was no hope in sight.


The Popular

The clothes she wore were always on trend

To her, she was everyone’s friend.

Phone permanently glued to the ear, purse at her hip

Acquisitive and shallow, only a little bit

Hoping to aspire to greater things with minimal work one day

With her charm, money and connections she just may.

Newest car, newest clothes, newest phone, newest looks

The mall is where you’ll find her, not surrounded by mediocre books.

A mind full of classified information and trouble

Be careful not to cross her or you might start seeing double.


The Adult (Teacher)

Hush Hush

Authoritative and stern, divulging no shame nor blush.

Her mouth always in a thin, firm line across the face

Immediately known that you stand no chance with your case.

Having already lived life to the fullest each day

She knows what mistakes to avoid and go without pay.

Eyes once having a light in them have ceased to show

Not lacking a price, now living without fear or woe.

Composed, rational and tame

She has learned that life is no simple game.


The Artist

If you’ve ever met a lover of art

You’ll know that she shows the world her heart.

Whether sharing her talent through pens

Or through a camera’s lens,

It is always vibrant as the light of day

never dark, dull and gray.

Sun shining on her back, loose braid trailing gently along her spine,

Lost in thought and time, she utters no words, not even a meager whine.

Sophisticated, carefree and nice

All she desires in life is peace without a price.


The Book Lover

The perfect escape, lost and not wanting to be found

in a self-created world, book woven and bound.

Glasses worn as a prized possession, obtained way too soon,

a symbol of the countless nights reading in the light of the moon.

Finishing a new story each day,

the library becomes a best friend if he doesn’t want to pay.

Curled up at a window with a good book, holding a mug of hot cocoa

simple and rarely materialistic; almost never found in a logo

Often misunderstood; taken as rude

Simply looking for the perfect adventure, the perfect mood.


The Musician

Fingers running gracefully over piano keys,

Sitting and strumming a guitar sitting bent at the knees.

A praised virtuoso or a newfound rookie,

both devoted to their work, never playing hooky

Hour after hour, day after day

practice till it’s perfect is the only way.

Pure talent and teamwork is his fuel

traveling to competitions in carpools instead of an outdated mule. 

Music is timeless and smooth

as his efforts are only to soothe.


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