The Change Not Coming

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taken from my book, "Does It Bother You Much?"

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



The Change Not Coming


On display for completely no reason

Destroying every chance for love to come

And finally show up

Nothing can fix this shit

I am being burned by life

For recklessly runnin' thru it

__like a tornado on a temper tantrum

I've sucked the life out of the living

And spit out the blood

__instead of consuming it

Eternal life was not what I was after

Just the destruction

__of all in my path

Now, as the world's waste

__weighs down on me

____I feel the justice favor the world

______and not me

I feel the payback of my society

As if I never had the right

__to avenge myself

____with my behavior

It's never been O.K. for me to react

But it's always gonna be O.K.

for the world to ruin me

So the world gets no love for me

I won't be any one's friend

Any one's lover

Nobody's confidant

And nobody's pall

I won't be apart of the world's bullshit

Because who is with me?

Who is by my side?

What helping hand do I have?

Where is my circle of friends?

What power do I have

__to be apart of anybodies' lives?

To stay in constant contact?

And connection?

Who hangs out with my sorry ass?

Nobody to reach out to

Because every one is working

__that I have the 'phone number of

So nobody will be in my life

Because nobody has to the time

And this is the life

__that has to be mine

This is the way

__that things have to be

A fucked up everything

And everybody

I can't just ask a God for friendship

When that God doesn't forgive my ass

Because His people can't forgive me

And everywhere I go

__my reputation gets transferred

____and finds me

Never leaving my name

Why people just can't let my past go

__is beyond my mind's capability to grasp

I just want my friends back

But I'll never get that

When you grow up and lose all your friends

You don't get to replace them with new ones

For some reason

Why else would it be so important

__to keep all the friends you can?

Well, I grew tired of trying

__to track them all down

I've surrendered my control

__of my life

____to a Power Greater than me

I'm just not seeing any results

This is just the way

__that I am supposed to live

Letting go of it all

And accepting whatever bullshit

__I have to go thru

Until God finally

__feels like changing my fate

Since He is thee only one who can

It's as if I never let go

Maybe I'm still holding on inside

And just don't know it

I'm just tired of this shit


11-08-'17 #2

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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